All About Angel Del Villar, CEO of DEL Records and Cheli Madrid’ Husband

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    Angel Del Villar is a Mexican singer-songwriter who is better known for being the CEO of DEL Records. He is also a music executive. Other than that, Angel is famous for his love life as his name is frequently linked with famous singers like Chiquis Rivera and Cheli Madrid.

    Although the singer has amassed a huge fan following, Angel tends to be a little bit private. There is very little information about Angel in the media. So, fans are always eager to know what’s going on with Angel’s life.

    Well, for curious fans of Angel Del Villar, we’re trying to explore everything you need to know about him. While reading this article, you can find out information on his early life, profession, marriage, children, and many more.

    Tune in to find out!

    Angel Del Villar grew up in a large family

    Angel Del Villar, real name Jose Angel Del Villar was born on July 20, 1980, making him 42-year-old as of 2022. He is from Zacatecas municipality of Mexico.

    Angel Del Villar family
    Angel with his parents and siblings
    Source: Angel Del Villar Instagram

    Angel is the seventh of the nine children of his parents, dad, Jose Angel, and mom, Francis Del Villar. Sadly, his dad, Jose Angel passed away on March 19, 2010.

    Besides, there aren’t many details about his siblings. However, we know that his siblings consist of six sisters and two brothers. One of his sisters is Claudia Del Villar.

    Raised in a family of 11 members, we can totally say that Angel had fun growing up.

    Angel Del Villar’s Profession As a CEO of DEL Records

    Angel was interested in music from his early days. He chased the dream of being a musician after moving to the USA. He there established a conglomerate of companies in November 2008. In fact, his company “DEL Records” was named after his middle name “DEL“. He strived to provide recognition and a chance direct to young independent artists in the regional Mexican genre.

    DEL Records Angel Del Villar
    CEO of DEL Records Angel Del Villar with his better half Cheli.

    Within a couple of years, his business DEL Records found huge success. It also expanded to several branches DEL StudiosDEL PublishingDEL SportsDEL Store, and DEL Entertainment. Saying so, he is the owner and CEO of all DEL subsidiaries.

    So far, DEL records have featured many international Latin superstars like Ulices Chaidez, Gerardo Ortiz, and Lennin Ramirez.

    Angel Del Villar’s Relationship With Chiquis Rivera

    As we mentioned earlier, except for being CEO of the company, Angel has received media light because of his love life. His name was all over the internet when he was dating singer Chiquis Rivera.

    The former couple started dating in 2012, prior to Chiquis’ mother, Jenni Rivera’s death. His then-partner Chiquis once revealed that her mom Jenni wasn’t fond of Angel as he had kids.

    angel del villar girlfriend
    Angel Del Villar’s ex-girlfriend Jenni Rivera’s daughter Chiquis Rivera.

    But, Chiquis liked the fact that Angel was a father and she admired him for that. She said:

    “I admire you for many reasons, but one of the main reasons you captured my heart is because you’re such a wonderful father… Something that is hard to find nowadays and something wasn’t able to experience first hand. I love you.”

    In spite of the smoldering romance they shared initially, Rivera and Villar, nevertheless, broke up in November 2015. Upon asking the question why the former couple broke up, Angel answered:

    When she and I already mixed the business with the relationship, I think that was when the relationship began to deteriorate, yes.

    Rivera also said that her breakup with him was unexpected and she was very hurt as she planned to get married and have kids soon.

    Is He Married? If Yes, Who is Angel Del Villar’s Wife?

    After parting ways with Chiquis, Angel remained single for a long time. But in 2015, Angel met his future wife Cheli Madrid. The couple first became friends and gradually their friendship turned into an undeniable romance.

    According to an article published by LA Times, they had no plan or intention to date. But, things didn’t go away as they thought and they eventually fell in love.

    Cheli once said,

     “I had not felt like a valued woman before and now I do and I thank God for that. We started out being good friends, we had no plans, but God had his plans for us. “

    As a matter of fact, Cheli and Angel officially started dating in July 2019. Only a year after they began their relationship, the couple exchanged their vows on February 27, 2020.

    Angel Del Villar Wife
    Angel and Cheli were expecting their kid when they got married.

    In fact, the couple had decided to marry on the 26th of February which apparently is Cheli’s birthday. However, they had to postpone the wedding by one day because one of Angel’s children was not available on the wedding day. Hence, they married on the 27th of February which coincided with Angel’s favorite number 27.

    Angel welcomed his Daughter with his Wife Cheli

    After seven months of being in a nuptial relationship, the couple welcomed their daughter Angela Del Villar. Only after the birth of Angela that the people found out they were already expecting the baby girl at the time of their wedding.

    Angel Del Villar children
    Angel with wife Cheli and daughter Angela

    The proud father Angela has opened a separate Instagram account for their daughter. There, they announced the birth of Angela, with a cute photo. Now her Instagram is handled by both her parents Angel and Cheli. Moreover, they post photos of Angela in various places and occasions.

    Angel is also the father of five other kids

    Prior to welcoming Angela, Angel Del Villar has five other kids. All of his other children are from his past relationships. Some sources report that Angel was only 17 when he welcomed his first child.

    His five children include three daughters: MaggieParis, and Mia, and two sons: Andrew and Angel. According to his son Andrew’s Instagram profile, he works at DEL Records alongside his father Angel Del Villar. He also seems to have a good relationship with his baby sister Angela.

    Angel Del Villar kids
    Angel’s son Andrew Del Villar with his youngest born Angela Del Villar.

    Nonetheless, Angel doesn’t talk much about his teenage kids as much as he does about his youngest daughter, Angela.

    What Is Angel Del Villar’s Net Worth?

    Angel Del Villar is a famous name in the world of the music industry. Furthermore, he is also a successful entrepreneur.

    From his career as a CEO of DEL Records, he must have earned a good sum of money. Although there is no exact information on his net worth, it is estimated that he has collected a fortune worth $5 million throughout his career.

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