March 21, 2023
Al Pacino's daughter Julie Marie Pacino

Julie Marie Pacino is a renowned American producer and director. She has worked in films such as Hard Work, Nowhere to Go, and Nadia Jaan. Other than that, she is also famous as the eldest daughter of Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino and his ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant.

Besides, Julie has made her own name in the entertainment industry. She seems to be working hard to match her fathers’ height of achievement. But things sometimes don’t go as per people’s wishes. The same could be said for Julie who was arrested in mid-2011. So, what exactly was the aspiring producer arrested for?

Today’s article will cover all answers to the above questions with some more facts about her including her mother, relationship status. Let’s dive right into it.

How old is Julie Pacino? Her early life and education

Julie was born on October 16, 1989. So, as of 2022, Julie Marie Pacino’s age is 33. Born and raised in Queens, New York, USA, Al Pacino’s daughter holds American citizenship.

Where is Julie Pacino now?
Julie Marie Pacino as a child

As for her education, she is an alumnus of the University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles. She used to play softball at college. However, she later dropped out of UCLA to study film at the New York Film Academy.

But again, she dropped out of NY Flim Academy too and jumped into work.

She is of Italian Descent

As for her ethnicity, Julie belongs to a mixed ethnic group as her paternal grandparents Rose Gerardi and Salvatore Pacino were Italian/American. When her father was just two, her grandparents divorced. He then moved with his mother to the Bronx to live with his maternal grandparent Kate and James Gerardis’ home. They were Italian immigrants from Corleone, Sicily too.

Julie Marie Pacino is now a movie producer and director

Born into a family that highly belongs to the entertainment industry, Julie was interested in show business from her childhood. But, she has chosen a different side of the entertainment industry. In fact, she worked as a producer and director.

Al Pacino daughter Julie
Julie with her dad Al Pacino

In an interview with New York Film Academy, Julie replied when the interviewer asked her what drew her into film production,

I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking. As a child I was always making little shorts with my friends and writing stories to act out. I remember visiting film sets as a kid and always being incredibly intrigued by the alternate reality that I was stepping in to.

She added,

Making movies and watching movies was always very therapeutic for me. I liked being sucked into a story, falling in love with the different characters and ultimately learning something about my own desires and myself. I feel very fortunate that I knew from an early age that I wanted to work in the film business.

Julie’s notable works as a producer are Abracadabra, Billy Bates, Shifting Past, Nowhere To Go, Nadia Jaan, and so on. Moreover, in 2021, she worked for the short on-screen project Harmony in Gold.

What is Julie doing at present?

Julie is now a co-founder of Poverty Row Entertainment. Her partner of the firm is Jennifer DeLia. Furthermore, Julie has also opened a website called Keepers of the Inn. Here, she shares her collection of 3,356 photographs from her movie “I Live Here Now“.

Why was Julie Pacino arrested?

According to CBS News, Julie was arrested in 2011. The aspiring director/producer who was just 21 at the time was arrested for being under “Drinking Under Influence” in July while driving in Manhattan.

She was pulled over by traffic on suspicion of intoxication which turned out to be true. At the time she confessed to drinking three beers and smoking marijuana. As a punishment under the noncriminal plea, she even lost her license for three months.

Who is Julie Pacino’s mother?

Although many of us know Julie is the eldest daughter of Al Pacino. However, not many know who is her mother. Her mother, Jan Tarrant is an acting teacher in Hollywood since 1986. Over three decades as an acting teacher, she has worked with some of the prominent professional actors. Some of them are Ellen Burstyn, Harvey KeitelDrew Barrymore, and Al Pacino.

Julie Marie Pacino mother
Julie Pacino’s mom Jan Tarrant

Furthermore, she was also Angelina Jolie’s first acting coach. She taught her since she was 12 years old.

At present, Julie’s mother is working as an acting teacher in Class Act Studios according to her LinkedIn profile.

Are her parents still together?

No, her parents Al and Jan are no longer. As a matter of fact, the ex-couple who dated for a short time period was never married.

Julie Marie Pacino’s parents Al and Jan met in 1988 and they soon started dating. A year after their relationship, they welcomed their daughter Julie.

Julie Pacino Wiki
Julie with her late maternal grandfather

However, Julie’s parents broke up the same year she was born. Both of them haven’t revealed the reason behind their breakup.

Did her parents remarry anyone?

After separating their ways, both of Julie’s parents didn’t marry anyone till this date. Her mother has remained away from the camera since their split.

However, her father Al Pacino has dated a few women after separating from Julie’s mother. Over the years, her dad Al dated Beverly D’Angelo, Diane Keaton, Lucila Solá, and Meital Dohan.

But he never married any of them and stays unmarried till this day.

She has half twin siblings

From her fathers’ relationship with Beverly D’Angelo, Julie has two twin half-siblings. Her father and Beverly were in a relationship from 1996 until 2003.

Julie Pacino Photography
Julie with her dad Al Pacino and twin siblings Olivia and Anton Pacino

Her twin siblings are Anton James and Olivia Rose Pacino. They were born on January 25, 2001.

Her social media presence

Julie’s social media presence is very strong. She is active on her Instagram with over 11k followers.

Furthermore, she has over 14k followers on her Twitter profile.

Al Pacino’s eldest daughter is a lesbian: Julie Marie Pacino is dating former tennis player

Talking about Julie Marie Pacino’s sexuality, the eldest daughter of Al Pacino is a lesbian. She proudly supports the LGBT+ community.

As for her love life, Julie is now in a beautiful relationship with her partner Adi Spiegelman. Her bae has posted numerous romantic pictures of themselves on her social media handles.

Julie Pacino Partner
Julie Pacino sharing a smooch with her girlfriend Adi Spiegelman.

According to sources, the two met through celebrity dating app Raya. They soon began dating. Besides, Julie’s partner Adi is a professional Israeli tennis player. Furthermore, she is also a model and has worked with brands/magazines such as Times, Laisha magazine, Feroce magazine, etc.

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