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    Leslie Bogart is the daughter of famous Hollywood actors Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. Her parents shared great rapport in reel and real life-giving multiple numbers hit on the screen together like To Have and Have Not, The Big SleepDark Passage, and Key Largo. Talking about Leslie’s profession, the star kid is a former nurse and yoga teacher.

    Moving towards her love life, Leslie has been married to her husband Erich Schiffmann for a long time. Her spouse is a yoga teacher with over four decades of experience.

    In addition, the following article will feature more information about Leslie including her siblings, age, and whereabouts!

    How Old Is Leslie Bogart? Her Childhood And Education

    On August 23, 1952, Leslie Bogart was born in Los Angeles, California, the USA as Leslie Howard Bogart. And her age is 69.

    She is the second child of her parents and the only daughter. Leslie spent the majority of her childhood in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles with her elder brother. Later the family migrated to New York after the death of her father.

    Leslie Bogart with her father
    Leslie plays with her father Humphrey Bogart, Source: Instagram

    As for her education, Leslie attended The Art Institute of Boston from 1971 to 1972, according to her educational background. She later did her nursing course.

    Her Name is a Tribute to An Actor Leslie Howard

    Speaking of Leslie’s name, her first and middle names honor her father’s friend and co-star in The Petrified Forest, Leslie Howard.

    Leslie Howard, a close friend of her father’s, refused to act in the 1936 film The Petrified Forest unless Humphrey Bogart was cast in it, thus giving her name. To show his regard for his close friend, Leslie’s father named her Leslie Howard Bogart.

    Leslie Grew Up as an Episcopalian

    The 69-year-old Bogart belongs to the Episcopalian community. Her father was a non-practicing Episcopalian, while her mother was a non-practicing Jew. She and her brother were raised as Episcopalians because their mother thought it would make their lives easier after the Second World War.

    How Many Siblings Does Bogart Have?

    Talking about her siblings, Leslie has a biological brother Stephen Humphrey Bogart and a half-brother Sam Robards from her mother’s marriage to actor Jason Robards and a stepbrother Jason Robards III.

    Bogart Family
    Leslie with her Parents and Brother in 1956, Source: Instagram

    Leslie’s brother Stephen is an American writer, producer, and businessman. In terms of his birthday, Stephen was born in 1949. At the time, his father was filming for Tokyo Joe.

    Her stepbrother Sam is an American actor, best known for his role as Henry Swinton in the film A. I Artificial Intelligence. Similarly, Jason Robards III is also an actor, producer, and production manager.

    What Does Leslie Howard Bogart Do?

    Talking about her profession, Bogart works as a yoga teacher. Before Yoga, Leslie used to work as a nurse in the 70s and in the early ’80s. Her love for yoga took her to California where she started learning and teaching Hatha yoga therapeutically in a group environment as well as privately in 1987.

    Despite her parents being famous actors, Leslie took her own path. But she tried acting in a limited number of ventures following her parent’s footpath including Bogart: The Untold Story, which depicts the journey of her father. Her other acting projects include Great Performances and Bacall on Bogart.

    Is Leslie Bogart Still Married to Erich?

    Leslie married her hubby Erich Schiffmann, a Yoga Master in the year 1990. There are no reports on how the two first came across and how did they start their dating.

    Even after their marriage, Bogart and her spouse Schiffmann have kept their marriage more secretive. A little is known about their current whereabouts is that the two currently reside in Santa Monica, California.

    Owning their private life, information about their children is still in dark.

    Her Husband Erich Chiffmann is a Yoga Teacher

    Leslie’s spouse is an American Yoga master and an author. He is known for his Yoga video Yoga Mind & Body, starring the actress Ali MacGraw. Talking about his involvement in yoga, Erich has taught yoga for more than forty years.

    He is also the author of Moving into stillness, a best-selling book.

    Meet Leslie Bogart’s Parents

    As we have mentioned above both of her parents were quite successful in the entertainment world. Leslie’s father Humphrey Bogart was an American actor and stage actor with numerous acting credits to his name. He was even considered the greatest male star of classic American Cinema.

    His notable works include Casablanca, Maltese Falcon, and The Big Sleep to name a few. The actor died in 1957 due to cancer.

    Leslie's mom and dad
    Leslie Bogart’s Parents: Father Humphrey Bogart and Mother Lauren Bacall, Source: Instagram

    On the other hand, Leslie’s mother was also an iconic actor who contributed a lot to classic American movies. The actress acted alongside her husband in many movies such as To Have or Have Not The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, and many others. Sadly, Lauren left this world in 2014 due to a massive stroke.

    What is Leslie’s Net Worth?

    Bogart has accumulated enough amount of fortunes throughout her career working as a nurse and yoga instructor. As of 2022, she and her husband have a combined net worth of $2 million.

    In addition to her earnings, Leslie’s mother gave her family a $26.6 million fortune. This massive inheritance was divided between her two brothers.

    Is She on Socials Media?

    Leslie likes to keep her personal life a low-key affair. She does have an Instagram account but hasn’t posted there yet.

    In contrast to her, Erich, Leslie’s husband can be seen on social media like Facebook, where he posts his yoga videos.


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