Annette Evertson-Facts About Shawn Bradley’s First Wife and Their Marriage

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    Annette Evertson is an ordinary American woman who rose to fame after her marriage to the American-German NBA player Shawn Bradley. However, the couple parted ways after two decades of their marital relationship.

    Though the husband and wife were continuously criticized because of their massive height differences, they made it to marriage. Annette was always someone Shawn looked up to as the girl was immensely supportive and encouraging. Everything was going perfect between the two until something happened that blew their happiness in seconds. Evertson decided to leave her “love at first sight” and part her way.

    Meanwhile, her then-husband met a devastating accident leaving him paralyzed. He is recovering now along with his new family, but what about his former wife Annette? Has the ex-celebrity spouse moved on? Here, we will find out everything about the basketball player Shawn Bradley’s ex-wife Annette Evertson. Keep scrolling!

    Who is Shawn Bradley First Wife, Annette Everston?

    Annette Everston is a regular American lady who shot to fame after marrying the former German-American professional basketball player. After their separation, Everston is popular as the ex-wife of Shawn Bradley. Moreover, Annette is a mother of six children and was an idol to her ex-husband.

    Talking about her ex-husband, Shawn is a former basketball player who is also popular by his nickname “the Stormin’ Mormon.” He is a Utah native who played at center for the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets, and Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

    Annette Everston Birth Details

    The mother of six kids Annette was born on 13 August 1968, making her 54 years old as of 2022. Annette was born under the Leo sign. Besides, she holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

    Currently, Annette resides at East Silverstone Drv, Scottsdale AZ, the U.S. with her family.

    What is Annette’s Height?

    The difference between Annette and her ex-husband’s height was always something that interested the media back then. While Annette is just 5 feet 3 inches tall, her then-husband Shawn Bradley stands at 7 feet 6 inches.

    Annette Bradley height
    Annette Bradley with her tall ex-hubby Shawn Bradley.

    That’s correct! Now we know why it was a topic of interest.

    Annette Everston Relationship With Her Ex-Husband: First Meeting and Wedding

    Shawn Bradley and Annette Everston fell in love at the first sight. Bradley was allegedly in the audience in Philadelphia Mormon Church when his former wife was speaking about her missionary experience in South Florida. It was then that he saw her and immediately fall for her.

    The couple was delighted to have each other but people always criticized them on the basis of their heights. Annette was full of encouragement and love always flashing her bright smile at her mate. Despite being judged because of their huge height difference, they never felt embarrassed about it.

    The duo never gave up on one another and decided to walk a long way together. After dating each other for just two months, the couple walked down the aisle on 25 September 1993 in a private wedding ceremony. Their wedding venue was in Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City.

    “I knew Annette is who I wanted and couldn’t settle for it being less than forever,” said the Utah native. Also, Annette in one of the interviews said, “What has happened between Shawn and I just leave me speechless. I love him so deeply that what I do for him just comes naturally.”

    Shawn Bradley Idolized His Ex-Wife Annette Everston

    There aren’t many people that Philadelphia 76ers center Shawn Bradley admires, but his ex-wife is definitely one of them. He credits Annette for always keeping his spirits up through his first professional basketball season.

    “Give yourself time, you’re a great player,” his bride said.

    Even though the match was good or bad, his spouse always used to stand by his side proud and supportive. She used to wait for her then-partner in the corridor outside the stadium locker room after games. Not only after the game but Everston never hesitated to tell the people who would boo him that the big guy was her love even before the game started.

    “I would not even want to think what things would be like without her. Things would be… awful,” the 7-foot-6 said. Bradley further added he doubted he could handle this without her.

    Everston and Her Ex-Partner Have Six Children

    The then-husband and wife lived a great marital life. The pair were married for more than two decades and were blessed with six children. They have daughters Chelsea, Ciera, Charity, and Cheyenne and sons Chase and Chance.

    Once in a discussion, Annette mentioned that Shawn would like to have 15 children- three basketball teams, and she “settle for seven.” But at last, they ended up having 6.

    Annette children with Shawn Bradley
    Annette alongside her then-husband Former NBA player Shawn Bradley and their children

    The fascinating part is all the names of the kids start with the letter “C .” They both were great parents but looks like fate didn’t want them to look at their children together.

    Annette Everston 25 Years Long Marriage Came to an End

    Regardless of the beautiful bond of 25 years and a half dozen of children, the pair ended their nuptial in 2017 with a deathlike silence. Everything was under the curtains until rumors rose around 2017-2018 about their divorce. Annette cited the reasons to be an incompatibility on her petition.

    The solid and sustaining relationship between the two took a U-turn and everything went upside down in no time. However, the meticulous reason behind their separation is not identified yet, leaving their divorce a mystery.

    Later, her ex-husband moved on to marry another wife, Carrie Cannon in 2018. He adopted his current partner’s three children but is largely estranged from his first wife along with his six children. However, there is no news regarding her getting involved in any kind of relationship after she parted with Bradley.

    Is Annette’s Former Husband Shawn Bradley Paralyzed?

    Yes, Annette’s ex-hubby is still paralyzed. In January 2021, the retired NBA center Bradley met a heart-wrenching accident resulting in paralysis. An automobile hit him from behind while riding his bicycle near his home in St. George, Utah. The former player tumbled over the trunk and landed headfirst on the pavement. His helmet cracked and couldn’t move his arms or his legs.

    The Stormin’ Mormon allegedly underwent neck fusion surgery and spent eight weeks hospitalized and undergoing rehabilitation. He spent the first three weeks in the ICU. Eventually, he moved to an inpatient neurological rehab where his frame presented a unique challenge to the hospital’s medical staff. However, the doctors couldn’t prevent serious injury to his spine.

    Shawn Bradley on wheelchair with his current wife Carrie and her children
    Shawn Bradley on a wheelchair with his current wife Carrie and her children

    At present, Bradley uses a wheelchair weighing 500 pounds which took three months to engineer and “costs more than most cars.” He lives with his current wife Carrie and her three children. We hope for his speedy recovery and good health.

    Annette Bradley’s Social Media Accounts

    Despite being the celebrity spouse, Annette likes to stay out of the spotlight. This may be the reason she is not active on any social media keeping her personal life significantly private. Annette Bradley is neither on Instagram, Facebook, nor Twitter.

    Coming to her ex-husband, it looks like they have so much in common as he is also not much active on his social media handles.

    How Much Did Annette’s Ex-mate Shawn Bradley Make?

    Talking about total assets, Annette Bradley has neither revealed her career nor her net worth yet. Nevertheless, many tabloids claim she has quite a good amount of bank balance. Therefore, she must be living a standard life.

    Meanwhile, Shawn Bradley has a pretty good net worth of $27 million

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