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    Augusto Gregorini was a businessman and an industrialist in Italy, Rome. However, the ex-entrepreneur rose to fame after his marriage to the American actress and a model Barbara Goldbach (aka Barbara Bach or Lady Starkey). Furthermore, Augusto is also popular as the biological father of an Italian-American screenwriter and film director Francesca Gregorini. Unfortunately, Augusto is no more with us.

    Though Augusto wedded one of the famous actresses of America, the late celebrity spouse always preferred to stay lowkey. In fact, the couple had an interesting story of their first meeting which his ex-wife had shared in her biography. It was like love at first sight to the then-husband and wife. On the contrary, the couple had a huge age difference of eight years and Barbara was just a teenager when they were in a relationship.

    Despite the age gap, the pair was so in love with each other. No wonder why Barbara left her country and moved to Italy to stay with him. Eventually, Augusto and his ex-mate Barbara made it to their marriage and were proud parents of two children. Well, where did the duo first meet? How long were they in a relationship? We will find out everything here, in this article.

    Scroll down to know more about Augusto Gregorini’s life, his relationships, children, the cemetery, and many more!

    What Was Augusto Gregorini’s Real Name? His Early Life

    He was born Count Augusto Gregorini Savignano di Romagna on 18 March 1938. Born and raised in Italy, he had Italian citizenship. In addition, he belonged to the Caucasian ethnicity under the sign Pisces.

    As we mentioned earlier, Augusto always liked to keep his life private with a minimum of media appearances. Maybe this is why he also never revealed anything regarding his family and early life.

    Where Did Augusto Gregorini First Met His ex-wife, Barbara Bach?

    Augusto Gregorini met the love of his life, Barbara in the year 1966 in a plane. The duo crossed their paths when Barbara was on a trip to Rome for her work. She was attracted to his personality as soon as she witnessed her ex-mate.

    Augusto Gregorini and his ex wife Barbara
    Augusto Gregorini alongside his ex-wife Barbara Goldbach.

    Barbara once recalled that she “first went to Italy on a modeling assignment” where she “met this attractive Italian on the plane.” As soon as they became quite familiar with each other, Augusto convinced her that it would be much nicer living in Italy for her career.

    In no time, Barbara decided to move to Italy and informed her parents about it. The former couple then started dating.

    Gregorini’s Wife Barbara Bach Moved to Italy After Marriage

    After being in a relationship for a few months, the love birds decided to walk down the aisle in the same year they met in 1966. Barbara Goldbach then became Barbara Gregorini adapting her former husband’s surname and moved to Rome. It was not difficult for the American actress to gel up with the new life in a new place.

    The former Mrs. Gregorini was extremely overwhelmed by her marriage and doing well in her career as well. In fact, She gradually also featured in the famous fashion Italian magazines like “Gioia,” “Amica,” and “Bella” as well.

    Eventually, after a couple of years of their marriage, the ex-mates welcomed their first child, a baby girl Francesca Gregorini, in 1968. Also, they gave birth to a baby boy Gianni Andrea in 1972.

    Augusto and Bond Girl Divorced After a Decade-Long Marriage

    Augusto and Barbara led a happy married life for years. However, things later somewhere in the lines didn’t match between the two. And the pair decided to end their long-term marital relationship.

    Following their separation, Lady Starkey once said she and her husband were always more friends than anything else. She further added that even though they ended their marital relationship, they will always be friends.

    The former couple split up in 1975 and judicially separated in 1978 after 12 years of their nuptials. Furthermore, August and his ex-wife shared the joint custody of their two children.

    After the duo parted their ways, Augusto’s ex-spouse left the country and moved back to America as she didn’t see any reason to stay there. Barbara decided to settle in L.A. where her former husband often visited her and the kids.

    Later, Augusto’s ex-wife remarried Richard Starkey (aka Ringo star) in 1981, but there is no information about him getting involved in any kind of relationship.

    Both Children of Augusto Have a Successful Career

    As we mentioned earlier, the former couple shared two children from their marriage. Both the son and daughter are all grown up now and doing well in their own profession.

    August’s elder daughter Francesca Gregorini is an Italian-American screenwriter and also film director. Besides, she has worked as a musician playing guitar and bass with her first CD “Sequel,” in 2003.

    Augusto's son and daughter
    Augusto’s son Gianni Andrea and daughter Francesca Gregorini
    Source: Instagram

    While Augusto’s daughter is a known face in the media, his son Gianni Andrea likes to stay away from the stardom. Nonetheless, we know that he is a businessman following in his dad’s footsteps and making a life for himself.

    Augusto Gregorini’s Death Left His Family Heartbroken

    The businessman was immensely close to his children. He used to celebrate most of the festivals with them. In the year 2017, Augusto celebrated his 79th birthday with his kids.

    Augusto Gregorini celebrating his 79th Birthday
    Augusto Gregorini celebrating his 79th Birthday with his children
    Source: Instagram

    His daughter made a beautiful post on her Instagram where she wrote, “My daddy. 79 years young today. They broke the mold on this model. Storyteller, playboy, hard worker, even harder player, father, family man, dreamer, charmer, high-strung, supreme dresser, lovable Roman.”

    Grievously, the old man couldn’t celebrate his 80th birthday. However, the exact date and time and the reason for his death are not revealed yet. Maybe it was a natural death as he was already 79 years old then.

    Augusto’s children miss him a lot and his daughter Francesca keeps posting his photos occasionally on his birthdays and Father’s day as well. May Mr. Gregorini’s departed soul rest in peace.

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    Net Worth

    While Augusto Gregorini was a businessman with good earnings, his ex-wife is a successful actress. The total assets of Mr. Gregorini were never discussed in the media which is why it is still under the wrap.

    Nonetheless, his ex-spouse Barbara Bach has a net worth of $ 20 million. She has made her fortune in her acting and modeling career.

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