Crispy Heaton: Unexplored Facts About Charlie Heaton’s Father

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    Crispy Heaton is known as the father of Charlie Heaton. His son is famous for playing the role of Jonathan in the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. Similarly, Charlie who was initially a musician has also worked in a dozen of hit feature movies like Shut In, Marrowbone, and more.

    Besides that, Crispy was married to Shelly Lowe. However, their relationship didn’t last. What was the reason behind their separation? Do they share any children apart from Charlie? Likewise, is he in a new relationship? There are indeed a lot of unanswered questions regarding the celebrity dad.

    Similarly, Charlie’s father is blessed with a grandson named Archie Heaton. Who is his mother? Stick with us till the end as we will explore all of the bits and pieces surrounding Crispy Heaton’s life including his nationality net worth and many more.

    Early Life Of Crispy Heaton; Details On His Age and Nationality

    Crispy is a very private person when it comes to talking about his personal life. The celebrity dad hasn’t shared any information regarding his age, date of birth, or details on his parents and siblings. Nevertheless, he looks to be in his 50’s.

    On the other hand from some sources, it is confirmed that he was born and raised in the United Kingdom and holds British nationality.

    Crispy Heaton’s Was In A Relationship With Shelly Lowe; Are They Still Together?

    Crispy Heaton was once married to Shelly Lowe (Michelle) and like Crispy, Shelly also prefers to live behind the limelight. So, the details of their marriage are still to be revealed.

    Similarly, during their marriage, the pair were blessed with two children a son and a daughter. However, the former lovebirds got separated and the children started living with their mom in the council estate in Bridlington, England.

    Crispy Heaton with Charlie Heaton
    Charlie Heaton with his dad.

    The kids had a nice childhood and when talking about his mother and her struggles, the well-talented actor Charlie Heaton once said,

    “I was brought up by my mom on a council estate. My mom worked really hard, and we had a fine upbringing, but there was always this sense of having to get on with things and not complain about anything.”

    Crispy Heaton And Shelly Share Two Kids: Both of Them Are Actors

    The former couple shares two children, Charlie Heaton and Levi Heaton. Both of them are into acting. As discussed earlier, Charlie is famous for his role as Jonathan Byers in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

    Likewise, his sister Levi is also an actress and has appeared in many movies and TV series. Her most notable works include The Limehouse Golem (2016), Vera (2011), and McMafia (2018).

    Crispy Heaton’s Life After The Separation With His Wife: What is he doing?

    By now you already know that Crispy is a very secretive person. We can’t say for sure that he is in a relationship or is single at the present.

    Likewise, his ex-wife Shelly is also pretty much away from the media and the details regarding her relationship status are also flying under the radar. However, many tabloids have concluded that the former couple is single as of 2022.

    Crispy Has A Grandson From His Son Charlie’s Secret Relationship

    The celebrity father is blessed with a grandson named Archie Heaton.  He was born to Charlie and his former girlfriend Akiko Matsuura on May 19, 2014.  Likewise, he is 8 years old and belongs to the mixed ethnicity of Caucasian and Japanese.

    Crispy Heaton has a grand son named Archie Heaton
    Archie Heaton with his father.

    Similarly, talking about their relationship, Charlie and Akiko were together until the birth of their son. However, they decided to walk their separate ways and his mother is currently raising Archie.

    Besides, Akiko Matsuura is a Japanese drummer, currently working as a drummer and vocalist for a band named Pre.

    A Short Bio On Crispy Heaton’s Son Charlie Heaton

    Charlie Heaton was born Charlie Ross Heaton on 6th February 1994, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. He has been active in the entertainment field from 2010 to till present.

    Before becoming an actor, he was a musician. He also worked as a band member in the noise-rock band named, Comanechi.

    Crispy Heaton's son Charlie Heaton
    Charlie is famous for his work in Stranger Things.

    Now talking about his acting career, he started his career in 2014. Since then, he has starred in many short films like, Life Needs Courage and The Schoolboy. Eventually, he came to the limelight after playing the role of Jonathan Byers in the Netflix original series, Strangers Things.

    Crispy Heaton’s Son’s Present Love Life, Who is Charlie Dating in 2022?

    Crispy’s son Charlie is dating Netflix’s original show, Stranger Things co-star Natalia Dyer. It’s been five years since the pair started dating each other.

    Initially, they were not open about their relationship because they were afraid of being fired from the show.

    Crispy Heaton's son with his girlfriend
    The pair have been together for five years.

    The duo was able to keep their relationship low-key for quite some time. However, their secret couldn’t last forever as fans started speculating that the couple was dating each other. To no surprise, multiple sources also revealed that the pair dated before the shooting of the second season of Stranger Things saying

    They’re definitely dating. They’ve been together since before season 2 began filming in October. They spend every waking minute together, on set and off.

    Likewise, to clarify the matter, Natalia Dyer, in an interview with Refinery29 said,

    “It’s an interesting thing to work with somebody who you go home with. It’s always really fun. We’re really comfortable with each other, so we can play and feel more free, and we can talk about it before.”

    Crispy Heaton’s Net Worth, His Son Is A Multi-Millionaire

    As we already said that Crispy Heaton is a very private person. Details regarding his net worth are also out of reach but many sources have claimed his fortune to be around $500,000.

    Whereas, Crispy’s Son Charlie Heaton is a multi-millionaire. He is estimated to have a total net worth of $4 million. He has earned the majority of his fortune from his career as an actor. Besides, Charlie was paid over $250,000 per episode for the famous Netflix series.

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