March 20, 2023
American Singer and Dancer Edwin honoret

Edwin Honoret (real name: Edwin Joel Honoret) is an American singer and dancer who gained recognition as a member of PRETTYMUCH, a boy band formed by Simon Cowell.

From a random Youtuber to becoming one of the members of a rising boy band, Edwin’s life is worth taking a look at. Furthermore, many people have also often wondered about his love life. So, let’s find all that there is to know about Honoret including who he is dating now or if he’s all single.

Along the details also know how Edwin Honoret really came to join the squad of PRETTYMUCH; his early career and his life after his breakthrough.

Edwin Honoret’s Early Life And Birth Details

Edwin was born on February 12, 1999, in the province of the Bronx, New York, the United States of America. He has kept his personal life private and hasn’t disclosed about his parents yet.

Although, we came to know that he has one older sister and two younger siblings in his family. He and his siblings spent their childhood in the Bronx and they all apparently completed their education in the Bronx.

American Singer and Dancer Edwin Honoret
A picture of Edwin Honoret from his childhood. Source: Instagram

Edwin is currently 22 years old. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is of a multi-ethnic background but is predominantly of Dominican descent.

When he was younger, he was absolutely preoccupied with singing, and his family fully supported his passion. In addition to that, he finds pleasure in the arts of both cooking and sketching.

How Did Edwin Honoret Come Into Fame?

Joel had a deep passion for music from the time when he was a kid. This passion for music developed as he grew older and it was only a matter of time before he would start his career in the entertainment industry. He first uploaded some of his songs on Youtube. Edwin created his first channel on YouTube with the username @ghtuts in 2009 and started uploading his cover videos in the middle of 2013.

prettymuch member including Edwin Honoret
Edwin Honoret, far left, with his popular band member PRETTYMUCH on 2.0 JAN 21. Source: Instagram

Eventually, the famous music producer Simon Cowell spotted Honoret’s YouTube videos. He then invited him to audition for the then-new boyband PRETTYMUCH in California, and from there, Edwin’s singing career took off. The year was 2016 when Edwin joined the band and became a permanent member of Cowell’s PRETTYMUCH boy band.

Along with singing, he also served as the group’s beatboxer. The other members of the band are Brandon Arreaga, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu.

Honoret also has some credits as an actor; he played Hohman Indiana Caroler in the 2017 TV movie, A Christmas Story Live! and has also been in a music video for one of his own band’s songs, Prettymuch & CNCO: Me Necesita.

Who Is Edwin Honoret Dating? Learn About His Girlfriend And Relationship

Honoret is yet to get married and for the time being, is yet to be seen dating anyone. Some could say he might be more concerned with his career than his love life. The artist genuinely comes across as someone who is ambitious and hardworking, which may explain why he is single.

On the other hand, there’s also an equal possibility that he is dating a girlfriend, but is choosing to keep it private. Speaking in that regard, back in mid-Sep 2022, Edwin, on his Instagram, posted a picture of himself with a girl who apparently goes by an Ig handle, @bootbybrant. The thing that demands attention in this particular picture is the caption by Honoret that said,

Got to hang out in a @boothbybryant with my best friend ❤️💿
If nothing, the red sticker was pretty enough to suppose that maybe, just maybe, the singer is already in a relationship but is preferring to keep it a low profile for the moment.
Edwin with his alleged partner.
Honoret posted an image of himself with his rumored girlfriend.

Meanwhile, he looks to be devoting a significant amount of his time to his music career and investing a lot of effort in developing a more successful career. Let us hope, he finds a lifelong partner soon who will be there for him through the ups and downs of his life.

bronx native, Edwin
Edwin Honoret Two moods, one icon.
Source: Instagram

Besides singing, he also enjoys cooking and sketching in his free time. By looking at his Instagram posts, he also seems to enjoy photography, especially taking Polaroid photos. One can say, he is a multi-talented person.

In The Past, Honoret Did Have A Girlfriend 

Previously, Edwin was in a relationship with Tiffany Bondoc, who is a beautiful Instagram star and fashionista. When exactly the two began dating is a mystery, but their chemistry was apparent on social media.

Edwin with his ex-partner
Edwin with his Ex-girlfriend. Source: Wattpad

Between 2018 and 2019, the couple was public on social media about how close they were and how much they flaunted their relationship. The lovebirds enjoy sharing their love for one another in public. They also used to present their appearance with extreme confidence while they were together, but unfortunately, their relationship did not last long.

The couple broke up in 2019 for an unexplained reason. There are a lot of people who are trying to find out why Edwin and Tiffany ended their relationship, but the cause is still a mystery.

Edwin Honoret And Pedophilia Accusation

Edwin was once accused of pedophilia and making inappropriate remarks to a female acquaintance on Twitter. A girl with a Twitter handle, @kehlaniaiko, posted about the acquisition stating that Honoret yelled at her. She allegedly was a minor. Edwin later contacted the girl through a direct message in order to learn more about the accusations.

When Edwin sent her direct message, she responded by sending him the parts of the video where Edwin can be heard yelling at the girl and saying something like, 

Men are men, men enjoy sex, so fortunate you that I’m a decent person else it would have gone to the wrong side.

The news got so viral that it was even posted on a youtube channel. In this video, we can find out more about the acquisition.

Singer and Dancer Honoret
Edwin wearing NovaMen brand with the caption ” Earth I love this colorway !” on his Instagram post. Source: Instagram

Edwin was surprised, and later in response, he said that it was not in his nature to do things without the girl’s permission. He stated,

I am ashamed, and it hurts because, from the sound of my voice, it seems that I was probably drunk, but that really and it truly is not who I am, I just want you to know that I really am not a bad person

People criticized him over the controversy in the comments section of his Instagram post. However, some of his supporters believe that the accusation is untrue and that he is a good person.

Curious About Honoret’s Net Worth?

Although a good approximation of Edwin’s net worth is yet to come around, he is by and large considered a millionaire. People have taken him as someone whose life really turned around after joining a modern boy band.

Whatever the extent of his richness, his Instagram and social media life does show the young adult is doing pretty fine in terms of voguishness. He seems to have no shortage of luxury clothes, a nice place to stay, and even a few or two fancy cars.

Is Edwin Active On Any Social Media Platforms?

Edwin has established a huge following across many social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and his own YouTube channel.

He has around 105.3k followers on Twitter and 338k followers on Instagram where he goes by @edwinhonoret. And as mentioned, he has made his life quite apparent to his fans thanks to his continuous posts on Ig and others.

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