Elizabeth Huberdeau: Untold Facts About WWE Superstar John Cena’s Ex-Wife

By Aaryush Shrestha | Updated on September 15, 2022
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    Elizabeth Huberdeau or simply Liz is mostly famous as the ex-wife of popular WWE star John Cena. John who is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time also known for being an actor and a huge internet meme.

    Interestingly, Elizabeth and John both studied at the same high school and have known each other since then. The couple got married but then got separated after being in a marital relationship for only three years. And the question is how did the ex-couple meet and who filed for a divorce and what was the reason?

    Well, here we are with all the answers to your questions including Elizabeth’s life after her divorce from ex-husband Cena. Also, know who is the ex-celebrity spouse dating in 2022.

    Where is Elizabeth Huberdeau From? Her Parents and Family Details

    Elizabeth was born on September 28, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. She was raised by two supportive parents. Her father’s name is Gene R Huberdeau and her mother’s name is Elizabeth A. (Jonas) Huberdeau. She also has a loving brother, Adam Huberdeau.

    Elizabeth Huberdeau in a baseball match.
    Elizabeth Huberdeau with her family.

    Huberdeau’s brother, Adam reportedly is a husband and a father of a child. He works at Feeney Brothers Utility service and the Groveland Fire Department.

    Unfortunately, Liz lost her father in the year 2015 at the age of 76. He was a retired police officer for the city of Haverhill for 34 years retiring in 2009.

    Elizabeth’s Education and Her Ethnicity

    Elizabeth Huberdeau hasn’t revealed her high school yet but according to online reports, she went to Central Catholic High School. After completing high school, she attended and graduated from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    Besides, Cena’s former partner has an American Nationality. Her ethnicity is Caucasian and she follows Christianity as a religion.

    What Does Elizabeth Huberdeau Do For A Living?

    According to her Facebook, Cena’s ex-spouse seems to be doing quite fine with her current life even though it is unclear what she is doing for a living. Nonetheless, some reports claim, that Elizabeth Huberdeau in the past was a real estate agent in Florida. She also worked at Fly Farway Travel Agency.

    Huberdeau has kept her life very private since she and her ex-husband, Cena decided to call their relationship quit so, we are not sure whether she is still working as a real estate agent or not.

    Previously, she had also dreamt of being a model and had done some modeling projects but decided not to pursue them. No matter what she is up to these days, Huberdeau seems to be enjoying her life.

    Where Is Huberdeau Now?

    While Elizabeth, age 43, is fairly active on her Facebook, the ex-wife of John Cena hasn’t mentioned where she is currently living. However, from the looks of her social media posts, she is presumed to be residing around the Massachusetts area, possibly in Haverhill.

    How Did Elizabeth Huberdeau and Her Ex-Husband John Cena Meet?

    Elizabeth first met her future-spouse John while they were studying in high school. They started dating soon after the ex-couple met each other. After completing high school, the ex-couple attended the same college. Looks like, the previous lover couldn’t stay off each other in the early stages of their relationship.

    Elizabeth Huberdeau in a wedding dress.
    Elizabeth Huberdeau during her wedding.

    In the 2000s, John had already gained fame but nobody had a clue about his relationship with Elizabeth. The public knew about their relationship when the famous wrestler, Cena announced their engagement while promoting his movie 12 Rounds.

    They Married In 2009

    Talking about their wedding, Elizabeth and her husband Cena tied the knot on 11th July 2009. It is, however, still a mystery where Cena and the now 43-year-old Elizabeth had their wedding.

    John and Huberdeau led a happy married life for the first few years of their nuptials. Nevertheless, it would only last for a little less than three years as John decided to file for a divorce from Liz in May of 2012.

    Even before their divorce in 2012, Cena and Huberdeau had broken up and reconciled briefly presumably when they were still husband and wife; the patch-up, however, didn’t work out.

    What Was The Reason Behind Huberdeau and Cena’s Divorce?

    John and Elizabeth seemed to have a perfect relationship after they became husband and wife but that wouldn’t last long. Their relationship faced many challenges after John started his career in WWE. After joining the wrestling, John developed quite an obsession with his career. When John, the ex-world champion filed for divorce, he shocked almost all of his fans. Even Liz didn’t see that coming.

    Elizabeth Huberdeau drinking with her ex-husband.
    Elizabeth Huberdeau with her ex-husband John Cena.

    The previous couple was having some disagreement over their relationship. Elizabeth thought they would get through with it but John wasn’t planning on settling the dispute.

    After John filed for divorce, Elizabeth wasn’t ready to sign the pre-divorce paper because she thought that they could make things work but it didn’t.

    According to Elizabeth, the reason behind their separation was that John was fooling around with different women. However, both of them have different views about their divorce. In an interview, John opened up about his marriage and said,

    “I have made it my absolute life. I don’t have a family, I tried marriage once and realized my WWE marriage was the one that would survive.”

    The former couple had their differences and we are not sure whether the allegations are true or not.

    John’s Ex-Wife Elizabeth Hired a Powerful Divorce Lawyer

    After John filed for the divorce, Elizabeth felt betrayed so she hired a powerful lawyer named Raymond Rafool. He is a divorce lawyer from Miami.

    Rafool is mostly famous for being the lawyer of Linda, ex-wife of Hulk Hogan. He made Hogan pay millions of dollars to his ex-wife in their divorce settlement.

    Does Elizabeth Huberdeau Share a Child With Her Ex-spouse John Cena?

    Allegedly, when she was with John, Elizabeth did want to have a child with him but the WWE superstar wasn’t ready to have kids at the time. In fact, John, in his interviews, has said that he never wanted to have kids as he would always be busy with his career and consequently an absent father.

    And apparently, John, to his fans, has always appeared to be so focused on being the best wrestler. Having a child is a big decision and we don’t blame him for not wanting to have kids.

    Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau Dating in 2022?

    After her marriage, Elizabeth started dating a guy named Eli Ayoub. She started posting about her boyfriend on her social media, particularly, on Facebook, in 2013. Lately, she hasn’t posted anything about Eli so, we aren’t sure whether the couple is still together or not.

    Elizabeth has kept her life private after separating from John and hasn’t revealed much about Eli.

    Elizabeth Huberdeau having fun with her boyfriend in a bar
    Elizabeth Huberdeau with her boyfriend.

    On the other hand, John started dating Nikki Bella after being separated from Liz. The couple even got engaged. Unfortunately, the love birds called off their engagement in 2018.

    As of 2022, he is happily married to a beautiful woman named Shay Shariatzadeh. John met Shay in 2019 and got married a year later in October 2020. The couple got married in a low-key ceremony in Tampa, Florida at the attorney’s office.

    They later had a wedding at Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, Canada.

    How much is Elizabeth Huberdeau’s net worth?

    As of 2022, Huberdeau has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. It is presumed, that she accumulated her wealth mostly by working as a real estate agent. Further, rumor has it that Elizabeth’s divorce settlement when she ended her marriage with her ex-husband and millionaire WWE star, John – also largely contributed to her overall net worth.

    On the other hand, her husband John is worth over $60 million.

    Does Elizabeth Have An Instagram? 

    While the WWE star, John is very much interactive with his Instagram – sharing memes and all, that, however, isn’t the case with his former partner, Elizabeth. But as mentioned, Huberdeau is frequently sharing some or two pictures on her Facebook.

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