Gabriella Waheed Married Life with Husband Emmanuel Sanders-Her Children and Profession

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    Gabriella Waheed is the wife of famous American footballer Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders is a wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints. Gabriella and Emmanuel have been in a relationship for several years now and they are married for nearly a decade.

    They have faced several ups and downs in their married life. As a matter of fact, Gabriella had even filed for divorce from her husband Emmanuel in the past. However, the husband and wife somehow managed to resolve their issue and as of now, they are happily married.

    So, what caused the problems between Gabriella and Emmanuel? Know everything about her relationship with her spouse in today’s article. Besides, also have a look at her early life, parents, career, and many more.

    Gabriella Waheed Early Life, Parents, and Siblings – What is Her Birthday?

    She was born Gabriella Waheed on February 12, 1988, in Flushing, New York to her father, Waheedullah Waheed. Unfortunately, details about her mother are still behind the closed doors. Waheed has three siblings; sisters, Sabrina Waheed and Galaxy Waheed, and a brother Adam Waheed. All four Waheed children shared a strong bond while growing up.

    Like Gabriella, all three of her siblings are popular figures. All three of them are popular on Instagram, with her brother Adam having more than 4.5 million followers (as of May 2022).

    Entrepreneur and wife of Emmanuel Sanders, Gabriella Waheed
    Entrepreneur and wife of Emmanuel Sanders, Gabriella Waheed

    Adam is a film producer, social media influencer, and content creator. Besides, he also played football at Commack High School and later played as a defensive back at Southern Methodist University.

    She Started Working Right After Her Graduation

    Gabriella Waheed completed her high school education at Commack High School. Following that, she enrolled at Marymount Manhattan College for graduation. Right after her graduation, Waheed started working on big and small screen projects.

    She developed an interest in the fashion world in her early childhood days. In the initial days, Waheed worked as a wardrobe stylist on Viacom’s music videos and commercials. Afterward, she also started working for her private clients.

    Her Career as a Model

    Not many of you might know that Gabriela Waheed has modeled for a couple of big brands. Some of the big names she modeled for are Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Fendi among others.

    Gabriella Waheed is An Entrepreneur

    Besides her work in the fashion world, Waheed is also an entrepreneur. She has been running a children’s clothing line named Kid Kong NYC since 2017. Talking to Wags Redefined, Gabriella said her children inspired her to start her own clothing line. In her words,

    “My obsession with making sure my own children were always fashionably radiant brought my attention to the lack of trendy, stylish, neutral-colored and designed clothing in the kids’ fashion market, especially for boys.”

    Gabriella frequently promotes new items on her Instagram featuring her two children. We can see the two young kids donning newer and fashionable clothes with their mom in the pictures.


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    Gabriella Waheed Married Emmanuel Sanders in 2014

    Waheed and her husband Sanders have been leading a blissful married life of over eight years. Many sources mentioned that the husband and wife tied the knot in 2014 after getting engaged in 2013. Meanwhile, some online sources, including Wikipedia have mentioned that Gabriella and Waheed got married in 2013 itself.

    In the meantime, many of Sanders’ fans have always been curious to know how and when he fell in love with his spouse Gabby. But, the fact is, neither Sanders nor his wife Gabriella has talked about their love life openly. However, their social media posts suggest that they started dating back in 2011.

    The pair first started sharing each other’s photos on their socials around 2011 and they frequently shared their snaps for some years.

    How Many Children Does Gabriella Waheed Share with Her Husband?

    Gabby and her hubby Sanders have welcomed two children. The happy couple gave birth to their first child, a son, Princeton Emmanuel Sanders on February 16, 2014. Previously, Gabby had announced the upcoming arrival of the couple’s first child in December 2013. Announcing her pregnancy, Gabriella shared a photo showing her growing baby bump.

    Gabriella Waheed with her husband and two children
    Gabriella Waheed with her husband, Emmanuel Sanders and their two children

    The proud parents welcomed their second bundle of joy, a baby girl, Zoie in late 2016. Both Emmanuel and Gabriella share their children’s photos on their social media. Besides, the doting mother also captures photos of her children to promote her children’s clothing line.

    Waheed and Sanders Nearly Got a Divorce

    They say no relationship is perfect; it’s a mixture of some good and some bad experiences. In the same fashion, Gabriella and her husband Emmanuel Sanders have faced some low times as a couple. As a matter of fact, the pair were on a verge of ending their marriage in a divorce.

    Back in 2016, Waheed filed for divorce citing a “discord or conflict of personalities.” Furthermore, she also made several allegations about her then-estranged husband. Waheed accused Emmanuel of infidelity; she claimed Sanders cheated on her with several other women and he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on them. She said,

    “When he’s not playing football on the field, he ‘plays the field’ with numerous women whom he is or has committed adultery.”

    Moreover, she also alleged that Sanders had lied to the Denver Broncos that he was going to attend the birth of his daughter, however, he went partying instead. Meanwhile, Waheed also claimed that Sanders had gifted vehicles to one of his illicit affairs.

    After the filing, Gabriella also received a temporary restraining order against Sanders. In spite of all that happened between the husband and wife, the couple reconciled shortly later. As of now, they are leading a peaceful life together with their two children.

    Gabriella Waheed Social Media Presence

    Waheed is a presence on social media like Instagram and Facebook. She has more than 670k followers on Instagram where she mostly shares her professional life. She can also be seen sharing her photos with her beau and her children. Besides, Waheed frequently shares her photos from her vacations.


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    Meanwhile, Gabriella’s husband, Sanders is also popular on Instagram. He also boasts a similar fanbase on Instagram as he also has 670k followers as of May 2022. Like his wife, Sanders also openly shares his family photos as well as his professional photos on the platform.

    What is Her Net Worth? Her Husband is a Millionaire

    Given that Gabriella hasn’t been active in her career that much, she has yet to explore her career more. Still, she has earned a good sum of money from her endeavors. As of 2022, Gabriella Waheed has a decent net worth of $500k.

    In the meantime, her husband, Emmanuel Sanders, who is a well-reputed basketball player earns well from his profession. As of now, Sanders has $6 million in net worth.

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