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    Haven Mae Herjavec is one of the privileged celebrity children. She is the daughter of a successful father, Robert Herjavec, a Canadian-Croatian television celebrity, and Kym Johnson, an Australian ballroom dancer.

    Born to a wealthy and famous household, Haven is living her early childhood in a very lavish way.

    Read the article further to know more about this celebrity child. About how her life is going on and more information about her parent and their career too.

    Haven Mae Herjavec’s Early Life: She Is 4 Years Old

    Haven Herjavec was born on April 23rd, 2018, to Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson. She was born in Canada and spent the rest of her early childhood there itself.

    Haven is still a child, but she is living the life we all wish for. Having been born into one of Canada’s richest Business families, she is getting a very facilitated lifestyle since her birth.

    Haven Herjavec, Robert Herjavec's daughter, Herjavec Twins
    A picture of Haven Mae Herjavec. Source: Instagram

    She is one of the twin kids of Robert and Kym. She has a brother named Hudson. They are enjoying their life and learning many new things from this early age.

    Haven Herjavec’s Famous Parents: Robert Herjavec And Kym Johnson

    Haven’s parents are well-known in the world especially her father, Robert. He was born in Varaxdin, SFR, Yugoslavia. His family migrated to Toronto and later established themselves there. He graduated from New College in 1984.

    Herjavec Is One Of The Biggest Canadian Businessman

    The famous businessman first took the job as an assistant director for several productions. His first step into the business world was when he founded BRAK Systems. He later sold the company for a huge amount of profit. He also worked as the Vice-President of Sales at Ramp Network, which was also later sold for $225 Million to Nokia.

    His biggest success arrived in the year 2003 when The Herjavec Group, one of Canada’s biggest information technology providers and fastest-growing technology company was established. Started with just three employees, today the company deals in billions of dollars.

    Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank, Business personality
    Haven’s father Robert. Source: Getty Images

    Robert has also been on several television shows. His regular appearance was on the Canadian CBC Television series, Dragon’s Den, and also in the famous series, Shark Tank. This mindful personality has made some successful investments through this show.

    Haven’s Mother, Kym Johnson Is A Ballroom Dancer

    Kym was born on August 4, 1976, in Sydney, Australia. There is not much information about her early life and education. But we can assume that she had a good home environment and education.

    Kym had a keen interest in dancing since an early age. She started dancing at a very young age. She had already started ballroom dancing by the age of 13. Johnson took part in U.K Ballroom Championship and ended up as a finalist. Along with this she also took part in several other dance programs.

    Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson
    Haven Mae Herjavec’s parent’s Source: Instagram

    Kym got overnight success from the show Dancing with the Stars. She took part in the show for the first three seasons.

    Haven’s Father, Robert Was Previously Married: Who is his first wife?

    Robert was married to an Optometrist, Diane Plese. They first met at Diane’s eye clinic when Robert came in as a patient. They married in the year 1990.

    The couple grew emotionally and financially while they were together. They were one of the most successful and rich couples in Canada.

    Unfortunately, their relationship ended after 25 years of marriage. Robert claimed of having depressive episodes and suicidal tendencies after the divorce. Everything came to place after meeting Haven’s mother.

    Haven Has A Twin Brother Along With Three Other Half Siblings

    Haven’s twin brother is Hudson Herjavec. He is a minute older than Haven. They both are adorable.  The twins are always seen enjoying their days with their parents.

    Aside from her biological brother, she has three half-siblings who are from her dad Robert’s marriage to his ex-wife Diane.

    Haven Herjavec and Hudson Herjavec
    Haven Herjavec with her twin brother, Hudson Source: Instagram

    The eldest half-brother is Brenden Herjavec. He was born in 1993. He is currently serving as a client manager for a company called Inkblot Therapy and Memory. According to his Instagram, he is currently engaged to his fiancée, Jessica, who is also his best friend.

    The other two are her half-sisters, Skye Herjavec and Caprice. Skye was born in 1996. According to the sources, she works in Business execution and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, Caprice was born in 1998 and is currently working as a consultant at FW Cook, an executive compensation consulting firm in New York.

    Haven Herjavec’s Net Worth: She Is From A Very Rich Family

    Haven and Hudson were born with a silver spoon. This toddler is already enjoying her vacation with her family. You can see several pictures of them relaxing and spending quality time together on her parents’ respective social media profiles.

    Her father is still working in several television shows and making good money. His net worth is above $200 million. On the other hand, Haven’s mother is also still involving herself in her dance career. She also makes a handful amount of money, which is around $2 million.

    Robert Herjavec's family, Kym Johnson, Herjavec Twins, Haven and Hudson
    Haven with her parents and brother. Source: Instagram

    Haven is still very young to be around the limelight. Hope we will get to know more about this beautiful twin’s further life.


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