Inside The Life Of Ella May Clapton, Eric Clapton’s Daughter and Her Bio

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    Ella May Clapton is a celebrity kid. She is famous as the daughter of Eric Clapton. Her father, Eric, is a popular singer and guitarist. The singer started out his career with the Yardbirds in 1963. After separating from the band, her father Eric, has made his name as a famous solo artist.

    Her dad ranked second in Rolling Stones list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. The 18-time Grammy award winner is also an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on three separate occasions — once as a solo artist, once with the Yardbirds, and once with Cream.

    Well, Ella’s name is taken frequently in the media as the daughter of the famous Eric Clapton. The celebrity kid has followed the limelight since a young age. So, where is Clapton now and what does she do? In this article, we will find out how many siblings she has and other little details about her life.

    Ella May Clapton’s age & family 

    Ella Clapton was born on 14 January 2003, making her of age 19. The celebrity kid is the second daughter of Eric Clapton and Melia Mcenery.

    Ella May Clapton is the daughter of famous singer and guitarist, Eric Clapton
    Ella May Clapton, the daughter of Eric Clapton.

    As a matter of fact, her father Eric Clapton is a native of Ripley, Surrey, England. Her paternal grandparents, Edward Walter Fryer and  Patricia Molly Clapton were from Montreal, Quebec. Ella’s great paternal grandparents are Rose Clapp and Reginald Cecil Clapton.

    In addition, Ella is Scottish-English and Korean-Irish from her mother’s side. Her great maternal grandfather was Walter McEnery. He was a native of Bonita Springs, Fla who used to work as a construction worker.

    Thus from what we read above, we can say that Ella belongs to a mixed ethnic group.

    Ella May Clapton’s father Eric Clapton met her mother Melian McEnery at a party

    Ella’s parents’ first meeting is like a pretty fairy tale. Ohio native McEnery met Eric when she was working as an Armani sales executive in 1998 at a company’s party. Her mother approached Eric saying, “My uncle’s a big fan of yours, can I get your autograph?” After that, the two had a good talk and became friends.

    Thereupon, the couple went ahead and wed on New Year’s Day of 2002.  At the time of their wedding, Ella’s mom was just 25 while her dad was 56. The rituals were performed before a small group of close friends and family.

    Singer and guitarist Eric Clapton and his wife Melia
    Ella’s parents Melia and Eric Clapton

    According to Billboard, the ceremony included the baptism of her two sisters Ruth Patricia Clapton and Julie Rose Clapton. Ruth is the half-sister of Ella who was born after Clapton had an affair with Yvonne Kellyn, in 1983. Whereas, Julie is her own elder sister born in 2001.

    Ella’s half-brother Conor died a terrible death

    In addition to her two biological sisters, Julie Rose and Sophie Bell, she has two other half-siblings. Her elder half-sister is Ruth Patricia and her late half-brother is Conor Clapton.

    Conor was a brother from his dad’s side. He was born from Ella’s father’s romantic relationship with an Italian model Lory Del Santo on 21 August 1986. Unfortunately, Conor passed away on 20 March 1991 at the age of four. He fell out of an open bedroom window on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building.

    Legendary singer and musician Eric and his late son Conor
    Eric Clapton with his late son Conor Clapton

    The loss of his son was too great for Eric. Clapton buried his 4-year-old son, Conor, at the same church where he married Melia McEnery. The death of his beloved son inspired Clapton’s hit single “Tears in Heaven.”

    What is Ella doing now?

    As Ella is still in her late teenage years, there is no exact profession that she is engaged in.

    However, from her Instagram profile, we can analyze that she is into photography. The 19-year-old celebrity kid shows interest as she has separated a highlight to flaunt her capturing skills.

    We can see various types of photos at various times and occasions in Ella May Clapton’s Instagram photography highlight.

    Ella’s father Eric Clapton has written a song for his daughters

    Ella’s father is a worldwide famous singer known for his singing and guitar skills. He has written many hit songs such as Wonderful Tonight, Tears In Heaven, Layla, I Shot The Sheriff, Cocaine, Change The World, etc.

    So, it’s no surprise that he has written songs for his pretty daughters. The song’s title is “Three Little Girls” and the girls denote Ella and his two sisters Julie and Sophie.

    The singer has portrayed his love through lyrics telling the world how much he adores his daughters.

    Is she dating anyone?

    Similar to her elder sister Julie Rose who is in a relationship girl named Chloe Gardner, Ella is allegedly dating a guy named Jude Frey.

    In an Instagram post, Ella posted a mirror selfie while kissing a boy on 13th Jan 2022.

    Ella May Clapton planting kiss on her boyfriend's cheek
    Ella May Clapton with her alleged boyfriend Jude Frey

    Although there is no telling if they are actually in a relationship or not, the rumors speculate they are indeed a couple. It is because Ella is frequently posting his photos on her Instagram handle.

    How rich is her father, Eric Clapton?

    Since Ella is too young to have a net worth of her own, let’s talk about her father’s net worth.

    It may come as a surprise to many but the singer has a whopping net worth of over $450 million as of 2022. He amassed the fortune from his decade-long work in the music industry.

    In his solo career, Clapton has sold more than 280 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling musicians of all time. Furthermore, the song “Tears In Heaven” which he wrote on the loss of his son, Conor Clapton, has sold more than 130 million records.

    So, this shows how he turned into a millionaire. As for his daughters, they are enjoying a great life with no actual money problems, thanks to their dad.

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