Jill Diven: The Untold Facts About Ex-Wife Of Actor Brad Garrett

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    Jill Diven is the ex-wife of well-known actor and stand-up comedian, Brad Garrett. She is also a former cocktail waitress. While people know her former husband Brad for his role as Robert Barone on the CBS comedy Everybody Loves Raymond, there are relatively few things to say about his former wife, Jill, especially since the couple’s divorce.

    Actor Brad and Jill who were together for almost a decade were also parents to two kids. But, why did the couple separate? What led to their marriage downfall?

    Here is everything you need to know about Brad Garrett’s ex-wife Jill. Let’s take a close look.

    Jill Diven Was Born In Pueblo, Colorado; Who Are Her Parents?

    Jill Diven was born in the year 1964 in Pueblo, Colorado. As of now, she is 58 years old. As per sources, Jill is the daughter of James Everett Diven and Lecial L Diven. Both of her parents are dead; her father died in Sep 2009 whereas her mother lost her life in Jan 2019.

    To say more, Jill’s father, James, who was a native of Colorado was a colonel in the US Air Force. He further was the Distinguished Flying Cross Bronze Star Medal receiver.

    Height and Nationality

    Diven allegedly stands at a height of 5ft 5 inches tall. On the other hand, her former spouse is significantly taller at 6ft 8inches. Besides, Divin is an American by her nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

    Diven a Well-Read Individual

    Jill went to the University of Miami School of Law in 1990 and completed her graduation with a degree in legal studies in 1992. In 1992, Diven attended the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and earned her registered nursing degree in 1996.

    Furthermore, Jill received her bachelor of science degree from Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She further studied Accounting and Business at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

    What Does Brad Garrett’s Ex-Wife Jill Diven Do For a Living?

    Talking about Brad’s profession, the ex-celebrity spouse is currently working as a real estate agent at SG Associate, Westlake Village, California. She apparently has been with the company since 2018.

    She additionally is a proud owner of Jacques and Jills Acquisitions LLC, in Westlake Village, California. The celebrity spouse formed the office in June 2012 and has since been running her business successfully.

    In the past, Jill used to work as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. In fact, it was also the very hotel where Jill met her future husband, Brad.

    Jill Diven’s Relationship With Her Ex-Husband Brad Garrett

    As mentioned above Jill Diven and Brad Garrett met for the first time at the hotel where Jill worked as a cocktail waitress in Los Angeles. They eventually started dating each other and after two months of their relationship, Brad asked Jill to move in with him.

    Jill Diven once featured in Everybody Loves Raymond
    Jill Diven with her former partner Brad Garrett. Getty

    Moving into their engagement, Brad proposed to his then-girlfriend Jill in the set of Everybody Loves Raymond with a massive diamond ring.

    A few months after their engagement, Diven and her husband Garrett married in 1999. And Their wedding ceremony was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.

    When together, the couple had two children, Hope Violent Garrett and Maxwell Bradley Garrett.

    Diven And Ex-Spouse Brad Garrett Divorced After 7 Years Of Relationship

    Diven and Brad separated in 2005, six years after their marriage. The couple would finalize their divorce in Nov 2007.

    Jill and Garrett never disclosed why they decided to end their union and people hardly knew about any conflicts. They though cited irreconcilable differences as the ultimate reason.

    Jill Diven with her husband Brad and their kids, Maxwell and Hope
    Jill And Brad With Their Children. CBS

    Despite their failed marriage, the ex-couple remained friends. Brad once speaking about his ex-wife, said,

    “[She] is an extraordinary woman and the greatest mom in the world. “

    Brad also highlighted that he and his ex-wife didn’t get much time to understand each other before their marriage. 

    What Did Jill Diven Get In The Divorce Settlement?

    In the divorce settlement, Diven’s ex-husband had to give quite a lot to his ex-wife. Garret was ordered to give half of the sale of the Hidden Hills home to Jill. In addition, Jill also won half the balance of her and Garrett’s bank accounts as well as half of all the actor’s retirement assets.

    The Colorado native got a share from the car collection too. She got to keep the Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes Benz 550 whereas her ex-husband kept a Chrysler Town & Country, a Cadillac, a Bentley, a 2005 BMW 750, and a Mercedes Benz R350.

    Concerning their children’s custody, Jill would receive $7,400 for her son and $12,600 for her daughters until they were 19 or high school graduates.

    Jill herself won spousal support of $44,900 which had validity until her death or her other marriage. Some documents have shown Jill was receiving spousal support until the year 2018.

    Did Jill’s Ex-Husband Get Married After Divorce?

    Yes certainly, Jill’s ex-husband, Brad got married after his divorce. After Jill, Brad married actress, IsaBeall Quella. The duo met each other at a Vose art gallery in Boston.

    Later, they dated for almost 10 years and got engaged in December 2015. At the engagement, Brad gifted his new wife a massive diamond ring. After some years on November 11, 2021, they got married. Speaking of the union, Brad said, 

    “I married the love of my life”

    In addition, the actor said,

    “We’re old souls. That’s why we get along so well. We click at every level.”

    Brad’s current wife, IsBeall Quella was born on 25th January 1984. So, there is a 24-year of difference in age between her and her actor husband. Even with a massive age gap, they fell for themself.

    What About Jill Diven; Did She Also Remarry?

    Owing to her considerably strong private life and all, Jill’s marital life has been quite a mystery since she divorced her ex-spouse, Garrett.

    Though from the looks of social media and other likewise sources, it is presumed that she is still single.

    Jill Diven’s Net Worth

    While it’s unclear what and how much Jill has amassed with respect to her net worth and other financial breakthroughs, it is pretty clear that Diven did benefit quite a lot through her divorce from her former partner, Brad.

    On the other hand, despite having to give a pretty hefty sum in spousal and child support, her ex-spouse, Garrett is still quite a rich actor with an estimated net worth of over $50 million in 2022.

    Is Jill On Social Media?

    While it’s unclear in the present, Jill did use to have a Facebook handle. In fact, up until late 2020, the mother of two was quite active with her FB account.

    The former wife of Brad Garrett with her son and daughter in May 2017.
    Jill with her son and daughter in May 2017. Facebook

    In the still open-to-public handle, Jill has shared several pictures of herself, her kids, some TBT stills, and even her occasional get-together with her former husband. Aside from Facebook, however, Jill seems a bit of a dodger on other alike outlets thus the secrecy around her personal life.

    Jill Ex-Husband, Brad Garrett’s Career As An Actor

    As mentioned above, Brad Garrett is a well-recognized actor and stand-up comedian. He grabbed attention from the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond in which the actor played Robert Barone.

     Brad Garrett
    Jill Garrett’s Ex-Husband, Brad Garrett

    Brad started his career as a stand-up comedian in the 1980s and was quite successful in it. He eventually got opportunities in many television and film in short and small roles which helped him to boost his career.

    Over the years, Garret has appeared in movies like A Bug’s Life, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and many more. He also played the lead role in Til Death as Eddie Stack.

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