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    Kate Tucci is the late wife of famous actor and filmmaker Stanley Tucci Jr. She was a media personality and social worker. Similarly, her husband Stanley is a renowned actor famous for his roles in multiple TV series including Feud: Bette & Joan, 3 lbs, and Murder One.

    Well did you know, Stanley is Kate’s second husband? So who was she previously married to and did the couple have any children?

    Likewise, talking about her relationship with Stanley, despite being together for years until her death the couple had to go through a lot during their relationship. Did you know that the former pair got separated? What was the reason? and similarly, many also want to know how many children they shared.

    There are indeed a lot of unexplored bits and pieces of information surrounding the life of Kate Tucci. So hang tight as we will answer all of the questions that you might have regarding her including her age, career, and even the cause of death. So, let’s begin!

    Kate Tucci’s Early Life: She Grew Up In New York

    Kate was born Kathryn Spath on April 26, 1962, in Wisconsin, United States. Her mother and father are the natives of New Berlin, Wis., and Grove, Wis., respectively. Kate spent her whole childhood in the state of Wisconsin.

    Her father, Robert B. Spath was an established businessman and the vice president of Enerpac Applied Power Inc. Likewise, her mother, Dorothy Spath was a family counselor and therapist at Waukesha Family Service counseling agency.

    Kate Tucci was a social worker
    The late wife of Stanley Tucci was a social worker and philanthropist by profession.

    She completed her primary education at a local private school in San Francisco. After completing the school level, she joined Lawrence University and enrolled at New York University.

    Details Regarding Her Career: Kate Was A Social Worker

    After completing her university education, Kate reportedly started working with her father and had a loving and caring nature toward others.

    The exact nature drove her to the path of becoming a social worker and philanthropist. According to some sources, she worked for a long time in the field of social work and welfare.

    Apart from this, she was also a well-set producer and worked in multiple shows one of which being Blind Date released in 2007. Similarly, some reports suggest that she was a member of the NY State Council on Divorce Mediation.

    Kate Tucci Marriage Life: Stanley Is Her Second Husband

    She is famous for marrying the acclaimed actor Stanely Tucci but he was her second hubby, so was the first one. Well, before him, she was married to Alexander R. Scott an American theatre stage manager. At the time of her engagement, her former husband was working at Square Theatre in NY.

    The former flames got engaged in Feb 1983 and walked down the aisle in 1984. Their relationship lasted for a decade and they eventually parted ways in 1994.

    Kate Tucci, with her hubby Stanley
    An old picture of Kate with her husband, Stanley Tucci.

    Similarly, a year later in 1995, Kate met her future husband Stanley at an award function. The coincident meeting turned into love. Ironically, the pair decided to take their relationship to the next level and got hitched on April 18 1995 only just a couple of months after they started dating each other.

    About Kate’s Husband, Stanley Tucci

    Stanley was born on November 11, 1960. His mother, Joan was a secretary and writer, and his father, Stanley Tucci Sr., was an art teacher at a school in New York. Stanley was the eldest child of the family.

    Tucci attended John Jay High School. He was bright in his studies and was also active in sports. Besides all others, he was keenly interested in drama and acting since his school days.

    Following his interests, he attended the State University of New York, majoring in acting. He graduated in the year 1982. He received Actor’s card with the help of actress Colleen Dewhurst who was his mother’s friend.

    Stanley’s First Debut Was In The Year 1985

    Tucci got his first work in a comedy crime film, Prizzi’s Honor. He got his breakthrough in the year 1995 when he starred in the television series, Murder One as a mysterious character, Richard Cross. He received his first Primetime Emmy Award for his brilliant acting in the series.

    In 1996, Tucci co-wrote, co-directed, and acted in the drama film, Big Night. Tucci won the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay. He also worked in the comedy film, The Impostors. Later, he got to work in the HBO biographical television film Winchell.

    Kate Tucci hubby is an actor, producer, and writer
    Actor and Producer Stanley Tucci.

    Stanley has also worked in several dramas and shows including Ryan Murphy’s limited series Feud: Bette & Joan in the year 2017, and the drama Limetown in 2018.

    Since 2020, Tucci is working as the voice actor for Bitsy Brandenham in the Apple TV+ animated series, Central Park.

    Relationship Between The former Tucci Couple: Stanley Had An Extra-Marital Affair

    The lovebirds were in a blissful marital relationship for years however, it all changed when they decided to separate in February 2003. The pair didn’t talk about their separation publicly but people started speculating soon after Kate’s second husband started dating his co-star Edie Falco.

    Many eyebrows were raised after Stanley and Edie openly dated each other since the former couple hadn’t officially divorced. However, their relationship couldn’t last as it ended a year later in March 2004.

    Kate Tucci Is No Longer With Us: She Lost Her Life To Cancer

    Kate had been suffering from cancer for years. Her husband, Stanley, and her family did their best to save her, but cancer worsened with time.

    Eventually, in the year, 2009 Kate died of breast cancer. This was a huge loss for Stanley and all of her loved ones.

    Kate Tucci with her hubby in an event.
    Stanley with his late wife.

    Similarly, in an interview, Stanley mentioned how much more he could have done to save her and apologized to his late wife saying,

    “We tried everything we could do to save her; I wish that I could have done more and that I could have been with her at the moment she passed away. I couldn’t be in that room, because I knew it would be so devastating that I wouldn’t be able to take care of the kids after.”

    Unfortunately, everything that Kate’s family member tried were all in vain. She sucummed to the disease on April 27th, 2009.

    Kate Tucci is Survived By Five Children

    Kate had two children from her first marriage. She reportedly gave birth to a daughter named Christine Scott. However, there is no accurate information regarding their whereabouts. Apart from her daughter, there’s not much info on the other kid.

    On the other hand, she has three children from her relationship with Stanley. She gave birth to twins, Isabel Cobcetta Tucci and Nicolo Robert Tucci born on 21st January 2000. Similarly, they also shared a daughter, Camilla Tucci born two years later in 2002.

    Isabel is a very secretive person and only makes some occasional appearances alongside her brother and father. On the flip side, her twin brother, Nicolo has chosen to follow in his father’s footsteps. He debuted with a TV mini-series, MotherFatherSon in the year 2019.

    Stanley Tucci and Kate Tucci's Children
    The multi-talented actor with their three children.

    Just like her elder sister Camilla also prefers to stay out of the spotlight thus there isn’t any information available regarding her profession.

    Stanley Is Currently Married To Felicity Blunt

    After two years of the death of his first wife, Stanley got engaged to Felicity Blunt. She is the elder sister of British actress, Emily Blunt. Tucci and Blunt married in a civil ceremony in the summer of 2012.

    Kate Tucci hubby is married to Felicity Blunt
    Stanley with his current wife, Felicity Blunt.

    They have two children together, a son and a daughter. The elder son, Matteo Oliver Tucci was born on 25 January 2015, and the daughter, Emilia Giovanna Tucci was born on 19th April 2018. Both the children are growing up in a facilitated and caring household.

    Many of you might not know this but Kate and Felicity knew each other. Strangely enough Stanley even had a picture of them both together. From where you might ask?

    Well, apparently, Kate and Felicity came across each other during the premiere of Tucci’s movie, Devil Wears Prada. Well, life certainly is strange. Stanley even has a picture of Kate and Blunt together and oddly enough, Stanley went on to marry Felicity so many years later.

    Kate’s Ex-Husband, Stanley Also Suffered From Cancer

    In the year 2017, Stanley was also diagnosed with cancer. It was a 3-cm tumor at the base of his tongue. The tumor was so big that cutting it off was not possible at all. It was treated by using a high range of radiation. Likewise, continuous chemo sessions were done to get rid of the lump.

    The treatment of the cancer was successful after 35 days of radiation and chemotherapy. However, the side effects of the laser were so severe that even in 2022, his taste for food is not how it used to be. Being a foodie it has become difficult for Stanley, according to him some foods taste funny and it is painful for him to eat spicy foods.

    Stanley believes the only reason for his survival is his wife, Felicity. In an interview with PEOPLE, he said, “The undying attention and affection got him through the cancer battle.”

    Kate Tucci Lived A Prosperous Life: How Rich Was She?

    Kate who worked from an early age had established herself very well financially. She had worked as a social worker and producer and earned a total fortune of around 1.5 million.

    On the other hand, her former hubby, Stanley is a multi-millionaire. He is estimated to have a total net worth of 25 million. Stanley has earned his fortune working as an actor, and filmmaker.

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