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By Shradhda Gurung | Updated on November 17, 2022
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    Lauren Chandiram is the girlfriend of the British actor/model Robert James Collier. Chandiram’s boyfriend, Collier grew his way into the limelight through the roles the actor played in the shows like ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Coronation street.’

    However, his partner Lauren prefers to stay out of the media. When they first met, Robert James Collier’s partner Chandiram used to run a clothing shop for a living. But there hasn’t been any sign of her working since they got together.

    Let’s continue to the article to find out what Robert’s girlfriend Lauren Chandiram’s up to. Also read more about her relationship with her partner James Collier, her parents, her ancestry, and more.

    Lauren Chandiram Early Life; She Is Allegedly From Buckinghamshire, England

    Chandiram has always been private about her personal life. Any to every information relating to Lauren is yet to be disclosed. But as stated by an article in the Mirror UK, published in February 2012, there is a possibility that Lauren was born in the year 1988.

    Downton Abbey actor Robert James Collier with his longtime partner Lauren Chandiram.
    Robert with his half-Srilankan wife, Lauren Chandiram. From Social Media

    According to the same write-up, Robert’s longtime partner, Chandiram is reportedly from Buckinghamshire. It, however, is exactly unknown where her hometown is. Likewise, there isn’t any information regarding Lauren Chandiram’s parents and family.

    However, speaking of her partner Robert James Collier’s education, the actor has a degree in Business from the University of Huddersfield. Fun fact: Collier’s parents wanted him to have an academic background so they put him and even his entire siblings through university.

    Is Lauren Chandiram Indian?

    Despite Lauren appearing as a natural blonde for years, people have wondered if Robert’s partner is Indian. The inquisitiveness is alleged to have arisen considering her surname, Chandiram.

    However, neither Lauren nor her husband has ever talked in detail with respect to the former’s heritage. Additionally, the woman herself has remained a big mystery for the outsiders. Then in Feb 2013, the New York Post came with a piece wherein it claimed Chandiram, the girlfriend of Robert is half British and half Sri Lankan by birth. It though is unclear what nationality each of her parents belongs to.

    Lauren’s Profession; She Used To Own a Clothing Store

    As mentioned, Lauren Chandiram used to own a clothing store before meeting her boyfriend, Robert. Her clothing shop was in Buckinghamshire, England.   

    Lauren and her actor husband Robert
    Robert and Buckinghamshire native Lauren. AP

    Also, back then, Chandiram reportedly had several modeling opportunities but refused to work with them. However, there were rumors that Lauren was planning to own a fashion boutique soon. But there has never been any official news regarding that.

    What Is Lauren Chandiram Doing Now?

    Her line of work post her affiliation with Robert is yet to get under public scrutiny. As discussed previously, Lauren other than the partner of actor Robert is quite a closed-in being. The couple clearly lives a very private life, especially minus the acting fame of Collier.

    For years, Lauren’s pursuits, both professional and personal have been a big-time thriller given how concealed her life is. Chandiram, regardless, is believed to be a full-time mother to her and Collier’s son whereas Robert still works on movies and TV. The last movie her beau played in was Downton Abbey: A New Era, released in the year 2022.

    The Long-Term Partners, Lauren And Her Boyfriend Robert Have Been Together For 15 years

    Lauren and her beau Robert have been together since 2007 and still seem to be so in love. Three years after they started dating, the couple gave birth to a baby in the year 2010. They named their first child, Milo. Robert and Lauren are still together and live a very private life but do a few appearances during certain events.

    Despite being together for over two decades with a child, Chandiram and Robert are yet to tie the knot.

    Lauren Chandiram Is often Seen At Events With Her Boyfriend, Robert James Collier 

    The still-in-love couple is spotted at several events and parties together. Lauren and her partner Robert make joint appearances on several different occasions. Chandiram also has had her way through several red-carpet events with her loving partner Robert James Collier. 

    As a matter of fact, one could say Lauren’s public appearances might have added to the media wanting more of her. Her most iconic look was when Chandiram wore a Monse gown with an asymmetric hem to the Downton Abbey film launch in 2019.

    Lauren Chandiram Didn’t Like Her Boyfriend, Robert Kissing Men On Downton Abbey

    As mentioned Robert is famous for playing the gay character Thomas Barrow in the historical drama series, Downton Abbey. The audience either loved/hated him for the three seasons Collier played one of the two main series’ antagonists.

    However, it’s a bit ironic that one of the people who disliked Robert’s notable role was his girlfriend, Chandiram.

    Coronation Street actor and Lauren's longtime boyfriend, Robert James.
    British actor and Chandiram’s baby father, Robert. SOPA Images

    Back in March 2016, during an interview with Jonathan Ross on The Jonathan Ross Show, Collier while talking about his Downton Abbey character, said how his partner reacted to him when he told her he was the one who actually put the kissing scene in one of the scenes.

    Recalling further the actor said,

    Kissing a guy, I thought I was gonna get away with that…Missus turns to me and “You never kissed me like that.”

    Apparently, Chandiram’s problem had more to do with her baby father being a good kisser on screen than he ever had been to her in real life.

    Lauren Chandiram’s Net Worth

    Since Lauren Chandiram likes to live a very private life, her income and fortunes are a bit of a murky subject. Likewise, her source of income, professional life, career, and actual net worth is still unknown to this date.

    On the other hand, her partner Robert James Collier has a net worth of $11 million as per different sources.

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