Korie Koker: The Wife Of The Counting Cars Star, Danny Koker

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    Korie Koker is a successful businesswoman and a technician who is better recognized as the wife of Danny Koker, an American car restorer, reality TV star, and also the owner of Count’s Kustoms.

    While her career isn’t as big as her husband, Danny, Korie has been among the headlines a few or two times. One such incident was the time when people thought Koker was dead after getting herself in a car accident. Fortunately, Korie is still alive and seemingly is doing quite fine. But what had really happened at the time?

    To know the answers and more about Korie’s life on its own, just scroll through the headers below.

    Korie Koker Is From Las Vegas: Parents and Birth Details

    Danny’s wife Korie Koker was born Korie Fera on 8 August 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada. And her age is 57 at present.

    As for her parents, Korie is the daughter of the late Al Alfie Fera of Niagra Falls, New York and his wife, Beverly (Jeffords) Fera. Koker’s father, Alfie died in June 2013; he was an employee at Harrison Radiator in Lockport NY, and later worked for over three decades as a stagehand at Artpark in Lewiston until 2009 the year of his retirement.

    The wife of the owner of ‘The Counts’ Danny Koker.

    Talking about her siblings, Korie has three siblings, one brother, Anthony, and two sisters, Penny and Shannon.

    Koker allegedly grew up in Chicago where she also attended her high school. She would later do her bachelor’s degree in broadcasting.

    What does Korie Koker do for a living? Her Professional Details

    Danny Koker’s wife Korie is now a businesswoman and also an Entertainment Director at Count’s Vamp’d. Koker started the bar and grill venue after marrying her husband Danny. The Bar, Count’s Vamp’d is mostly dedicated to those who love rock music and food lover.

    Korie’s job in a restaurant is to find a band to play. In the meantime, she is also the co-owner of Count’s Tattoo Company. Before that, Koker started her career as a singer. In fact, Korie had also formed a short-lived band. After that, she began her career in television production.

    On those fronts, Koker especially was a camera operator and production coordinator.

    Korie Koker’s Husband And Reality TV Star, Danny Koker

    Her hubby Danny Koker is a host of the hit TV show Counting Cars, an American reality television series, produced by Leftfield Pictures. Apart from his reality show, Danny Koker is also the owner of Count’s Kustoms which is devoted to the repair and fixing of automobiles, motorcycles, and motor vehicles in particular.

    The Owner Of ‘The Count,’ Danny Koker. Source: Getty Image.

    However, the birthdate of Korie’s spouse Danny is still ambiguous because some assumed his birth was on January 6, 1964, while some believe it is on January 5 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

    Danny was interested in cars from his childhood as his father worked at Ford Motor Company. That desire made him learn more about cars and after practicing for several years, he decided to open his own shop ‘The Count.’

    How Did Korie Koker And Her Husband Danny Koker Meet? Their Marriage

    The couple first met each other in Nevada, Las Vegas through online sources in 2000. The pair dated each other for fifteen years and tied the knot in 2015.

    A reality tv star Danny Koker with his partner Korie Koker
    Korie Koker and her husband Danny.

    From various sources, Korie and Danny’s marriage wasn’t that publicized despite the popular nature of Danny. They had a very small ceremony with very few guests.

    Does Danny And His Wife, Korie Have Children?

    After their marriage in 2015, Korie and her husband Danny Koker preferred to keep their relationship and daily life private. They also have never revealed about their children despite many of their fans being curious to know about their kids and daily life.

    It, nonetheless, is unknown if they have children or not.

    The Death Hoax Of Korie Koker

    In 2018, there were rumors that Korie had died in a car accident. While the hearsay was true, the woman who lost her life in the tragedy wasn’t Korie, the wife of Danny Koker. It was some other lady who coincidentally also had a name, Korie Koker despite the uniqueness of the title.

    On the other hand, Korie has never been reported to have gone through any such horrific accident. So far, the Las Vegas local has always been in a good health.

    Korie Is Active With Her Social Media Accounts

    Korie is sufficiently active with her handles on spaces like Instagram and Facebook. The celebrity spouse can be found mostly sharing just about everything that happens on Count’s Vamp’d on and off the stage.

    Her socials are full of images containing the artists who have performed at her bar, those who are going to perform, and some background activities as well. She also seems fond of clicking selfies; the Las Vegas native has quite a lot of them. All in all, one could say, the woman likes to be in play over at her social media handles.

    Korie Koker is active on Instagram as @korie4rock with 2502 followers and on Twitter (Korie Fera Koker). She has more than 4000 followers on Twitter.

    What is Her Net Worth?

    Although it is clear that Korie is a businesswoman handling most of the executive-level tasks of her husband, Danny, what her financial metrics look like is quite a matter of assumptions only.

    Nonetheless, since she handles most of her husband’s businesses, the possibility that she owns a couple of six figures to her name seems considerably likely.

    Speaking of money-related achievements, it might be worth noticing that Korie’s spouse, Danny is much wealthier than his partner with a whopping net worth of at least $13 million.

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