Meet Archie Heaton: The Secret Son Of Stranger Things Star Charlie Heaton

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    Archie Heaton is the son of Charlie Heaton. He is famous for playing the role of Jonathan Byers in the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. Although Heaton is known as an actor, his first profession was as a musician.

    Despite being the son of an actor not much is known about him. When and where was Charlie’s son Archie born? What is his age? and more. Likewise, people are also curious to know who is his mother. When did his parents meet? Are they still together?

    There are indeed a lot of queries that might be going through your head. But don’t worry as you have come to the right place where we will be taking a look into the life of Archie Heaton, Charlie Heaton’s secret son.

    Archie Heaton Was Born In The UK; Who Is His Mother?

    Archie was born on May 19, 2014. As of 2023, he is 8 years old. Heaton belongs to the mixed ethnicity of Caucasian and Japanese descent.

    Talking about Archie’s mother, her name is Akiko Matsuura. She was the former band member of Charlie’s rock band Comanechi. The Sun came out with the news of the baby along with his mother in September 2017.

    Archie Heaton's parents
    Archie’s parents, Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura

    The news spread all over the media just after Charlie missed the Stranger Things 2 launch party in the US after being caught with cocaine at LA airport.

    The ex-partner was still a band member while they welcomed their son. Some sources revealed that,

    “Charlie became a dad when he was just 20. He met Akiko when he was just a teen and fell head over heels in love.”

    Besides, Archie is the grandson of Crispy Heaton and Shelly Lowe.

    Archie Heaton Is Living With His Mother In The UK

    The eight years old star kid doesn’t spend much time with his father. Charlie is primarily busy in Los Angeles with the shoot for the Netflix series Stranger Things. Thus, Archie lives with his mother Akiko in the United Kingdom. Likewise, his mom is currently working as a vocalist and drummer for a band named Pre.

    Nevertheless, the father-son duo love one another and enjoy a lot together whenever Charlie goes back to the UK to visit his child.

    Archie Heaton’s Parent Separation After His Birth

    Charlie and Akiko first met each other during the collaboration of the band Comanechi. They felt some sort of connection and soon that connection changed into love. The duo started dating and even became parents with Archie.

    Everything seemed fine in their relationship but, the couple decided to separate soon after giving birth to their son. However, the reason why they parted ways is still unknown. The exes haven’t talked about it in public. But they have been keeping an amicable relationship for their son’s future.

    Are Archie’s Mother And Father Currently Dating Anyone?

    Soon after the separation, Archie’s mother, Akiko has been living a very private life. There isn’t any news or rumors going around about her being in a new relationship. Thus, the drummer is probably single and taking care of her son.

    Archie’s dad Charlie Heaton on the other hand is the total opposite. He has been all over the news after rumors about him dating The Stranger Things co-star Natalia Dyer started roaming around.

    Charlie with his present girlfriend
    Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer

    According to reports, the duo has been dating before season 2 of Stranger Things and a source close to the couple even told,

    “They’re definitely dating. They’ve been together since before season 2 began filming in October. They spend every waking minute together, on set and off.”

    The lovebirds had kept their relationship. But they came clean about their romance after a while and now the lovely duo makes a lot of appearances together on red carpets and even on social media like Instagram.

    Who Is Charlie Heaton? A Little About Archie Heaton’s Father

    Charlie Heaton aka Charlie Ross Heaton was born on 6 February 1994, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. He has been active in the entertainment field from 2010 to till present. Before becoming an actor, he was a musician. He also worked as a band member in the noise-rock band named, Comanechi.

    Charlie heaton
    Archie’s father Charlie Heaton

    Now talking about his acting career, he started his career in 2014. He has done many short films like, Life Needs Courage, The Schoolboy, and many more. But he came to the limelight after playing the role of Jonathan Byers in the Netflix original series Strangers Things. People loved his performance and now many of them are also his fans.

    Archie’s Parent’s Net Worth

    Undoubtedly the Netflix series star is living a lavish lifestyle. So, as of 2022, Charlie’s fortune is estimated at $4 million. He is earning around $250k per episode for the famous Netflix series Stranger Things.

    On the other hand, Archie’s mother Akiko Matsuura earns a fortune of $ 1 million per year.


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