Meet Jovan Arriaga: Facts About The Son Of Suzette Quintanilla

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    Jovan Arriaga is the son of Mexican-American drummer Suzette Quintanilla. His mother is also best known as the sister of the late singer and fashion designer Selena Quintanilla and A. B. Quintanilla. Suzette was the drummer of the band Selena y Los Dinos.

    Jovan is only known for being the son and nephew of famous celebrities. However, many of his fans and well-wishers want to know him more personally. Who is his father? What does he do for a living? Does he have a girlfriend?

    Apart from this, you might also want to know more about his aunt’s death. So, if you are looking to get the answers to these questions and learn more about Jovan Arriaga, you have come to the right place. Hence, without any further ado, let’s get started right away!

    Jovan Arriaga Is A United States Native; Know About His Early Life And Age

    Jovan was born on 5th March 1998, in the United States to Bill Arriaga and Suzette Quintanilla. He is the only child of the couple and is 24 years old as of 2022.

    Furthermore, he holds an American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity of Mexican-American descent.

    Jovan Arriaga and his parents
    The star kid alongside his parents during graduation.

    Likewise, talking about his maternal grandparents, Jovan is the grandson of Marcella Samora and Abraham Quintanilla.

    Talking about his education, the star kid is a well-educated individual. After finishing high school, he graduated with a degree from the University of Texas in 2017.

    Jovan’s Mother Says He Shares The Same Smile As His Late Aunt, Selena Quintanilla

    Jovan’s mom some years back shared a now-removed Facebook post mentioning that her son reminded her of sister Selena. Likewise, the former drummer said,

    “My king who I would move mountains for…Who carried my sister’s smile and whom has the best hugs!!!! Just love him soooo.”

    Sadly, Suzette’s sister was killed at the age of 23 by Yolanda Saldivar and her only child Jovan didn’t get the chance to meet his aunt.

    What Does Jovan Arriaga Do For A Living? A Little About His Career

    Jovan is very private when it comes to talking about his personal life. Similarly, the same thing can be said regarding his professional life. But according to our research, we have come to know that he used to play baseball during his high school years.

    Jovan Arriaga used ti play baseball
    Suzette Quintanilla’s son used to play baseball.

    On the other hand, there are also others who claim that Jovan has followed in the footsteps of his mother and late aunt. According to them, he has become a singer and songwriter. Similarly, back in 2017, he also appeared in the EL Salvador magazine.

    Reportedly, Suzette’s son is also working as a Hydraulic engineer.

    Are Jovan Arriaga’s Parents Together? Details On Their Relationship

    Arriaga’s mother and father got hitched in 1993 in a private ceremony around close friends and family members. Likewise, the pair has been married for around 23 years now and their relationship seems to be going stronger with time.

    Jovan Arriaga parents
    The couple is in a marital relationship for 23 years.

    Similarly, on the subject of their first meeting, Jovan’s parents met each other through a mutual friend named Rod. Rod and Suzette walked by Bill’s house and were introduced to each other. The future husband and wife started dating not long after and the rest is history.

    Is Jovan Arriaga Dating A Girlfriend In 2022?

    Jovan is currently in a relationship with a girl named Mallory Smith. The lovely pair started appearing together on their social media in late 2019. They share a lot of moments together. Likewise, Mallory shared their first picture on her Instagram capturing a cute picture as she captioned it,

    ” I was quite the catch,”

    Jovan Arriaga Girlfriend Mallory Smith
    Jovan Arriaga With His Girlfriend, Mallory Smith

    They have been together for a couple of years now and their bond seems to be growing stronger with time. Similarly, we also hope that they will keep on sharing the same kind of love for years to come.

    Moreover, talking about Arriaga’s lover, Smith is a teacher at the School of Science and Technology-Corpus Christi High. The grade 2 teacher graduated from Texas A&M University in 2019 with a degree in EC-6.

    How Did Jovan Arriaga Aunt, Selena Quintanilla Die?

    Selena Quintanilla was a Mexican-American singer born on 16th April 1991 in Lake Jackson, Texas, the United States. Similarly, she was also a fashion designer, and her outfit was granted the best outfit in the late 90s. Selena is also regarded as the “Queen of Tejano music”.

    Jovan Arriaga's aunt
    She died at the age of 23 from a gunshot.

    Talking about her murder, as per the report, Jovan Arriaga’s aunt, Selena lost her life to the fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar. Yolanda was very familiar with and close to Selena and her family. She mishandled all of the revenue Quintanilla earned from her fan club and when asked for reports she didn’t hand it to her.

    So, in order to confront her, Selena went to meet Saldivar at a motel. However, during the confrontation, the fan club president shot the singer to death. At the time of her death, she was only 23 years old.

    Jovan Arriaga’s Net Worth

    There is no factual information available regarding Jovan’s net worth. Nevertheless, multiple sources have estimated his fortune to be around $500,000 considering his career as a Hydraulic Civil Engineer.

    On the other hand, Jovan’s mother was a professional drummer and has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars. Similarly, his late aunt, Selena Quintanilla had an estimated net worth of 5 million dollars at the time of her death.

    Is Jovan Arriaga On Instagram? His Social Media Presence

    Suzette’s son, Jovan is active on Instagram (@jovanarriaga) and has over 16k followers. However, Arriaga has kept his profile private. Apart from Insta, Arriaga isn’t active on any other social media platforms.


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