Meet Miles William Guggenheim, Elisabeth Shue’s Son: Interesting Facts

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    Miles William Guggenheim is the celebrity son of Davis Guggenheim and Elisabeth Shue. His father, Davis, is an accomplished American writer, director, and producer. Meanwhile, his mother is a well-known actress famous for her appearance in films such as Battle of the Sexes, Death Wish, and others.

    The firstborn of Davis and Elisabeth has been in the media limelight since he was born. So, it’s a given that people are more curious to know about how and what Miles is doing these days.

    Hence, today we bring you some intriguing facts regarding Elisabeth Shue’s son Miles William in this article.

    Miles William Guggenheim Age, Ethnicity

    Born on 11 November 1997, Miles is now 25 years old. He was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Miles’ birth was disclosed to the media by his mother’s publicist Stephen Huvane a few days after his birth.

    Talking about his ethnicity, he belongs to a mixed ethnic background since his father is of Jewish-Episcopalian descent. Likewise, his mother is of German and English descent.

    Family and Education

    As previously mentioned, he is the firstborn of actress Elisabeth Shue and director Davis Guggenheim. Miles was born to a family of famous personalities.

    Elisabeth Shue's Son Miles William Guggenheim With His Grandfather Charles Guggenheim
    Miles William Guggenheim is the grandson of Director/Producer Charles Guggenheim

    In regards to that, Miles’ maternal grandfather Charles Guggenheim too was a famous person. He was a four-time Oscar winner who specialized in directing, producing, and screenwriting documentaries. Whereas, his grandmom, Marion Davis Streettwas a housewife.

    Similarly, her maternal grandparents were also big names in the business world. His granddad James William Shue was a president of the International Food and Beverage Corporation. In addition to that, he was also a lawyer. Likewise his grandmom, Anne Brewster Wells was a vice president of Chemical Banking Corporation. Furthermore, his maternal uncle Andrew Shue is also an actor. He is most famous for portraying the role of Billy Campbell on the TV series Melrose Place.

    As for his education, he attended Brown University in 2016. He graduated from the college with Bachelor’s degree in Modern Culture and Media & Creative Writing in 2020.

    Miles Willam Guggenheim was named after late William Shue

    Many might not know this but Miles’ middle name is to honor his late uncle William Shue. William was the eldest brother of Miles’ mother Elisabeth Shue. After her brother’s death, Elisabeth and Davis named their firstborn in honor of late William.

    Miles’ uncle died of an accident during a family vacation at the age of 28. He was on enjoying the tire swing when the rope suddenly broke and impaled Willaim. Elisabeth herself witnessed her beloved brother passing on 24 August 1988.

    Miles William Guggenheim Shue
    Miles William Guggenheim was named after his late maternal uncle William Shue

    She told the Morning Call:

    “Will’s death taught me not to be afraid to express my vulnerability, that rawness inside myself that I tried so long to protect. ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ proved to me that strength comes from vulnerability. And that’s something I always have to remember.”

    As a way to reminisce the memories with her brother, a movie was made to honor him. “Gracie” which was released in June 2007 based on a true story of the Shue family. Davis directed the movie. Whereas, the producer was Miles’ uncle Andrew Shue and co-producer John Shue.

    The movie depicts the story of a New Jersey girl (aka Elisabeth Shue) dealing with the loss of her older brother who tries to win her late brothers on the boy’s high school soccer team.

    What do Davis Guggenheim’s son Miles do for a living?

    After graduating from Brown University with Bachelor’s degree in Modern Culture and Media & Creative Writing, Miles seems to have taken a liking to the literature.

    He has various articles published in The College Hill Independent. So, we could say Miles used to work as an author.

    However, his last article was published on March 13, 2020. So, we can take the idea that Miles is now engaged in something else. Anyway, he has kept his recent career out of media light for now.

    How did his father Davis Guggenheim meet his mom Elisabeth Shue?

    Miles William’s parents first met at a bowling party thrown by a Hollywood agency. At the first meet, Miles’ mother spied his father across the alley and fell in love at first sight.

    The couple then tied the knot in August 1994 in a small wedding ceremony. Ever since the marriage, the couple has kept the marriage going and still shares a strong bond.

    Miles William Guggenheim Is Close To His Celebrity Parents
    Miles William Guggenheim’s parents Davis and Elisabeth along with his siblings Agnes and Stella Guggenheim

    Miles’ parents are famous actors

    Both of Mile Guggenheim’s parents have a long history in the entertainment industry. They have made their name as an actress and a director over the years.

    Davis, his father, is an incredibly talented filmmaker and screenwriter. He is mostly recognized for his works in NYPD Blue, ER, 24, Alias, The Shield, and Deadwood. Other than that, Miles’ father is also a famous docu-series writer/director. His highest-grossing documentaries are An Inconvenient Truth, It Might Get Loud, and Waiting for “Superman”. His work on “An Inconvenient Truth” made him win an Academy Award in 2007 for Best Documentary Feature. 

    In a similar way, his mother Elisabeth Shue is an actress most known for playing the role of Ali Mills in the film “Karate Kid.” Other than that, his mother is featured in various films such as Cocktail, Leaving Las Vegas,  Battle of Sexes, Adventures in Babysitting, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and many more. Furthermore, she was nominated for various awards for her role in the movie Leaving Las Vegas.

    He grew up with two younger siblings

    Growing up, Miles shared his childhood with his two younger sisters: Stella Street Guggenheim and Agnes Charles Guggenheim. 

    Stella was born in March 2001. She is now a painter and is a volunteer for a community that organizes summer camps for disabled people.

    Miles William Guggenheim Stella Street
    Miles William Guggenheim with his younger sister Agnes (middle) and Stella

    Whereas, his youngest sister Agnes was born on June 18, 2006. Given her age, she might be attending high school at present.

    Miles William Guggenheim is not active in social media

    As for Miles’ social media presence, he does not have any profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It seems like Miles loves life away from the media limelight. Nevertheless, we can see bits of Miles here and there in his father Davis Guggenheims’ Instagram.

    Similarly, Miles is yet to reveal if he is recently dating anyone or not.


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