Pia Bertolotti, Brittany Murphy’s Sister

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    Pia Bertolotti rose to fame as the half-sister of the late Britanny Murphy. Murphy is an American actress and singer, best known for her roles in films such as Freeway, Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), Bongwater (1997), 8 Mile (2002), and Uptown Girls(2003).

    Just like her late sister, Bertolotti too featured in a couple of movies. However, she didn’t become a fully-fledged actress.

    We’re sure you must be interested in learning more about Pia Bertolotti’s personal and professional life. Here today we will share intricate details of her life including her current whereabouts, her relationship with her late sister Britanny and her dating life.

    Pia Bertolotti’s Bio, Early life

    She was born on October 6th, 1979, in Florida, the United States. She is the only daughter of her father, Angelo, and his wife. Her parents raised her in Cape Coral in Florida.

    Pia Bertolotti Parents
    Pia with her father, Angelo.

    Unfortunately, her father passed away at the age of 92 on 24th January 2019. He died of natural causes. While talking about her dad’s demise, Pia said, “Dad rested peacefully yesterday here in Los Angeles,” on Facebook.

    Regarding her education, she completed formal education at a local high school in Florida. Later on, she enrolled at the Northwest Mississippi Community College from where she graduated.

    Soon after her graduation, she began pursuing her long dream of becoming a realtor.

    Pia Bertolotti’s siblings 

    Bertolotti has three half-siblings, Jeff, Tony, and the late Britanny Murphy, who became a well-known artist later. Not much information is available about her brothers.

    However, there was a rumor about Pia and Britanny being estranged for several years because of her father’s criminal history. 

    When did Pia’s half-sister, Brittany Murphy Died?

    The beautiful actress tragically passed away at the ripe age of 32 on December 20th, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. According to LA County Coroner’s Office, she died because of pneumonia along with some other factors like intoxication.

    Pia with Brittany

    Rumors about Britanny’s Controversial Death

    The report from the coroner’s office said that pneumonia was to blame for Britanny’s death but there were rumors about the involvement of her mother Sharon Murphy in her death, though the investigation’s results never pointed at her. Moreover, fans were creating death-related conspiracies which further stirred up controversies related to her death.

    On the other side, it made headlines when her father, Angelo, requested a re-examination of the actress’s death after being dissatisfied with the Coroner’s Office’s explanations of pneumonia and intoxication in LA.

    Further, Pia has her own opinion on the matter. She stated, “In pictures, it seems like she was sick. While Brittany was incredibly independent-I couldn’t picture her being weak-I can say with absolute certainty that she was not a prescription medication addict. No way!”.

    Although lawsuits were filed, the matter was not reopened, which gave fans more reason to believe their views.

    Movies Pia Bertolotti’s sister, Brittany Worked on?

    Britanny was one of the best actresses of her generation. She began her career by appearing in small roles in various films and series including, Murphy Brown (1991), Party of Five (1994), and Sister, Sister (1994).

    She was an American darling who received the Women Film Critics Circle award for best-animated female and also got an ACCA nomination for best-supporting actress for her supporting role in Clueless (1995). Moreover, she also appeared in several films, including Don’t Say a Word (2001), 8 Miles (2002), Just Married (2003), and so on.

    Additionally, she was a singer as well and a band member of Blessed Soul. The band’s song ‘Faster Kill Pussycat” from the album Lively Mind album reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart in 2006.

    How does Pia Bertolotti make her living??

    Pia is a religious person who has been working for various religious organizations for a long time. Back in 2010, she was a worship manager for Hope Baptist Church. She also spent four years as the National Mobilization Director for Awaken The Dawn.

    In 2019, she established a brand that sells handcrafted and beauty products brand MIG Living. What’s interesting about the business is that certain parts of sales from its items go towards the rescue of children who have been trafficked as charity. 

    Currently, Pia is employed at Memphis Morning Center as an executive director.

    Apart from this, she also enjoys writing, playing the guitar, traveling, and other activities. Additionally, she also tried her hands in acting once and worked in Bully’s Bane as a supporting cast member. 

    Pia Bertolotti is married: Who is her husband?

    There’s a proverb “A BOY AND A GIRL NEVER CAN BE FRIENDS”, it became true and may give hope to friend-zoned singles out there when Pia Bertolotti dated and married her childhood best friend Jason Reynolds on November 1, 2008

    Although there aren’t many details available on where they were married and how they met. The lovebirds have an incredible bond with each other as evident from Jason’s Facebook bio which states, “I love my wife and kids.”

    Since 2011, Jason Reynolds, who was raised in Jonesboro, AK, has been working as an account manager at Conservation Services Group. 

    Bertolotti’s is a mother of three children

    Pia shares three children with her hubby, including the twins Lila and Lucas (born July 10, 2009), who just turned thirteen years old, a daughter named Mali Marola (born April 13, 2001), and Karli Chase( born August 12, 2005).

    Pia Bertolotti Children
    Pia shares three kids with her husband.

    How much is Pia Bertolotti’s net worth?

    According to various tabloids online, Pia Bertolotti is currently worth $500,000. 

    On the other hand, her late half-sister had a net worth of around $10 million. Most of her income was through her acting career.

    Pia Bertolotti Social Sites

    She has been active on multiple social media sites like Instagram-@Piajoloves, Facebook- Pia Jo Reynolds, and Twitter – @Easterpia

    Despite being a celeb sibling, she is private about her personal life and doesn’t have many fans on social media.

    When looking at her profile, she isn’t active on the site and only shares inspirational quotes and some special occasions like her twins’ birthday.

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