Rainn Wilson’s Son Walter McKenzie Wilson: Untold Facts About Her

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    Walter McKenzie Wilson is the famous teenage son of actor Rainn Wilson and writer Holiday Reinhorn. His father Rainn is a professional actor known for his role in the series “The Office”. On the other hand, McKenzies’ mother, Holiday is a writer and producer.

    Since Walter is the only son of the famous actor, every fan base and people are curious to know what has been going on in Walters’ life.

    In this article, we will reveal some interesting facts about Rainn and Holidays’ only child Walter McKenzie Wilson. So let’s dive into Walters’ teenage life.

    Walter McKenzie Wilson comes from a family of actors

    Born on 30th September 2004, Walter is the son of a famous actor Rainn Wilson and author Holiday Reinhorn. As of 2022, he is 17 years of age.

    Walters’ paternal grandmother Shay Cooper was an actress too. She also teaches yoga. Whereas, his grandfather Robert Wilson was a novelist who wrote a fictional novel named Tentacles of Dawn.

    Walter McKenzie Wilson With His Parents
    Walter McKenzie Wilson with his parents

    McKenzies’ maternal grandfather is a dentist who was previously in the US Marines. His grandmother was a school instructor.

    Walter holds American nationality. Wilson and his family are members of the Bahai Faith. They are also part of Norwegian ancestry.

    The secret meaning behind the name “Walter McKenzie”

    The name “Walter” originated from Germany and has the meaning of “commander of the army”.

    Whereas, the middle name of Rainn and Holidays’ son “McKenzie” is taken from Scottish Gaelic. It means “child of the wise leader” or “born of fire”.

    Walter McKenzie Wilson parents were college sweethearts

    McKenzie’s dad and mom Rainn and Holiday met in an acting class at the University of Washington. His mother, a Portland native had just moved to Seattle to attend the university. After meeting in college, the two eventually fell in love.

    The couple walked down the aisle on June 30 1995 by the Kamala River in Washington City. Rainn and Holiday later got pregnant with Walter and gave birth to him in 2004.

    Walter Wilson Dad And Mom On Their Anniversary
    Rainn wishing his wife Holiday on the occasion of their anniversary
    Source: Rainns’ Instagram

    The pair has maintained a harmonious life since their marriage. They are often seen posting and wishing each other on the occasion of their anniversary.

    Walter’s parents were poor at the beginning of their relationship

    Rainn says in his autobiography that he spent a lot of time remembering his first meeting with Holiday before he found the courage to look it up in the white pages.

    “I don’t believe in love at first sight – it just doesn’t make sense – but that’s exactly what happened to me that night”, writes Walter’s actor-dad in his 2015 memoir, The Bassoon King: My Life in the Art, belief, and idiocy.

    He also tells how crazy he and his wife were, artsy bohemians in NYC when they first met in the ’90s. The writer/actor recalls surviving for years on pizza, falafel, beef with broccoli, and scrambled eggs.

    Rainn reports that initially he and his partner lived above the poverty line, acting and writing strange things. They used to walk their pit bull, read books, watch experimental plays, listen to Wilco, and stay up until 2 a.m. every day.

    Walters McKenzie Wilsons’ mother Holiday is a famous Author

    Walter’s mother Holiday Reinhorn is a known personality in the literature field. She is a graduate of the Lowa writers’ workshop. Later she moved to join the University of Washington to study acting.

    Mrs. Wilson took off her career as a theatre artist and gradually leaned towards writing more fiction. She has written short films like PUSH and also contributed stories like Tin House, Golf Coast, etc to various magazines.

    Walter's Mother Is A Writer
    Rainn Wilson promoting his wife’s book in Instagram

    Reinhorn also launched her book named “Big Cats” in the year 2005 under the publication house, Free Press Publishers. The book was Powell’s bestseller.

    Walters’ father Rainn is often seen promoting his wife’s book via Instagram posts.

    Walter Wilson is the son of Rainn

    The famous actor Rainn Wilson has portrayed various roles in different movies. Amongst the many, the actor is mostly known for the hit NBC series “The Office”. Rainn portrayed the role of a neurotic office worker Dwight Schrute.

    He was nominated for Emmy Awards with the category of Best Supporting Actor for as long as 3 consecutive years i.e. 2007, 2008, and 2009. The actor also received two SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards for best comedy ensemble in the series.

    Rainn has also played other movies such as The Boy, The Rocker, Backstrom, etc.

    Walters’ father Rainn promotes freedom of education in Iran

    In one of the events hosted by Harvard Graduate School of Education, Wilson was one of the three panelists that promoted the campaign “Education under Fire”. It also included the screening of the documentary with the same name.

    Being a follower of Baha’i Faith and also a human rights activist, Wilson explained he is promoting the documentary to grab attention to the issues people are facing.

    The documentary recounts the May 11 attacks by Iranian authorities on students and Baha’i Institute for Higher Education.

    He is living a private life

    Walter McKenzie Wilson has been brought into fame by being born into a family of famous personalities. Although the star kid is now already a teenager, he has no presence on any of the social media platforms.

    Furthermore, the parent of the star kid also tends to keep him away from the limelight. They rarely post about him on Instagram or any other platform.

    But no matter where the star kid goes, the limelight follows him.

    Where is the Wilson family now?

    According to the People, the family of 3 is now residing in Agoura Hills, California. They moved into a 1974 Spanish-style hacienda in Southern California in early 2020.

    Walter McKenzie With His Pet Donkey
    Walter with his pet Zonkey

    The family also loves animals. The couple has two rescue pit bulls named Poe and Diamond. Alongside the pit bull, the family also owns two pigs: Snorty and Amy who live in the barnyard and are considered members of the family.

    What is Walter McKenzie Wilson’s net worth?

    Although the young boy isn’t into any profession, he is living a high life thanks to his parents’ hard-earned money from various projects.

    The total net worth of his father Rainn Wilson as of 2022 is $14 million. Similarly, sources mention that Walter’s mom Holiday has a net worth of $7 million.


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