Rayna Tyson; Some Hidden Facts About Mike Tyson’s Daughter With Monica Turner

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    Rayna Tyson (Ramsey Tyson) is the daughter of former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and Monica Turner, his second wife. Besides, being Mike Tyson’s daughter, Rayna is known for her work in the psychological thriller movie Joker as a crew member.

    While Rayna’s father, Mike has had his fair share of troubles in his boxing career and the troubles definitely have come more off-the-ring. Whatever the case, he has hardly had any problems with any of his children including Rayna. In fact, looking at both the father and daughter’s social media handles, they seem to have a healthy relationship.

    However, the media has not been able to grab that many details about Rayna except for a few or two headlines. See what there is to know about Rayna; learn in full about her career on its own, her personal matters, her girlfriend, and her mother, Monica Turner, among others. Also, know about Rayna’s early life and more.

    Rayna Tyson early life; What is her ethnicity?

    Rayna Tyson (Ramsey Tyson) was born on 14 Feb 1996 in Bethesda, Maryland under the star sign Aquarius. 26 years old, Rayna is the daughter of Mike Tyson from his second marriage with Monica Turner, as mentioned above. She is an American citizen of the Afro-American ethnicity.

    Mike Tyson with Rayna and Amir
    Mike Tyson with Rayna and Amir

    To say more, Rayna’s paternal ancestry goes back to Jamaica. Her grandfather (Mike’s father) reportedly immigrated from Jamaica and was a cab driver in the states.

    Among all the children of Mike, Rayna is the second one. She spent her lavish childhood in a 4$ million worth mansion located in Bethesda, Maryland.

    Rayna is a University Graduate

    Rayna graduated in 2018 from New York University where she joined in 2014 to study film. Mike even took to Twitter to announce the news of her acceptance into the University. Later, she was nominated for best film student as well.

    Rayna Tyson parents Mike Tyson and Monica Turner’s chaotic relationship

    As mentioned earlier, Rayna is the daughter of legendary Mike Tyson and Monica Turner. Rayna’s mother, Monica is a pediatrician by profession. Mike and Monica started dating soon after their first meeting at a party at New Jersey State in 1990.

    Mike Tyson and Monica Turner
    Mike Tyson with his ex-wife Monica Turner

    Unfortunately, everything went upside down when Mike was sentenced to 6 years in prison as he was found guilty of raping 18-year-old beauty pageant Desiree Washington. But this was not the end of the Iron Mike and his ex-wife, Monica’s relationship. Despite the rape controversy, Rayna’s parents, Mike and Turner married in April 1997, two years after Mike was released from prison.

    In spite of all this, Mike’s disloyalty towards Monica became the reason for her filing for divorce on Jan 20o2. The ex-couple finalized their divorce in 2003 and in the divorce settlement, Turner received $10 million.

    Rayna relationship with her sibling and half-siblings

    Apart from Rayna’s full brother, Amir Tyson, born on Aug 5, 1997, she has other four half-siblings. Rayna also had one more half-sibling, Exodus who though tragically died at an early age.

    Rayna’s brother, Amir is an entrepreneur and is the founder of the clothing brand, Debonair Attire. He is also an intern at ESPN. He graduated from American University in Washington majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in history.

    Rayna with her brother Amir
    Rayna with her brother Amir Tyson

    Likewise, Rayna’s half-sister, Mikey Lorna Tyson is the eldest of all and was born to Mike from his relationship with Kimberly Scarborough.

    In addition, from the relationship of Mike with Sol Xochitl Rayna has half-siblings including Miguel Tyson and Exodus. Exodus died at the age of four in 2009.

    Furthermore, from the third marriage of her father, Mike to Lakiha Spicer, Rayna’s half-siblings are Milan and Morocco. The now 26-year-old, Rayna has quite a good relationship with all her siblings.

    Rayna Tyson chose a different career path than her father, Mike Tyson

    Though being a celebrity kid, Rayna never wanted to use her father’s popularity to grow in her professional life. From an early age, she wanted to be enrolled in the entertainment industry.

    That is why she joined New York University in order to study film. There she even proved her passion for film as she was nominated for the best film student.

    Moving on, though she has worked on The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, she rose to fame after her commendable work in the 2019 American blockbuster psychological thriller film Joker.

    Rayna is a non-binary and transmasculine person

    Talking about sexuality, Rayna Tyson is a non-binary and transmasculine person. This side of her came up to the public when Louisiana-born rapper Boosie Badazz made a transphobic comment about fellow transgender, Zaya, (trans-daughter) of basketball icon Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union in an Instagram live session.

    In this case, Mike later questioned the rapper during his podcast “Hot Boxin with Mike Tyson“. Add to that, some time afterward, Rayna herself flew to LA from New York to confront the rapper.

    But this controversy between Rayna and Boosie didn’t go well as the latter didn’t issue an apology.

    While talking about this case with “Them Us” Rayna said,

    “Part of the reason why I wanted to talk to Boosie about it is because I’m a nonbinary person who’s socially transitioned amongst my friends and started a medical transition.” 

    She further added,

    “I understand a lot of people are gonna come across this, and this might be the first time that they’re hearing about [trans issues].”

    Mike’s daughter, Rayna thought that it was much more important to listen to trans people.

    Rayna who is now Ramsey has listed they/them as preferred pronouns.

    Rayna Has A Girlfriend, Says Her Instagram

    Regarding Rayna’s relationships, she has been quite private. But back in 2021, on May 4, she posted a photo of a girl on Instagram which kind of gave us a hint about it.

    Mike Tyson's daughter Ramsey Tyson (Rayna Tyson) with her girlfriend.
    Mike Tyson’s daughter Rayna Tyson with her partner

    After that, she frequently kept on posting the girl’s pictures, and finally, on 15 Feb 2022, she publicized her picture mentioning it as her valentine where she said:

    ~look at my valentine!~ (and most favorite person ever!) I love you:,)

    The pictures posted on Instagram show that the duo share a special bond with each other and are really fond of each other. Though the real name of her partner is not clear, she has an Instagram id as jozeeeeeeee@imdoopid

    Mike Tyson is a millionaire. Is his daughter Rayna a millionaire too?

    The net worth of retired American Boxer Mike Tyson is estimated to be $10 million. His daughter is still struggling in her professional life. Though the exact figure of her net worth is unknown, it might be around half a million dollars.

    Rayna Tyson is quite active on social media

    Rayna is quite active on social media. She constantly posts on her Instagram account. Her Instagram account tells us that she has a pretty good relationship with her siblings. Moreover, photos of her with her girlfriend are also often the highlight of her posts.


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    In addition to giving shoutouts to her partner and siblings, Rayna, on her Instagram, also talks about transgender people as well as LGBTQ+ rights.

    She also has handles on platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.



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