March 29, 2023

Seven Sirius Benjamin is the one and only son of popular singer Andre Lauren Benjamin aka Andre 3000 and his former partner  Erykah Badu. He is widely famous because of his legendary singer parents who ruled the music industry earlier in the ’90s.

Benjamin is rarely seen on any social media platform and loves keeping himself far from public attention. There are very few pictures of him on the internet too. He came into the limelight because of his parents, however, he doesn’t seem to indulge in living the life in razzle-dazzle. Though he keeps himself far away from public eyes, he has made his appearance on his parents’ social media posts a couple of times.

Since he is a very private person, the public is really keen to know what really the legendary singer Andre 3000’s son is doing. So, in today’s episode let’s crack more about his lifestyle, childhood, relationship status, family, career, and many more.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Early life, Schooling and Siblings

He was born on the 18th of November, 1997, to his father Andre 3000 and mother Erica Abi Wright aka Erykah Badu. Benjamin was born and brought up in Dallas, Texas. Benjamin is an American by nationality and belongs to the African American ethnicity. He is the only child of Andre 3000 and the first child of Erykah Badu. The star kid was only one and a half years old when his parents separated.

Although his parents separated in the year 1999, they both co-parented their son Seven. For his education, Seven was homeschooled by his mother from kindergarten to the first grade. He then went to Sutton Middle School and  Tri-Cities High School.

Seven Sirius and his mom Erykah
Seven Sirius and his mom Erykah

Talking about his siblings, Seven has two half-siblings; Puma Sabti Curry and Mars Merkaba Thedford from his mother. Puma is the child between his mother Erykah and her ex-partner Tracy Lynn Curry aka The D.O.C. While Erykah gave birth to Mars Merkaba Thedford with her ex-partner, Timothy Elpadaro Thedford, commonly known as Jay Electronica.

Erykah Badu Revealed Her Son was Accepted Into All Four Colleges of His Choice

Singer Erykah Badu announced that her son, Seven was accepted by four colleges of his choice via her Twitter in 2016. “Our son Seven got his 4 college choice acceptance letters. Makes parents feel good. Dream worked,” wrote the proud mother in her tweet.

Erykah, Seven, Andre
Erykah with her former partner Andre 3000 and little Seven Sirius Benjamin

The singer posted an old picture of her holding young Seven next to her then-beau. Badu also said that their son was interested to major in Psychology, Arts, and Science. Seven currently studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Shares A Great Bond With His Parents, Erykah and Andre

Despite his parents’ separation, Benjamin was raised in a happy environment. They did an incredible job in co-parenting their kid. Talking about raising their son together, Erykah Badu told an Atlanta-based radio station, Majic 107.5 that she and her former partner had thought of making their child a “great human being” from the day he was conceived. She added,

“It’s really natural for him to be here in Dallas. I think it’s somewhat of a sacrifice for him. We don’t take it for granted. You know, I didn’t grow up with a father, a lot of my cohorts didn’t grow up with a father.”

Badu went on to say it was natural for fathers to “take that much of an initiative to be in their child’s life.

Seven Sirius with his legendary singer parents, Erykah and Andre 3000
Seven Sirius with his legendary singer parents, Erykah and Andre 3000

Seven Sirius enjoys spending time with Badu and Andre. Moreover, he shares a great bond with his step-sisters, Puma Sabti Curry, and Mars Merkaba Thedford. He also gets along with Jay Electronica and The D.O.C.

Seven Sirius’ Interests in Music

Even though Seven Sirius looks almost identical to his famous father, Andre 3000, it seems like he doesn’t follow in his footsteps. Unlike his parents, Benjamin might pursue something else. However, that doesn’t mean he is completely uninterested in music.

Seven Sirius and his father Andre 3000
Seven Sirius and his father Andre 3000

Moreover, the legendary singer himself mentioned that his son Seven is pretty good with lyrics. In fact, during a visit to Kid Kraddick, he said, “he can actually rap, but doesn’t want people to know he can rap. He’s actually good.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Parents’ Relationship – How Did They Meet?

Benjamin’s parents, Andre 3000, and Erykah Badumet met each other during a night out in the late ’90s when Erykah was working on her debut album Baduizm(1997).

Badu once explained in 2013 that, “My single came out February 7th-‘On and On’. I heard it in New York in a club and met Andre that night,” she recalled. Badu added,

“No, that’s the year before. Let me back up. Two years earlier I met Andre at the club and they played the song ‘On and On. Two years later, on February 7th, ‘On and On’ came out on the radio. February 11th, I got pregnant.”

When Badu got pregnant with Andre’s baby, the couple had to think about whether to have a baby or not because they both were at the height of their career. Andre once told The New Yorker,

“I and Erykah actually had to sit down and figure if we were going to keep this child.”

Then, the former couple decided to welcome their first child and kept going on a musical tour. Andre further told the magazine,

“She would hit her stage, I would hit the stage, then we would go back to the hotel and I would be putting shea butter on her stomach.”

After a couple of years of dating and having a child, the pair parted their ways. A rumor started that the couple called it quits because of Andre’s commitment issues. Even after their breakup, they didn’t stop working together. They are still on good terms and are close friends.

Does Seven Sirius Benjamin Have a Girlfriend?

Talking about his current relationship status, it is not sure who he is dating. As mentioned, the 24 years old is quite private about his personal life and he is far from social media, it is quite difficult to speculate who he might be dating now. But looking at his age we can consider that he might have experienced some relationships.

But it’s all up to time to know who Seven Sirius Benjamin will date or who will be his wife.

What is Seven Benjamin’s Net Worth?

Talking about his net worth, it may be too early to dig and pursue details with respect to his financial worth especially when it’s an absolute mystery about his profession.

But both Seven’s parents, Badu and Andre are millionaires with the latter’s net worth around $10 million and the former’s over $35 million.

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