Shannon Bream’s Husband Sheldon Bream: Interesting Facts About Him

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    Sheldon Bream is a television personality, businessman, and professional speaker. He is also the husband of famous Fox News reporter Shannon Bream. The couple has been married for over two decades and shares a beautiful bond together.

    Besides, Sheldon is also the founder of the Bream Speaker Management LLC firm. He is actively vocal in the news and social media about his opinions.

    In today’s article, let’s get to know more about Sheldon’s personal life, his relationship with his wife & kids. Furthermore, we will also be discussing how his wife Shannon helped him recover from a severe life-threatening disease.

    Sheldon Bream’s early life

    Sheldon Bream was born on 23rd December 1970 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the USA to white parents. He is 50 years old as of 2022.

    He belongs to a white ethnic background. Bream spent his childhood in Pennsylvania alongside his brother, Sid Bream who is a retired Baseball player.

    Sheldon has always kept his parents behind closed doors. He has not shared any information regarding his parents hence not many details about his father and mother can be found.

    After completing his school, Sheldon enrolled in Liberty University at Lynchburg, Virginia in 1988. He completed college and graduated with a degree in Business and Sports Management in 1993.

    Sheldon Bream’s Career

    After completing his studies, Sheldon took some time off before kick-starting his professional career. Subsequently, he started out with Journalism back in January 2005.

    Sheldon was the Washington Speakers Director of Bureau Relations and worked for over a decade. During this period, he started to gain attention as a respectable speaker.

    Following his success at the previous job, Sheldon started his own company named Bream Speaker Management LLC in Arlington, Virginia in 2018. The company’s goal is to connect the event planners and speaking experts in their respective fields.

    In addition to that, Sheldon has also worked as an anchor for different shows such as The Kelly File and Special Report. Currently, Sheldon works as the Principal of Bream Speaker Management LLC.

    Sheldon Bream’s marriage with Shannon Bream

    He first met his wife Shannon in the Liberty Stadium of the Liberty university during their college days. At that moment, the pair were dating different persons but eventually fell in love with each other.

    Sheldon Bream and his wife Shannon Bream has been married since 1995.
    Sheldon Bream married his college sweetheart Shannon Bream in 1995.

    After dating for a brief period of time, the college sweethearts finally married in 1995 and have been in marital bliss for more than 25 years.

    The pair is very loved and admired by their fans. Their marriage has been an inspiration to the younger generation.

    Sheldon Bream’s wife Shannon Bream works as a News Anchor and writer

    His spouse, Shannon is a popular journalist and writer. She currently works as an anchor and reporter for Fox News Channel. She joined the company in 2007 as a Washington D.C based correspondent covering the Supreme Court.

    Besides that, Shannon is also a writer. Her most recent work was a FOX News Book named The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today. The book was ranked among New York Times bestsellers.

    Prior to joining the Fox News Channel, Shannon anchored the evening and late-night news for WBTV in Washington, D.C.

    Does the couple have any children?

    Although the couple has been married for more than 25 years, they are yet to become parents.

    Both of them are very respectable figures in their profession and lead busy lives. It seems the couple is very career-driven. This might have been a big factor in the couple not wanting any children currently.

    However, the couple has a dog named Biscuit Bream. The dog also has his own Instagram account with thousands of followers.

    Sheldon Bream was diagnosed with a brain tumor

    Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 24. The doctors informed him that he had a tumor about the size of a golf ball and it needed immediate surgery.

    A nine-hour surgery was performed to remove the tumor and it was removed cleanly. Sadly, due to the swelling from the surgery, some of his facial nerves were crushed. This complication gave him severe paralysis losing control of his several facial muscles.

    Luckily, Shannon was there with him during this tough period of time. They were engaged on planning to marry soon.

    A normal lunch at Pizza hut changed the couples life forever

    One day, Sheldon and Sharon went to a Pizza hut for lunch months after his surgery. He was still left with some facial muscle paralysis. While at the restaurant, Sharon saw the corner of Sheldon’s mouth move.

    The doctors had mentioned they would notice his mouth move first before he started to regain control of his facial muscles.

    To recall this incident, Sharon gave an interview to Fox News where she quoted, “I start digging through my purse. I grab my compact out of there and I shove it in his face and say, ‘Your mouth is moving. I can see the corner of your mouth moving.’ And I’m like, ‘Do you see it?”.

    The couple immediately started jumping up and down hugging and crying at each other in the Pizza Hut. After the incident, it took a while for Sheldon to recover completely but thanks to Shannon’s love and care, he is free of his complications.

    Sheldon Bream’s net worth

    His current net worth according to multiple sources claim to be around $2 million. Likewise, Sheldon has accumulated most of his wealth through journalism and his own business firm.

    He lives a happy and prosperous life with his wife Shannon. On the other hand, Shannon’s net worth is an astounding $10 million.

    Is Sheldon Bream on Social Media?

    We can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn. He is very active on his Twitter constantly sharing pictures and retweeting informative and helpful posts.


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