The Hidden Facts About Kennedy Owen, Only Daughter Of Gary Owen

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    Kennedy Owen is a well-known celebrity daughter who is the only child of stand-up comedian Gary Owen. Her father Gary served in US Navy for six years before calling it a quit to pursue stand-up comedy. He was later named America’s Funniest Serviceman. The ex-Navy also went on to win Funniest Black Comedian in the San Diego contest which led to his first gig at The Comedy Store in Hollywood.

    While Kennedy’s father is a familiar figure in the media, her mother, Kenya Duke, is more reserved. She is the owner and founder of Premier Sports and Corporate Travel. She is also a Podcast host.

    In this article, we will explore Kennedy’s birthday, ethnicity, siblings, education, and many more. To know every detail about her, scroll down the article.

    Kennedy Owen’s Early Life and Age

    Kennedy was born in 2002, in Los Angeles, California. Her birthday falls on July 3. She is extremely closed to her mother. Her mom often gushes over Kennedy on her Instagram.

    As for her childhood, the star kid mostly grew up in Los Angeles with her family.

    Kennedy with her mom
    Kennedy Owen with her mother Kenya Duke Source: Instagram

    Kennedy Owen Family: Her Parents Took The Marriage Vows in 2003

    After dating for several years, Kennedy’s mom and dad tied the knot on 19 July 2003 in Oakland, California. The wedding was an intimate affair with the couple’s friends and family being present. The couple has two children together and a son from Kenya’s previous relationship.

    Kennedy Owen family
    Kennedy Owen with her parents during their Vow renewal.

    Gary and Kenya allegedly met at the former’s act at Sunset Boulevard’s The Comedy Club. But, the pair only exchanged their phone numbers after Kenya came to the show for the second time a week later. After hanging out with each other for a certain period of time, they eventually married in 2003.

    The Couple’s Wedding Was A Mess

    Kennedy Owen parent’s wedding was one to remember. According to the pair’s interview on BETNetworks, the Preacher at the wedding walked out because the couple arrived late.

    Adding to the mess, a fight broke out at their reception. Everybody present at the wedding had to break the fight out. The mess didn’t stop there, their 5-tier wedding cake also fell off, leaving only a tier. The couple described their wedding as a terrible day.

    Kennedy’s Parents Are No Longer Together

    Gary Owen and Kenya Duke split after 18 years of marriage. On March 19, 2021, Kennedy’s mother Duke filed for divorce in California’s Los Angeles County Superior Court. The reason for divorce was stated as irreconcilable differences.

    Kenya asked for $44,000 in monthly alimony and $88,000 for the two-month period preceding the divorce action.

    Meet Kennedy Owen’s Mother, Kenya Duke

    Kenya Simon Duke is a businesswoman best known for Premier Sports and Corporate Travel. She is also well-known for her acting abilities. Her notable works include Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling (2011), Gary Owen: Breakin’ Out the Park (2008), and DeRay Davis: Power Play.

    Belongs to Mixed Ethnicity

    Kennedy is biracial as her mother is of Afro-American descent, while her father is Native American and of Caucasian descent. Kennedy is an American citizen.

    How Many Siblings Does Kennedy Have?

    As we already mentioned, Kennedy is her parent’s only daughter. She grew up along with her two other siblings.  Kennedy has a brother named Austin Owen who was born on 27  November 2020.

    She also has a half-brother named Emilio Toliver. Emilio is Kennedy’s half-brother from her mother’s relationship with Emilio Toliver Sr.

    Kennedy’s Educational Background: School and University

    Gary Owen’s daughter Kennedy went to Heritage High School. After completing her high schooling, Gary Owen’s daughter went on to join A&T University.

    Her comedian father announced her attendance at the HBCU on his Instagram account. Gary took his Instagram account to congratulate her daughter. He wrote,

    “Ok it’s official my daughter has been accepted to go to NC A&T next year. She told me her freshman year of high school she wanted to attend an HBCU. A&T was her first choice. So get ready @terrencej @frederickwjr @willpowerpacker that loud white guy at the homecoming game will be me for the next 4 years. #ProudDad #AggiePride #HBCU.”

    Is Kennedy Owen Dating Anyone? Her Secret Boyfriend

    According to her Facebook page, Kennedy is in a relationship with an unknown man for a long time. The couple who began dating back in 2015 has kept most of their love life entirely out of the media.

    So, their tendency to keep their love life ultra-private makes it more difficult to confirm if they are still dating or not.

    How Much Is Her Net Worth?

    Kennedy’s net worth is hard to pinpoint because the 19-year-old is still a student. But, her father has made a good fortune as a standup comedian and an actor. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2022.

    Gary Owen's daughter Kennedy Owen
    Kennedy Owen in 2021, Source: Facebook

    Going into her mother’s fortune, Kenya is a businesswoman. She has a net worth of $1 million. She netted a staggering amount of wealth through her business ventures.

    Kennedy is Active on Social Media

    Kennedy is mainly active on Instagram, where she loves to share photos of herself with her friends. Her Instagram account is private. She has 902 followers on her Instagram.

    Kennedy appears on her mother’s Kenya socials as well. Duke occasionally uses social media to share photos of her daughter.


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