March 29, 2023
Amanda Bearse, and her Daughter Zoe Bearse

Zoe Bearse is a freelancer and audio editor who is better known as the daughter of the Married With Children actress, Amanda Bearse. Zoe’s mother, Amanda gained popularity for her role as neighbor Marcy Rhoades D’Arcy on the Fox sitcom Married… with Children.

But despite all these did you know that Zoe isn’t the biological daughter of Amanda? The actress adopted her when she was still an infant. But to date, it is unclear who Zoe’s biological parents are. Something that is often less talked about is how Amanda’s daughter is growing up; what she is doing to where she is now.

Here we will discover information about Zoe Bearse’s parents, her upbringing, and much more.

Zoe Bearse Was Adopted When She Was two-years-old

Zoe was just 2 years old when she was adopted by the actress, Amanda Bearse. She was born in 1991 and was adopted in the year 1993.

Amanda Bearse's daughter, Zoe Bearse in Oct 2008.
Married With Children actress, Amanda’s daughter, Zoe. Facebook

As Amanda has been incredibly secretive about her life, there is not much detail on how Zoe’s childhood was. Adopted by a prominent actress and producer who has been in the television industry for the last 40 years, there is not doubt Zoe enjoyed a great life up until now.

Zoe is now 31 years old. She is currently residing in Washington state with her parents.

Zoe Bearse Education

On the academic front, Zoe is an ex-student of the Howard School (2008 to 2012). She is also an art graduate from The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington. She majored in media with a focus on creative and nonfiction writing, audio editing, and nonfiction media history (news).

Bearse Career As A Freelancer Editor

As far as the profession goes, Zoe on her LinkedIn has identified herself as a recent college grad currently working
freelance as an audio editor for a nonprofit organization. She also claims to be proficient with all Apple softwares in addition to most Windows applications as well as many writing styles.

audio editor from vashon, zoe bearse.
Current photo of Amanda Bearse’s daughter, Zoe. LinkedIn

Bearse apparently is also apt in curating playlists, copywriting, editing write-ups or audios, critiquing and editing social media content, and others. In addition to freelancing, Zoe is also an audio editor at Shomer Associates.

Amanda’s daughter currently resides in Vashon, Washington.

Who Are Zoe Bearse Biological Father And Mother?

There is no information about the biological parents of Zoe Bearse. Amanda adopted her when she was just 2 years but so far, the blonde celebrity has hardly mentioned anything regarding the adoption process of her daughter.

She reportedly adopted Zoe through the help of one of her friends, (rumored ex-partner) Amy. Amanda sure may have several other information about Zoe’s biological mother and father and possibly others but she seemingly has chosen to keep it private.

Know about Her Parents, Amanda And Carrie Schenken

When Amanda adopted Zoe, the actress was a single woman. She raised Zoe alone for 17 years until she married her partner, Carrie Schenken.

Amanda with her partner, Carrie
Zoe’smothers, Amanda and Carrie. Facebook

Zoe’s other mother, Carrie was born on April 24, 1958, in a middle-class family in Florida with some suggesting she is a native of Seattle, Washington. Carrie apparently is the daughter of the late Roger Lee Schenken and Jerri Schenken.

She used to work as a camera technician in her early days. Schenken now is the owner of a dog wash station called Rub-A-Dub Dog, admittingly the first self-service dog wash to open in Seattle.

Zoe’s parents first met each other in 2008. They tied the knot a few years later in 2010. Amanda and Carrie exchanged their vows in Vermont.

The couple was already in their 50s when they decided to marry each other.

Are Zoe Parents Amanda And Carrie Still Married?

Amanda being quite reclusive about her love life has made many of her fans believe that everything is going fine between her and her partner, Carrie. However, some Facebook images show the couple may have already broken up behind the door.

Although Amanda doesn’t have any visible social media to her name, Carrie’s Facebook tells that she now may be the wife of some other woman. The thing that urges attention to Schenken and Amanda’s supposed divorce and Carrie being the wife of another partner stems from the recent images on her Facebook. She is now seen more and more with a woman named Sydney Jackson.

As a matter of fact, back in Aug 2021, Carrie even posted a wedding picture of her and Jackson. On the other hand, the last picture where Schenken and Amanda were seen together was back in 2015.

Nonetheless, neither Schenken nor Bearse has ever talked about why they are not seen together anymore or if they have actually separated.

Who is Amanda Bearse, Zoe Bearse’s mom?

Zoe’s mother, Amanda Bearse was a famous TV star in the past and now she mostly works as a director.

Bearse who is a native of Winter Park, Florida, went to Winter Park High School and attended Rollins College Birmingham Southern College, and Young Harris College. She mostly majored in arts.

 Zoe’ mom Amanda’s Professional Life

Amanda began her acting journey by first enrolling herself at Neighborhood Playhouse located in New York.

She would have her first breakthrough via the role of Amanda Cousins in the soap opera, All My Children (1982 to 1983). But it was her portrayal of Marcy Rhoades in Married With Children that would cement her reputation in the show business.

Amanda Bearse, young amanda bearse, movie, actress
A picture of young Amanda Bearse

Some of her other notable works are in the films like Fright Night, and shows like Reba Mad TV, Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, and Maand Malcolm & Eddie, among others.

Zoe Bearse Played A Huge Role in helping her mom come out as a lesbian

Zoe apparently was one of the main reasons why her mother, Amanda came public about her sexual orientation. Although the actress’ friends and some relatives knew that she was a lesbian from the beginning, the actress first came out publicly in the year 1993 on the occasion of “National Coming Out Day.”

Explaining why she chose that time during an interview, Bearse said,

‘I was the first one, it was kind of unusual to be on national television and do that. And then Ellen, of course, made her mark a few years later. For me, I had been out, of course, in my personal life. The reason I chose that period was that it was when my daughter was born.’

Amanda also mentioned that it was the anxiety in regards to what the tabloids will write after she’d adopted a daughter that made her come open with her sexuality.

Zoe Has A Younger Sibling Too

When Amanda and Carrie married, Zoe was already 19 years old. She had formed a very good relationship with both of her parents.

The lesbian couple then decided to adopt another child. They adopted the other child a few years after their marriage. The name and the face of the child are still undisclosed to the media.

Furthermore, Zoe also has a sister from her other mother, Carrie’s previous relationship.

Zoe Bearse Relationship With Her Parents

Zoe seems to be very lucky to have Carrie and Amanda as her parents. Amanda once on her Instagram wrote a heartfelt message about having Zoe as her daughter.

Amanda Bearse's adopted daughter, Zoe
A picture of Amanda with her daughter Source: Instagram/mandyblvd

Alongside a picture from the past where Amanda is holding her little girl, Zoe, the actress wrote,

Being a mom is the greatest gift I ever received <33″

Zoe is also presumed to have a likewise synergy with her other parent, Carrie.

In the meantime, both Amanda and Carrie are very active in advocacy for the LGBTQI+ community. We all are very thankful to Amanda for taking an initial step towards the comfort of the people of this community.

Zoe’s Economical Status

Although Zoe is working and possibly earning on her own, there isn’t any information about what she has achieved in terms of creating her own fortune.

On the other hand, her mother Amanda, even at the age of 64 is still earning very well. She is still involved in film production. According to recent sources, she has a net worth of $16 million.

If nothing, Zoe must have had a very good and resourceful childhood thanks to her mother’s millionaire status.

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