The Untold Facts Of Miguel Leon Tyson: Mike Tyson’s Son With Sol Xochitl

By Shradhda Gurung | Updated on September 25, 2022
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    Miguel Leon Tyson is the second son of the famous legendary boxer, Mike Tyson. His father Mike is an accomplished boxer who has made an extraordinary remark in the boxing industry. He was named ‘Iron Mike’ and ‘Kid Dynamite’ during his tenure as the world heavyweight champion.

    Miguel being born to a world-renowned champion does have similar characteristics to his father. Mike’s son Miguel loves boxing just like his father and does not hesitate to showcase it on social media accounts.

    But the real question that has been lingering for quite a while is, is Miguel a professional boxer as well? Has he already made his debut? Also, what does his personal life look like? Latch onto such details and many more in the article beneath.

    Miguel Leon Tyson’s Early Life: His Birthplace, Education, And Childhood 

    Miguel Leon Tyson was born in April 2002. As mentioned, he is the second son of the famous boxer, Mike Tyson. He holds an American nationality. The famous boxer’s son is Afro-American by ethnicity. While Miguel is Mexican from his mother’s side, paternally he belongs to Jamaican ancestry.

    In fact, Miguel’s grandfather (and Mike’s father), Purcell Tyson, a Jamaican-born was reportedly a cab driver in the US.

    Miguel Leon Tyson, the 20-year-old son of Mike Tyson and his ex-partner, Sol Xochitl.
    Mike’s son with his ex-partner, Miguel. From Instagram

    However, there is not much information regarding Miguel’s childhood but according to different resources, there are certain claims that he is at least a high school graduate. Miguel finished his schooling at a local high school in his home town. He is currently studying for his degree in filmmaking at a university that hasn’t been disclosed.

    Miguel Leon Tyson’s Parents: Mike Tyson And Sol Xochitl

    Miguel Leon Tyson is the son of Mike Tyson and Sol Xochitl. Sol and Mike were in an affair when the former got pregnant with Miguel.

    Miguel Leon Tyson's mother, Sol Xochitl
    Mike Tyson’s ex-girlfriend and Miguel’s mother, Sol Xochitl

    In the past, Miguel’s father dated multiple women and one of them was Sol Xochitl. However, when Mike and Sol began their relationship, the ex-boxer was married to his second wife Monica Turner. So, Mike and Miguel’s mother did start their relationship with an affair.

    Miguel’s Parents Sol And Mike Never Married

    Sol and Mike dated in the early 2000s. The former pair, however, never walked down the aisle. The couple remained in a relationship for seven years during which they welcomed two children, a son Miguel and a daughter Exodus.

    Despite being together for almost a decade Mike and Sol never had a thought of tying the knot, which is quite surprising, to say the least. They were doing just fine without marriage and were completely fine with the family they had.

    The Many Affairs And Marriages Of Miguel’s Father, Mike Tyson

    As mentioned, Miguel’s father Mike dated multiple people in the past. He dated models, actresses, tv stars, and adult film stars as well. Mike has been married thrice to three different women. He firstly married Robin Givens and secondly Monica Turner.

    Mike’s dishonesty caused all of his marriages to fail. He is currently married to Lakiha Spicer. They exchanged their vows in the year 2009. Mike and Lakiha have been together since the day and seem to be so in so much love.

    Miguel Had Six Half-Siblings; One Died Horrificly At A Very Young Age 

    Miguel has five half-siblings. Besides that, he also had a biological sister, named Exodus. She, however, passed away in a tragic event. Exodus died after being strangled in a treadmill cord in May 2009. It was Miguel who found her unconscious on the treadmill before eventually losing her life a couple of hours later in the hospital.

    Miguel's late sister, Exodus Tyson with her father, Tyson
    Late Exodus Tyson with father Mike Tyson.

    Miguel now is a half-brother to his father, Mike’s kids, born through his different relationships.

    One of them is Mikey Lorna Tyson born through one of Mike’s previous relationships. The others include Rayna Tyson and Amir Tyson from Mike’s marriage to Monica Turner. He likewise has Milan Tyson and Morocco Tyson from his father’s current marriage to Lakiha. Miguel has good bonds with his half-siblings and also with his stepmother, Lakiha. The Tyson siblings have a non-problematic bond altogether.

    Miguel Leon Tyson’s Extraordinary Boxing Skills

    The father-son duo Mike and Miguel are almost on every workout video they post. In one of the videos posted by Mike on his Instagram, the ex-boxer can be seen teaching his son some boxing skills which was exceptionally interpreted by Miguel. Mike often posts videos of him training with his son.

    The video Mike posted in January 2018 gained popularity very quickly. Ever since people saw Miguel’s remarkable boxing skills, they have been wondering whether he would pursue a career in boxing.

    Miguel Takes Boxing As A Form Of Exercise

    The video posted by Mike had the viewers guessing whether his son, Miguel would take boxing professionally. In the video, he was being trained by his legendary dad Mike and he seemed to be taking boxing pretty seriously.

    However, they both, later made it very clear that Miguel is not planning to build a profession in boxing. Miguel takes boxing as a form of workout to stay fit like an exercise.

    The Boxer’s Son Is Passionate About Music

    To our astonishment, Miguel actually loves music and probably wants a career in music. Miguel has an immense love for music. He has always shown his love and passion for music.

    Miguel has been in love with musical instruments from a young age. This love for music has led him to be a multi-talented instrumentalist. He apparently can play the drum, guitar, and piano.

    Miguel Is Also Active In Social Campaigns 

    Besides being into music and fitness the boxer’s son, Miguel is also a social activist. Miguel has worked for a number of charitable organizations. He also takes part in various organizations some of which are “the welfare of the earth and its people” and ‘Climate Strike of 2019’.

    Miguel Tyson in West Africa
    Miguel Tyson is in a village in Ghana, West Africa. Instagram

    He also went on a visit to an orphanage in Haiti in the year 2018. Since then, he has made frequent visits to the orphanages of North America and Africa.

    Miguel Leon’s Profession

    Miguel Leon’s profession is still unknown to this date. However, some sources report Miguel is a filmmaking student trying his best to discover various parts of the world. Miguel reportedly is also a very passionate photographer. He often posts his work on his Instagram account.

    Miguel Leon Tyson’s Social Media Accounts

    Miguel has an account on Instagram. He frequently posts about his photography on his account. His Instagram account is @miguelliontyson. On his Ig, Miguel has displayed scenic images including waterfalls, woods, the allies, and even some movie sets.

    Miguel’s Relationship Status

    Miguel is a 20-year-old focusing on his life. He hasn’t been in the public eye much without his father. The 20-year-old often makes appearances with only his family.

    He likewise hasn’t disclosed his relationship status. So far, he has kept his life as private as possible which makes it hard for us to say whether he’s dating someone or not.

    Miguel Leon’s Net Worth

    As mentioned, Miguel has not revealed much about his life. He has kept things private. Miguel is not open about his life or his net worth. On the other hand, Miguel’s father Mike has a net worth of an estimated $10 Million.

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