The Untold Truth Of Alicia Grimaldi, Bryan Adams’ Longtime Girlfriend

By Pratha Sharma | Updated on September 19, 2022
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    Alicia Grimaldi is a former British actress who at one time also worked in behind-the-projects on a hit long-running comedy series, Saturday Night Live. To say more, Grimaldi is also a digital artist and a philanthropist. More than her career as an actress/digital artist, Grimaldi is popular among people as the partner of Bryan Adams, a famous Canadian singer.

    As for their dating life, the lovebirds have been going on strong since 2009 with two lovely daughters. So how did the two meet? Is the relationship controversial? We will know soon.

    Here, we will explore more about the life of Alicia Grimaldi including her parents, education, career, and more. So let’s get started!

    Who are Alicia Grimaldi’s Parents? Her Early Details And Siblings

    41-year-old Alicia Grimaldi was born in 1981 in Isle of Wight, the UK in a Christian family. Her parents are Peter Grimaldi and Sylvia Wilkinson. Her father Peter was Wight’s Deputy Lieutenant – he is also known as 16th Marquess Grimaldi. Coming from the British family of armies, Grimaldi must have had a smooth childhood growing up.

    Bryan Adam's partner, Alicia Grimaldi
    Alicia Grimaldi pregnant with Bryan Adam’s daughter. Source: DOVE UNIQUE PICTURES LTD.

    Besides, Alicia had two sisters growing up, Carina Rose Grimaldi and Sophia Anne Grimaldi. We do not have much information on their whereabouts or on the relationship they had with each other.

    Born and brought up in England, Alicia, after passing high school, persuaded her undergrad at the prestigious Cambridge University. She sure is a sharp-witted lady!

    Did Alicia Grimaldi Gain Limelight Only After Dating Bryan Adams?

    Alicia Grimaldi hit the spotlight only after she started dating her boyfriend Bryan Adams in 2009. Grimaldi was just the personal assistant to her then-beau Adams when they first met in 2004. The couple has a huge age gap as well. Alicia was only 28 and Adams 50 when they first started dating – almost 22 years older!

    Canadian guitarist, Bryan Adams
    Singer/songwriter, Bryan Adams at his concert. Source: gettyimages

    Regardless of this huge gap, these lovebirds hit it off with each other from the very beginning. They even have two daughters and are still together as of 2022. She is also the co-founder of his namesake foundation.

    Grimaldi and Adams’ Children

    Grimaldi and Adams have two beautiful daughters. Mirabella Bunny Adams is the elder one. She was born on 22nd April 2011. On February 14th, 2013, they again welcomed their younger daughter, Lula Rosalea Adams. The lovely family of four has a private life.

    Did Grimaldi And Her Partner Bryan Start Their Relationship With An Affair?

    Apparently, when Alicia came into Bryan’s life, he was already in a relationship with advertising executive, Antonia Harrison. In fact, they were into the third year of their dating when the media started reporting Bryan was also having a relationship with another woman without Harrison’s knowing and she was none other than Alicia.

    Bryan Adams' ex-partner, Antonia Harrison.
    Advertising executive and Bryan’s ex-wife, Antonia Harrison. Political Pictures UK

    Daily Mail in 2012 also claimed that Adams had been cheating on Antonia Harrison with Alicia Grimaldi. What’s more, when the news was out in the open, Grimaldi was also about to give birth to her and the singer’s first baby. Later in an interview, Adams even denied having a 2-year-long relationship with Harrison.

    However, Antonia had a different story. She reported that Admas and she were dating for over 2 years and he never really admitted to being in any other relationship while with her. In an interview, she stated that Adam was a very busy guy and the couple only met when he visited London. This “rumored” couple officially broke up after Harrison came to know about the baby he was having with Grimaldi.

    British-born Alicia Grimaldi and her boyfriend, Bryan Adams with one of their baby daughters.
    Ex-SNL digital artist, Alicia Grimaldi with her partner and their daughter.

    This really questions everything he has with Grimaldi as well. If Adam was in fact in a long-term relationship with Harrison while having a baby with Grimaldi, was he not cheating on them both? Maybe, but it’s for them to decide.

    Are Alicia and Adam Married?

    The answer would be no. Despite the messy start to their relationship, Grimaldi and her baby father, Bryan are yet to walk down the aisle. The couple addresses each other as “partners” and haven’t tied the knot yet.

    Considering how long they have been together, marriage just seems like a formality.

    Alicia Grimaldi Has Worked As An Actress And A Digital Artist

    Besides being in the limelight as a partner to Bryan Adams, Alicia has some credits as an actress, digital artist, and philanthropist. She worked off the screen as a digital artist/painter in the hit TV series, Saturday Night Live. She also served a similar role in Saturday Night Live: The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse (2006). 

    Her first on-screen appearance was a cameo in the series, Strange Days at Blake Holsey (2002). Other than that, she hasn’t had a single appearance in any other movies or TV shows. 

    What Is Alicia Grimaldi Doing Now?

    While it is unclear why Grimaldi stopped being in the entertainment business after only a few or two works, since the discontinuation she has always been a no-show, especially in public forums.

    Famous Canadian singer, Bryan Adams with kids in Africa
    Bryan Adam’s namesake foundation helps children in need in Africa. Source: Bryan Adams Foundation

    However, it has been reported that Grimaldi and her partner Bryan Adams are now the co-founders of Adams’ namesake foundation. This foundation has a soft spot for children and education. So basically, Grimaldi at present is a philanthropist.

    Looking at her whole career, Alicia Grimaldi seems to be an all-rounder.

    Where Is Alicia Today?

    Alicia Grimaldi lives a quiet life today. She is absent from almost all social media. On the other hand, her hit-making partner, Bryan Admas, is really active on all his social media accounts. He constantly posts photos from concerts he does once in a while

    However, he doesn’t really post much about his girlfriend or children. They indeed have a super private life. And as per sources, the family of four currently resides in Kingston as of 2022.

    Alicia Grimaldi’s Net Worth

    Considering the fact that Grimaldi hasn’t been in any noteworthy projects for years, the details of her wealth could only be a matter of suppositions.

    On the other hand, her partner, the singer/composer of the song (Everything I do) I do it for you – a song that we still adore – Bryan Adams has a huge net worth of $75 million dollars.

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