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    Tony Campisi is a well-known actor who starred in many hit movies and TV shows like Spiderman 2 (2004), Criminal Intent (2001), and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999) are a few of many. Similarly, the actor was also in the limelight for marrying Oscar-winner actress Kathy Bates (ex-wife). You may know her from the hit movie Titanic where she played “Molly Brown”, a loud, sarcastic, uncultured woman.

    Campisi’s personal life however was full of ups and downs as there are a lot of facts about him that are yet to be told like what is his Net Worth? Rumors of his death. etc.

    So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as we dive deeper into the life of Tony Campisi and uncover facts about his personal life, relationship, career, and more.

    Tony Campisi: Childhood Days and Education Details 

    He was born in the United States. The actor hasn’t disclosed any information regarding his parents. Similarly, there isn’t any information on the behalf of his siblings as well. He prefers to keep his personal life and loved ones’ information private from the media.

    Talking about his ethnicity he belongs to a Caucasian group and as per his citizenship, his nationality is American.

    Furthermore, talking about the actor’s educational background, there is not much information available in that regard.

    Tony Campisi Career

    Tony is a fantastic actor who began his career in the 1970s. However, his big break came in 1986 when he began working as a sound effects specialist on the film “Invaders from Mars.” In the same year, he also made his debut on television in “Matlock” in the episode “The Cop.”

    Picture of Tony Campisi
    Tony Campisi is famous as Cathy Bates.

    Moving on, he acted in the 1988 film Two Idiots in Hollywood and served as a waiter in the 1993 episode “The Date” of the “Brooklyn Bridge TV series.” Tony also acted in the 1993 film A “Home of Our Own,” which starred his wife Kathy Bates. Similarly, he portrayed Peter Gotshal in “EZ Streets” in 1997. In the television series “Profiler,” he played William Meisberger a year later.

    Additionally, he appeared in the 2004 film “Spider-Man 2” and starred in the TV series “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” from 2004 to 2008. His most recent performance was in the television series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” as Counselor Steve Roth (2000-2022).

    Who is Campisi Bates’ wife Kathy Bates?

    Kathy Bates aka Kathleen Doyle Bates is a famous American actress and director born on June 28, 1948, in Memphis, Tennesse, USA. She is an Oscar-winning actress famous for her acting and performance in dramatic and comedic movies and television shows.

    She came to New York City where she worked at various places while also struggling to become an actress. At one time, she worked as a cashier at the Museum of Modern Art. However, in 1971, she got a minor role in the comedy film “Taking Off.”

    Bates said in an interview with the New York Times a casting agent said she wasn’t beautiful enough to be a well-known and successful actress, she said: “I’m not a stunning woman. I never was an ingenue; I’ve always just been a character actor. When I was younger it was a real problem because I was never pretty enough for the roles; that other young women were being cast in. The roles I was lucky enough to get were real stretches for me: usually, a character who was older, or a little weird, or whatever. And it was hard, not just for the lack of work but because you have to face up to how people are looking at you. And you think, ‘Well, you know, I’m a real person.”

    Kathy’s Breakthrough as an Actress

    Throughout the 1970s she performed on stage. Her initial breakthrough as an actress came when she did the 1990 horror movie “Misery” by Stephen King. The movie did great and her performance as “Annie Wikes” was well received by the audience and critics.

    In the same year, she starred in the crime movie “Dick Tracy.” In the year 1991, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress- Motion Picture Drama.

    Tony Campisi wife Kathy Bates
    Tony Campisi’s ex-wife Kathy Bates.

    Similarly, in 2010 she starred in the romantic comedy film “Valentine’s Day“. She also appeared in the 2013 “American Horror Story series” for six consecutive seasons which was nominated for Emmy Award for each season. In 2017, she also appeared in the Netflix series Disjointed for two seasons.

    She is still very much active and isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Similarly, her ex-hubby Tony Campisi is also active in this field. His recent work performance in “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” as Counselor Steve Roth (2000-2022).

    Tony Campisi’s ex-wife Kathy was suffering from cancer and other health issues

    Bate was battling ovarian cancer since 2003. She posted on Twitter in Sept of 2012 that she was suffering from breast cancer and had gone through a double mastectomy (the medical term for removing a breast partially or completely). However, due to a double mastectomy in 2014, she announced she has lymphedema (a condition of swelling caused by a bad lymphatic system) in both arms.

    Furthermore, she became a national spokesperson for lymphedema at its issues and she also became a chairperson for the Lymphatic Education and Research Network (LE&RN). Kathy Bates won the 2018 WebMD Health Heroes “Game changer Award” for her work in raising awareness of lymphatic disease.

    How did they meet? Their relationship

    Tony and Kathy Bates were dating since the early 1980s. Similarly, after knowing each other for more than a decade, the then pair decided to tie the knot in 1991. The two love birds were happy together and enjoying a great and blissful married life.

    Tony Campisi Kathy Bates
    Tony Campisi and Kathy Bates in the movie: Home of Our Own

    However, due to some differences, they decided to part ways after staying together for around six years, in the year 1997. Even though, the then couple were married for 6 years the pair don’t have any offspring together. The ex-couple is said to be single ever since.

    Tony Campisi’s Net Worth

    Tony is estimated to have a net worth of around $7 million which he earned from his career as an actor. Whereas, his ex-wife Oscar-winning Kathy Bates is said to have a net worth of around $20 million.

    Tony Campisi Social Media Handels 

    Tony is not on any social media platforms and is quite secretive about his personal life. Whereas, his ex-lover Kathy Bites is frequently active on Twitter (@MsKathyBates).

    The Truth About Tony Campisi Death Rumors

    For years Tony Campisi was rumored to be dead. The actor is still alive and is in perfect health condition. However, the person who died shared a similar name as Tony. This must be the reason behind all the confusion. So who was the actual person that died?

    Tony Campise was an American jazz musician who passed away on March 7, 2010, at the age of 67; as a result of a brain hemorrhage. He hit the back of his head in October 2009, outside Corpus Christi, a motel in Texas, and never fully recovered.

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