Who is Trey Budden? Interesting Things to Know about Joe Budden’s Son

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    Trey Budden is a New Jersey-based American rapper who has been contributing to the music industry since 2019. He is famous for releasing songs like ‘Forever’, ‘Black Culture’, ‘Oops!’, ‘Year Long’, ‘Walking Dead’, and so on.

    Apart from his own identity, Trey is widely popular as the son of Joe Budden. His father is a renowned American rapper and a former member of the group Slaughterhouse.

    In today’s episode, we are talking about Trey Budden’s personal and professional life. Let’s also have a closer look at his career, net worth, relationship, partner, and girlfriend.

    What Is Trey Budden’s Age? His Parents, and Siblings

    Trey Budden was born on May 11, 2001, in New Jersey to Joe Budden and Angela Martinez. The meaning of his first name, Trey is “Three” in English origin which also represents a third-generation son of the family. Trey is 21 years old as of 2022.

    Even though Trey’s father, Joe is a very popular personality, his mother’s identity is not well revealed in the media. However, we somehow came to know that Trey’s mother is Angela Martinez. She came to the limelight after musician, Joe created a song named “Dear Angela” dedicated to Trey’s mother Angie.

    Trey Budden with his bother and his father

    Trey once revealed during his appearance on ‘Couples Therapy with Dr. Jennis‘ that his dad was absent from his childhood. In spite of his father’s absence, Trey Budden was influenced by his father’s musical career and in fact, he dreamt to be as famous as his father in his musical career.

    Trey does not have any brothers or sisters. But he shares a close bond with his younger half-sibling, Lexington Budden who is the second and youngest son of Joe Budden, and his ex-finance Cyn Santana; a model, and TV personality.

    Talking about his nationality, Trey Budden is an American and he is of African American ethnicity. Trey stands 5 feet 7-inch or 170 cm tall.

    Are Trey Budden’s Parents Still Together?

    Not long after Trey’s birth, his parents Joe and Angela started having issues in their relationship. The pair used to have arguments, even on the topic related to Joe’s future as a rapper. After some time, the couple ended their years-long relationship and started living separately.

    After his parent’s break up, Trey was raised by his single mother. Even after Trey grew up to the age where he could understand things, he chose to live with his mother instead of his dad. The 21-year-old was known to be living with his mother until a few years back when he was still working hard to establish his career in rapping.

    Trey’s father Joe Budden

    Meanwhile, we don’t hear Joe Budden talking about his young son too often. However, back in 2016, Joe talked about his relationship with his son saying,

    “I was an absentee father for so long, so now, for me to be so heavily involved in my kid’s life and just talking to him, seeing things through his eyes, his friends, that whole world, it’s changed everything. I no longer communicate the same way that I used to. Like, we need the elder statement to kind of be the elder statement.”

    Following Joe and Angie’s separation, the rapper has dated a number of women, including Cyn Santana, Kaylin Garica, Yaris Sanchez, Esther Baxter, and Tahiry Jose. On the other hand, Trey’s mother, Angie’s relationship status after her break up is not known as of yet.

    Trey Budden’s Career – Is He Following in His Father’s Footsteps?

    When it comes to the concern that if Trey follows in his father’s footsteps, then the answer is yes! Trey started his career as a rapper at a young age. As a rapper, he has released a few albums so far, including ‘Who’, ‘Thoughts After The Courtroom‘, and ‘Game Plan’, which were well received by hip hop fans. Besides, his father Joe also praised his son’s mix-tape in one of his Podcasts.

    Even though Trey has done some work as a rapper, he is rather famous for being the son of musician Joe Budden. Joe, who started his musical journey in 1999, is famous for his albums “Joe Budden” (2003), Mood Muzik 3- The (2008), Half House (2008), and more.

    Trey Budden and his father Joe Budden
    Trey Budden follows his father’s footsteps

    Joe first got attention with his promotional single “Focus” as it remained on the US Billboard Hot Hip-Hop Songs chart for seventeen weeks, peaking at No.43.

    Furthermore, as a member of the boy group, Slaughterhouse, Joe has released a couple of albums, “Slaughterhouse” in 2009, and “Welcome To Our House” in 2012. Besides being a rapper, Joe is also a podcaster, songwriter, broadcaster, and media personality as well.

    How Rich Is Trey Budden? Know His Father’s Net Worth

    Except for being a celebrity kid, Trey Budden has made a good career as a rapper. It is obvious that he earns a good amount of money from his career. Although his exact net worth is yet to be, however, we can speculate his net worth to be in hundreds of thousands of dollars if not in millions.

    net worth
    In following his father’s footsteps he is also earning a good sum of money.

    Meanwhile, in April 2022, Trey Budden talked about his salary in Everyday Struggle where he said,

    “I went to work for $22,000 a month, $19,000 a month after I paid Ian. The next cycle, I wanted it to double. When my contract was over, I wanted $50,000 a month. And they came back and said something like $40,000.”

    Nevertheless, Trey has still to prosper as a rapper and we are sure enough he will earn hell a lot of money in the years to come.

    Who is Trey Budden Dating in 2022?

    Trey Budden has been part of the limelight since his childhood days. But, he has barely shared his personal matters with the public throughout these years. But, if the online sources are to be believed, Trey is single as of 2022. Besides, there are no details of him getting into any kind of relationship in the past.

    Apart from his relationships, Trey is fond of tattoos and has inked a couple of arts on his body. He has tattooed a beautiful heart bit sign with note symbols on two ends that depicts his love for music pretty clearly.

    Social Media Presence

    The young talented rapper, Trey Budden is active on some social sites. He has 28.4K followers on his Instagram as of July 2022, where he goes as “@treybudden” and has a display name of MISTER. Further, he also has a Twitter account where he has boasted 2,535 followers until July 2022.


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