March 29, 2023
Sophie Shalhoub is Tony Shalhoub's daughter

Sophie Shalhoub is an actress who is popular for her work in the series “All Downhill from Here“. In addition to being famous as an actress, Sophie is also known as the daughter of famous Hollywood couple Tony Shalhoub and his wife Brooke Adams. Both of her parents are famous names in the entertainment industry. They have also acted together in films such as Wings and Braindead.

Besides being an accomplished actress on her own, people recognize her as Tony’s daughter. But, apparently, there are rumors that Sophie isn’t her biological daughter of Tony. So was Sophie adopted? If so, who are her biological parents? Know about her date of birth and age too.

Let’s explore everything about Tony Shalhoub’s daughter Sophie’s life.

Who is Tony Shalhoub’s daughter Sophie Shalhoub? Her Birth and Age

Tony’s younger daughter Sophie Shalhoub was born on 9 September 1993, in the United States of America. And her age is 28 as of 2022. She has a mixed ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Sophie Shalhoub's childhood photo with father, mother and sister
The Shalhoub Family: Tony Shalhoub with his wife Brooke and daughters Sophie and Josie.

Growing up, she spent most of her time in Chilmark, Massachusetts. She was there with her mom and sister Josie. While she was at the Chilmark, she grew familiar with all sorts of animals including horses.

Was Sophie Shalhoub adopted by her parents Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Admas?

The Wings actor Tony Shalhoub himself said that his daughter Sophie Shalhoub was adopted. In fact, Tony and his wife Brooke Adams adopted her after they married in 1992.

Furthermore, Sophie’s elder sister Josie Lynn was also adopted by her mother Brooke.

How did her parents meet?

Sophie’s parents first met while they were performing a play together. In the year 1988, the couple was cast in “The Heidi Chronicles” and it was where they crossed their paths. Although Tony was already in a relationship with another woman, the two clicked immediately.

However, once the play ended, the couple went separate ways. But when Tony suffered from the loss of his father, Brooke reached out to him for comfort. This reunion made the duo connect again and they finally started dating.

Sophie Shalhoub parent’s marriage

After years of their dating, the pair finally tied the knot in April of 1992. At the time of their marriage, Tony was 38-year-old, while Brooke was 42-year-old.

Sophie with her mother and father
Brooke Adams, Tony Shalhoub, and daughter Sophie during the 9th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Two years after their nuptials, the couple also adopted Sophie in the year 1994. She was only a year old at the time of her adoption.

Her sister Josie is also adopted by her parents

Sophie has an elder sister Josie Lynn Shalhoub. Her sister Josie, born in 1989, was adopted by her mom Brooke prior to her parent’s marriage. After her parents married, Tony found the right time and adopted Josie as his daughter too.

Sophie Shalhoub adopted
Sophie with her sister Josie and dad Tony.
Source: Getty

Although the sisters don’t share the bond of blood, they connect by their hearts and share a special bond with each other. They often go out with their parents to events and parties.

Sophie’s elder sister Josie is now married to her partner Traver. They tied the knot in 2018 and also have a son named Tucker.

What does Tony Sophie Shalhoub daughter Sophie do?

As a matter of fact, Tony and Brooke’s younger daughter Sophie is also an actress like them. She started appearing in the entertainment industry playing in the mockumentary-style web series All Downhill from Here. In the series, Sophie portrayed the role of Lola in 15 episodes.

She performed alongside her mother Brooke Adams in the project. Her other co-actors were Lynne Adams, Joe Farina, Jenny Allenand many others.

Sophie is an equestrian

Other than following her parent’s footwalk to become an actress, Sophie also has an interest in horseriding. According to some tabloids, she is also an equestrian.

Sophie Shalhoub knows how to ride horse
Sophie on a horse ride

According to Vineyard Gazette, Sophie also participated in Martha’s Vineyard Horse Council’s second annual open house.

On the occasion, she mentioned:

This is ideal riding weather for an Icelandic pony.

Furthermore, Sophie also used to manage a sanctuary named Blazing Ridge Farm.

What is Her Relationship Status? Is Sophie Dating a Boyfriend?

As per the article published by the Vineyard Gazette in 2014, Sophie has been in a relationship with her boyfriend named Devon. Since both of them were based in Martha Vineyard, it would have been possible that they met there. Also, Sophie Shalhoub’s boyfriend Devon is a local farrier, so the two have common grounds and interests in horses.

However, a long time has passed since the article was published. So, there is no way of telling if the couple is still together or not. Therefore, unless Sophie talks about it herself, we can only assume the star kid is happy whatever her relationship status is.

Who are Sophie’s Biological Parents?

Tony and Brooke adopting Sophie made it to the headlines. While some fans brushed it off as a rumor, some were curious to know who was Sophie’s biological parents.

Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams with their children
Sophie Shalhoub with her family.

Unfortunately, both of Sophie’s parents haven’t mentioned anything about her biological folks. Even when the adoption took place, the couple didn’t reveal how did they adopt Sophie.

What is Her Net Worth?

Unfortunately, her net worth is still under review. Besides, both of Sophie’s parents Tony and Brooke have been in the industry for a long time now. They have earned both fame and fortune from their works in the industry.

According to sources, her dad Tony has amassed a net worth of $20 million. Whereas, her mom Brooke’s net worth is $10 million in 2022.

Sophie Shalhoub is not active on social media

To maintain her privacy, Sophie isn’t active on any social media platforms be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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