March 20, 2023
Pia Bertolottie Brittany Murphy sister

Pia Bertolotti became famous as the half-sister of late actress Brittany Murphy. Her sister became famous after appearing in a number of movies and TV series including Clueless, Uptown Girls, and 8 Mile.

Besides being half-sister of famous celebrity she is also an executive director of The Morning Center located at Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

So, who is Pia Bertolotti ? How was her relationship with her late sister Brittany Murphy? What does she do? What is her relationship status?
Today, we will explore all known facts about Pia Bertolotti.

Pia Bertolotti’s early life and education

Pia Jo Bertolotti was born in 6 October 1979. Her father is Angeli Joseph Bertlotti who was World War II combat veteran. Although we don’t know much about her mother we know that she considers her biological aunt Jackie Duval as her mother.

Pia Bertolottie thanking her aunt
Pia thanked her aunt in mother’s day post.

She has three siblings her brothers Tony Bertlotti, Jeff Bertolottie and famous late actress sister Brittany Murphy. In her earlier years, she grew up in Coral Springs, Florida.

She seems to be very religious person from a young age having faith in Christianity. She went to Worship U School and later attended Northwest Mississippi Community College. As of 2022 she is 43 years. Other details of her earlier years and educational background remains a secret to the media.

Who was her famous half-sister? How was their relationship?

Pia’s famous half-sister was late actress Brittany Murphy. She was well-known actress from her roles in hit movies like Clueless and Girl Interrupted. She was born in November 10, 1977, in Atlanta, United States.

Brittany was trained to sing, dance and act from the young age of 4 years old. She made her first debut on Hollywood as Brenda Drexell in the series Drexell’s Class. She rose to fame playing the role of Tai Frasier in Clueless. Brittany was one of the prodigy talent in Hollywood.

Pia Bertolotti Brittany Murphy and her husband
Late Actress Brittany Murphy with her husband.

Unfortunately, she passed away at on December 20th, 2009, in her Los Angeles home which she shared with her late husband Simon Monjack. She reportedly died at 8:00 pm. To date, her unfortunate early demise is one of the most controversial topic in Hollywood. She was only 32 years old at the time of her death.

Talking about Brittany and Pia’s relationship, well, during her teen years she was estranged from her half-sister. In later years they met when she was 16 and Murphy was 19 and bonded well.

On the 10th year anniversary of her half-sister’s demise Pia admitted in an interview that her half-sister was always afraid of dying from a very young age and she was not on any drugs prescription. She seems to have had a good relationship with her late half-sisters sister as she doesn’t believe in any controversy about her.

Pia Bertolotti’s Professional life

Throughout her life Pia has gone through various career roles. She started her career as an affiliated broker in the early 2000’s and worked in the industry for more than a decade. She also took a role as an actress and cinematographer for the movie Bully’s Bane which was released on 2016.

Later she became more indulged in working for religious organization. Since then she has demonstrated history of working in the faith based institutions such as Hope Baptist Church, Life Vantage Corporation and others.

Currently she is an entrepreneur and works an an executive director at Memphis Morning Center located at Memphis, Tennessee. She is also the founder of a small business called MIG Living. It is a health/beauty-based company.

What is Pia Bertolotti’s relationship status? Does she have any children?

Pia is married to her husband Jason Reynolds. Her spouse works as account manager at Conservation Services Group. They celebrate their wedding anniversary on November 2 each passing year through social media posts.

After her marriage, she goes by name Pia Jo Reynolds. The pair has been blissfully married for more than a decade.

Pia Bertlottie' husband
Pia with her spouse.

Meanwhile, the happy couple shares four children, Mali Reynolds, born April 13, 2001, Karli Chase Reynolds, born August 12, 2005, and twins Lila Reynolds and Luke Reynolds, born July 10, 2009. Pia currently resides in  Olive Branch, Mississippi with her family.

Pia Bertolottie Children
Pia’s children with her aunt.

She often shares about her children’s milestones and achievements on social media. They seem to have a good family bond and look like a picture perfect family in the media.

Does Pia Bertolotti have social media presence?

We get to know a lot about people through their social media. Some people migt love to share their everyday life through social platforms while others love to stay private. In case, of Pia she seems to enjoy documenting her life online.

She has her own blog where we can learn more about her. Pia has also linked her social sites and online shop on her website. She is active on her Instagram @piajoloves and Facebook @Pia Jo Reynolds. Occasionally, she also seems to be active on her Twitter account.

We can see glimpses of her life through her social media posts. Most of her posts are based on her family and others are more about her religious faith. Judging by her social media persona she seems to be a jolly person who loves her family and believes in her religion.

Her Net Worth

Pia has accumulated wealth through her different career roles. There has been speculation in media is that her net worth is about $500,000. We do know her current primary source of income comes from her small business and her work as executive director, although we are not aware of her annual salary.

Meanwhile, her half-sister was estimated to have around net worth of $10 million at the time of her death. Her primary source of income back then came was her acting career.

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