What Does Julie Rose Clapton Do? Untold Truth About Eric Clapton’s Daughter

By Deepashma Neupane | Updated on May 13, 2022
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    Julie Rose Clapton is widely famous for being the daughter of the English guitarist Eric Clapton. Her father is the singer and guitarist known for songs like Cocaine Change the World, Tears In Heaven, Layla, etc.

    Even though she was born into a rich family, she is humble and down to earth. Talking about her social media, she seems like a quiet private person but does have an Instagram.

    So, in today’s episode let’s dig into the life of Eric Clapton’s daughter Julie Rose Claptonher personal life, professional life, family, net worth, and many more.

    Julie Rose Clapton Belongs To a Mixed Ethnic Family

    Julie was born on Jun 13, 2001, in Columbus, Ohio. Her father Eric is a native of Ripley, Surrey, England, whereas her mother Melia is from Columbus, Ohio. Talking about her grandparents, her grandfather Edward was a Canadian soldier stationed in the United Kingdom.

    Meanwhile, her maternal are of Scottish-English, and Korean- Irish. Her, maternal grandfather was a worker in construction. Moreover, her mom Melia used to be a graphic designer when she met Eric.

    Julie’s Father Eric Was Raised By His Maternal Grandmother

    Julie Rose Clapton’s dad Eric Patrick Clapton as known as Eric Clapton was born on 30th March 1945, in Ripley, United Kingdom. His father Edward Fryer was a  Canadian soldier stationed in the United Kingdom during world war II. His mother Patricia Molly Clapton was only 16 years old when she gave birth to him.

    Julie Clapton's Father Eric Clapton is a famous guitarist
    Famous Guitarist Eric Clapton, via Instagram

    Moreover, his father went back to Canada, with his first wife. On the other hand, Patricia was just a single teenage mother. She was not capable of raising her son. Meanwhile, Eric was raised by his grandmother and her stepdad, Rose and Jack. Clapton’s last name comes from his mother’s father, Reginald Cecil Clapton.

    Eric’s mom Patricia was too young when he get to know her. He was living under the impression that he used to consider her as an older sister and his grandparents as his own father-mother. He later recalled,

    “The truth dawned on me, that when uncle Adrian jokingly called me a little bastard, he was telling the truth.”

    Julie Rose Clapton’s Father Eric is 18th Times Grammy Winner

    Clapton grew up in a musical background, where his grandmother was a skilled pianist. Moreover, his father was also a talented pianist who had played in several dance bands while he was in Surrey. On his 13th birthday, he asked for a guitar, by that time rock ‘n’ roll had exploded onto the British music scene.

    Eric had already played on several bands from the beginning of his career, like, Free Creek, Delaney &Bonnie, Eric Clapton & The powerhouse, The Dirty Mac, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Plastic Ono Band, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds, Derek & Dominos, and Cream.

    He won his first Grammy in the year 1973, for the Album, The Concert For Bangladesh. Moreover, he won 6 Grammys’ in the year 1993 for the Male Rock Vocal Performance, Male Rock Vocal Performance(Tears in Heaven), Rock song(Layla), Record of the year(Tears in Heaven), Song of the year(Tears in Heaven), Album(unplugged).

    Moreover, he won Grammys in the year 1991, 1995, 3 Grammys in 1997, one in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2008. On the other hand, he was also nominated several times for the Grammys.

    Meanwhile, Eric is 67th on Rolling Stone’s list of “100 Greatest Artists” and he is also an inductee into the Rock and Roll of Fame on three separate occasions, once as a solo artist, once with the Yardbirds, and once with the Cream band.

    Julie’s Father Eric & Her Mother Melia Has 31 Years Old Age Gap

    Julie Rose Clapton’s parents met each other in the year 1999. At that time, Eric had already reached the height of success but Melia was a graphic designer, in Los Angeles. They met each other while she was working on an album with BB King as a graphic designer.

    Famous guitarist and musician Eric Clapton with his wife Melia Clapton: Julie Rose's Parents
    Julie’s parents, Eric Clapton and Melia Clapton

    Moreover, they secretly dated for 2 years and got married on a New years day at St Mary Magdalen Chruch in Ripley, Surrey. Julie was already born and she was just six months old at her parent’s wedding. Meanwhile, her dad was 56 years old and her mom Melia was just 25 years old by then.

    Julie Rose Clapton’s Mother Melia Is Not Her Father Eric’s First Wife

    Clapton was married to Pattie Boyd in 1979. The former duo tried to have a baby several times, but they were unsuccessful, as Pattie had miscarriages all the time.

    Meanwhile, Eric was also in a relationship with a woman named Yvonne Kelly. The couple had a daughter in 1985. She was named Ruth Kelly Clapton. Meanwhile, she was kept away from the public until the media revealed she is his daughter, in 1991.

    Famous guitarist Eric Clapton's daughter Julie Rose Clapton
    Julie Rose Clapton, via Instagram

    Unfortunately, Eric and his first wife Pattie got divorced in 1988. Clapton also had an affair with the Italian model Lory Del Santo. The couple had a son Conor together, in 1986. But unfortunately, Conor died falling from an open bedroom window on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building. Meanwhile, his death tragedy made Eric write the song ‘Tear in Heaven’, which made him win six Grammys.

    Finally, after all the women, Eric met his love of life Melia, with whom he is married for two decades now. Moreover, the duo had three babies together, Ella May, and Sophie Belle.

    Julie Rose Clapton Is In a Bisexual Relationship

    Talking about the love life of Julieit seems she is dating a girl named Chloe Gardner.

    Famous guitarist Eric Clapton's daughter Julie Rose Clapton with her girlfriend Chloe Gardner
    Julie Rose Clapton with her Lover Chole Gardner, via Instagram


    She shared a picture of her kissing her girlfriend on her Instagram saying,

    ” wishing I could bake you pumpkin pie and give you kisses every day but today especially.”

    What Is The Net Worth of Julie Rose Clapton?

    Julie is a very young girl, who seems to be in college currently. So, she might not have earned any fortune right now. But in the meantime, she might earn a good fortune persuading her career in the future.

    Meanwhile, her father Eric is one of the wealthiest musicians worth $450 million. He earned all this money through his music career. He is the most important and influential guitarist to date. His song ‘Tears in Heaven’ sold 130 million records. He is an unarguably great musician that the music industry has got.


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