March 29, 2023
Tia Mowry Actress of Sister Sister movie, Mother Darlene Mowry

Darlene Mowry is a recognized personality, she is the mother of two successful twin daughters and actresses, Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry. Her daughters got popular from the ABC comedy series, Sister Sisters. Despite Tia and Tamera’s recognition, the sisters’ mother, Darlene has always been a less-mentioned person.

She nevertheless has been an integral part of her daughters’ life; both on the professional and personal facets. Darlene has been working as the manager for both of her daughters since they were kids. But, the question is, where is the mother of two now? Is she still married to Tia and Tamera’s father? And is she also as rich as her celebrity daughters?

Well, in this article, we will be scouting all these in addition to some more untold facts about Darlene Mowry including her career, married life, and much more.

Darlene Mowry Partly Comes From Bahamian Heritage 

Darlene Mowry, birth name, Darlene Renee Flowers was born on 25th October 1956. She changed her name to Darlene Mowry after her marriage to her daughters’ father, Timothy Mowry. While her daughters’ daddy belonged to English and some Irish ethnicities, Darlene apparently is of African-Bahamian descent.

Her mother, Cloreta/Clo Flowers was born in Florida, to Bahamian parents. She was the daughter of Raleigh/Riley Flowers and Cecelia/Cecile Campbell.

Darlene’s grandmother, Cecelia was from Eleuthera.

Darlene Mowry Is A Movie Producer, Manager, And An Ex-Drill Sergeant

As we said earlier Darlene Mowry is best known for being the mother of two successful twin daughters, Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry. Professionally, Darlene has more than one role. For starters, she was the producer in movies including Seventeen Again (2000), Double Wedding(2010), and The Proof Point(2001). She in addition is also a manager.

ex-drill sergeant, Darlene Mowry with her actress daughter, Tia Mowry.
Sister Sister actress, Tamera Mowry with her mother, Darlene Mowry. Instagram

Before all these, Darlene used to be a drill sergeant in the US Army. During the same time, she also worked as a security guard for a while. She would later become a custody officer/jailer with the City of Glendale Police Department.

Darlene’s Relationship With Her Daughters’ Dad, Timothy

Talking about their relationship, Darlene Mowry was in a marital relationship with Timothy Mowry for four decades. Darlene and Timo married in 1975. After their marriage, they moved and settled in Gelhausen, Germany.

Darlene and Timothy was in a relationship since high school. They were both students at the same high school in Miami, Florida, USA.

Darlene Mowry (top right) with her husband, timothy and their twin daughters tia and temera
Tia, and Tamera as a child with their mother Darlene, and father Timothy Mowry.

When together, the couple also jointly enrolled in the U.S. Army and later they each reached the rank of sergeant.

Similar to Darlene, Timothy was also an Army Officer and served as an NCO.

Darlene Mowry & Timothy Divorced After 40 Years Of Marriage: What happened?

Darlene and her husband, Timothy remained husband and wife for four decades until their separation sometime in the mid-2010s.

The former couple would finalize their divorce in the year 2015. Tia and Tamera’s parents, however, didn’t reveal what made them end their four decades of marriage except by citing the reason as an irreconcilable difference in the divorce documents.

They, nonetheless have remained good friends and often meet up with each other but mostly through their daughters and also spend time with their grandchildren.

Allegedly both of the ex-partners are in a relationship with other individuals but they are yet to share details on that.

She Has Four Kids With Her Ex-Husband, Timothy

When together, Darlene and her former spouse, Timothy welcomed four children. Their first was the would-be-famous twin sisters, Tamera and Tia. Of the two Tamera is the eldest. She apparently is older than Tia by two minutes.

Darlene, in the middle, with her four kids including Tia and Tamera.
The mother, Darlene, in the middle, with her children. Instagram

After the twins, Timothy and his wife had another kid in May 1986, this time a son named Tahj Mowry. Following that the former couple became parents to yet another kid, Tavior Mowry in July 1993.

An Insight on Darlene Mowry Daughters, Tia, And Tamera

Two of her children, Tia and Tamera are quite famous in the media industry. Darlene’s twin daughters have been seen in numerous movies and series, among which Sister Sister is their most popular one.

Two Daughter of Darlene, Tia Mowry(On Right)and Tamera Mowry(On Left)
Daughter of Darlene Mowry, Tia, and Tamera Mowry.

As an actress, the sibling-duo has also won many prestigious awards like the People Choice and the NAMIC Vision.

So far, they have done numerous other movies and TV Series like The Doctors, MY CHRISTMAS INN, Gingerbread Romance, and many more. Additionally, they also featured in Twitches and its sequel, Twitches Too. 

Darlene Is Also A Grandmother

Darlene is blessed with four grandchildren. She has two from her daughter, Tia’s relationship with Corey. They are Cree Taylor, born on 28th June 2011 & Cairo Tiahna, born on 5th May 2018.

Darlene Mowry Grandchild Aden & Ariah
Darlene Mowry with her Grandchild Aden and Ariah

Likewise, from her other daughter, Tamera who is in a relationship with Adam Housely, Darlene is grandmother to Aden John Tanner and Ariah Talea.

Darlene Mowry Now: Did She Remarry?

While Darlene has been reported to have dated some guy by a few or two reports, in the present, it is quite anonymous if she is just in a relationship, already married, or just single.

Although she appears on social media, what her personal life looks like has been a solid mystery for the mother of four has always come across as a woman with no preference to talk about the other side of her life.

Nonetheless, for the time being, Darlene seems to be enjoying the time with her daughters and her other kids as well as her grandchildren.

What Is Darlene Net Worth: Is She As Rich As Her Daughters?

Darlene has two of her kids, the famous duo, Tia and Tameri who have done equally fine in the acting as well as the financial game. The girls have been bringing in the big money since they were kids and it’s no surprise each of the two is now a millionaire on their own.

On the other hand, while being their lifelong manager, Darlene could have had certain advantages, yet the chances of her being as well off as her daughters seem a bit out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, considering her rather dim affiliation with the entertainment business, she could have a net worth in the range of six figures at the very least.


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