What Is Margherita Ronchi; The Longtime Partner Of Matthew Fox Doing Now?

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    Margherita Ronchi is the wife of popular actor Matthew Chandler Fox. He is popularly known for his roles as Charlie Salinger in Party of Five and Jack Shephard on Lost.

    Ronchi is not in the limelight just because of her husband. She too has worked on her own as a model and made herself pretty recognizable.

    Here, in this article, we will get to know more about Margherita Ronchi, her family, children, and much more information about the wife of actor, Matthew Fox.

    Margherita Ronchi Early Life: She Is From Venice, Italy

    While not confirmed, Ronchi allegedly was born on 14th July 1966 in Venice, Italy. She was born into a well-settled and managed household. She belongs to an Italian family.

    Much of her information is not out in the media since she did not belong to a famous background at her birth. Though what’s been said multiple times is that her mother owned a modeling agency but there is not much to say about her father.

    Brought up in a good household, Margherita can be presumed to have had a good childhood. She completed her education and decided to pursue the career of her interest.

    Margherita Ronchi Career: She Is An Ex-Model

    As mentioned earlier, Margherita’s mother owned a modeling company. Through the same modeling company, Margherita got familiar with the field of modeling. This became the biggest backbone of her career as a successful model.

    The base of Ronchi’s modeling career was strengthened through her mother’s agency itself. Her career took off right after the completion of her high school. Slowly, with her efforts and beauty, she started getting several modeling proposals. She is famously featured in a couple of successful and famous modeling agencies.

    Margherita Ronchi, Italian model, Matthew Fox's wife
    Margherita Ronchi, Former Italian Model.

    Despite having a successful modeling career in Italy, Ronchi decided to move to the US and try her luck in Hollywood. To support herself, she worked as a waitress at a restaurant in her early days in the USA.

    About Margherita Ronchi Husband: Matthew Fox

    Margherita’s husband, Matthew Fox was born on July 14, 1966, in Abington, Pennsylvania, U.S. One of his paternal great-great-great-grandfathers was Union General George Meade. His father was from a “very blue-blood” Pennsylvania family of mostly English descent, while his mother was of half Italian and half British ancestry.

    His mother worked as a teacher and his father was a consultant for an oil company. Matthew is the middle child of the family and has two brothers. He had a very decent childhood as he belongs to a well settled family.

    Fox attended Deerfield Academy for one year as a postgraduate. He graduated in the year 1984. He graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in economics in the year 1989.

    Matthew Fox’s Career

    Fox made his official debut at the age of 25, in the famous sitcom, Wings. In the same year, he also starred in a series, Freshman Dorm. 

    In the year 1994, Fox got his life-changing role as Charlie Salinger in a teen drama, Part of Five. This series ran from 1994 to the year 2000. In the year, 1996, Matthew was titled one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. From September 2004 until May 2010, Fox played the role of the dedicated yet troubled surgeon, Dr. Jack Shephard, on Lost.

    Matthew Fox, actor, Lost, series
    Actor Matthew Fox Source: Reddit

    His other works include World War Z in the year 2013, and Extinction and Bone Tomahawk in the year 2015. Fox was inactive in his field for more than 6 years. After straight 6 years, Fox appeared in the lead role of the series Last Night. 

    Margherita Ronchi Influence On Matthew’s Career: She Gave Up Her Modeling Career For Him

    As mentioned earlier, both the husband and wife were just college students when they met. The transformation of Matthew from a normal college student to a popular sensation was only possible due to the support Ronchi gave him.

    Margherita who was familiar with the modeling industry from her early childhood started helping her husband in the same field. She gave up her modeling career in Italy, to move out with Matthew and help him.

    This was all before they got married.

    How Did Margherita And Matthew Meet? Their Married Life

    Margherita and Matthew were in a relationship for a few years before their marriage. The couple initially met each other in a restaurant during the year 1987 and started dating. Matthew was a college student when he met Ronchi.

    young Margherita Ronchi, Matthew Fox, actor, Italian model
    An old picture of young Margherita with her husband, Matthew.

    They married in the year 1992. The wedding took place on August 1st, 1992, 5 years after they first started dating.

    Margherita Is a Mother To Two Children

    The Fox Couple took some years to settle down and make a good environment for their upcoming children. Finally, Margherita gave birth to their daughter, Kyle Fox in the year 1998. After 3 years of giving birth to Kyle, The Fox Couple welcomed a baby boy Byron Fox.

    Margherita, a supportive wife is a lovely mother too. Although their father, Matthew is so close to the media, the children are not much seen in the outdoors. Their life and upbringing are a secret to the world.

    As of 2022, Kyle is 24 years old and Byron is 21. Both the Fox Siblings have their own Instagram accounts and Kyle often uploads pictures of herself enjoying her life. On the other hand, Byron has kept his account private. Additionaly, Margherita and Matthew do not seem to be active on social sites.

    Kyle Fox, Byron Fox, Matthew Fox's children, Margherita, actor, Italian model
    The two children of Margherita Ronchi and Matthew Fox. daughter Kyle Fox(left) and Son Byron Fox (right) Source: Instagram/kylefoxx/

    Both the siblings seem to have a very cool relationship with each other and living their best lives. Back in 2006, there were some reports that Margherita and her longtime spouse were going to have a third kid but no further developments came in that regard afterward.

    The Instability Among The Fox Couple: Did Matthew Cheat On Margherita Ronchi?

    With the unloaded fame and fan following, being a celebrity you also need to deal with the rumors. This was completely relevant in the life of Matthew Fox and his partner, Margherita.

    In the year, 2010, Margherita’s husband was accused of having an extramarital affair with a 25 years old stripper, Stefani Talbott. This might have brought a huge dispute among the couple, but in the end, Margherita trusted her husband above everyone else.

    Matthew, as for himself, denied the allegations right away and said:

    “The story is not true, and I’m not going to comment on it.”

    The case was never brought up in the later years and we still have no idea what the real truth is.

    Margherita Ronchi Net Worth

    Although Margherita gave up her career to support and take care of her family, she is still financially strong and very wealthy. Her husband, Matthew on the other hand apparently has an estimated net worth of around $12 million. The number should qualify the couple as very financially stable and even more affluent than the average.

    Margherita Ronchi, Matthew Fox, Actor, Italian model
    A recent picture of Margherita with her husband, Matthew.

    Meanwhile, the unwavering support and love Margherita has given to her husband through every thick and thins are very admirable. This couple is peacefully living their life with their children in

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