What Is The Youngest Son Of Jeezy, Shyheim Jenkins Doing Now? His Career, Interests, And Fights With His Father

By Samikshya Bhattarai | Updated on October 9, 2022
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    Shyheim Jenkins is a famous star kid who shot to fame as the son of the rapper, songwriter, and actor, Jeezy aka Jay Wayne Jenkins. Shyheim’s celebrity father, Jeezy is famous for the albums like Seen It All, Soul Survivor, Put On, and many others.

    Despite being the son of one of the noted music icons, Shyheim has always been behind the media and his father also hardly ever talks about him. However, some portion of Jeezy’s fans often wants to know more about him including his mother.

    Well, we have come up with some unknown as well as interesting details to know about Shyheim Jenkins. Be with us to till the end to know more about him including his rapper father’s detail also.

    Shyheim Jenkins’s Birth Details; His Mother

    The exact birth date of Shyheim is out of the radar. But as per TMZ, the son of American rapper, Shyheim was born between 1996 to 1999. He belongs to an American by nationality and holds African-American ethnicity.

    Now talking about his mother, there is no clear explanation about Jenkins’s biological mother. This has been a secret that Jay has kept to himself for years. Some sources, however, believe that Shyheim and his elder brother, Jadarius’ mother are the same, Tenesha Dykes.

    What Is Shyheim UpTo?

    Unlike the other members of his family, Shyheim doesn’t seem to be game for the limelight. He is also not active on any social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Even Jeezy has much fewer public appearances with his second child.

    Likewise, his exact career or what he is up to is also yet to be known.

    Shyheim Has One Older Brother Who Owns His Own Clothing Brand

    Shyheim has one older brother named Jadarius who is also the oldest son of Jeezy. He was born to Jeezy’s ex-partner Tenesha Dykes. His brother, at times, is also mistaken for a Columbian rapper who goes by the name, Lil’ Jezzy.

    Shyheim's brother
    Jadarius Jenkins, the elder brother of Shyheim.

    But the fact is that he is not an entertainment artist like his father. Jadarius is more into designing and has his own fashion brand. Like his small brother Shyheim, Jadarius is also not active on any social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

    Shyheim Also Has Half Siblings

    In addition to his older brother Jadarius, Shyheim has a half-sister who is younger than him; she is Amra Nor Jenkins. She was born from Jeezy’s former relationship with musical artist Mahlet Gebregiorgis (aka Mahi) in Feb 2014.

    Uniformly, from his father’s current relationship with Jeannine Jenkins, Shyheim also has one more half-sister named Monaco. She was born in December 2021.

    All About Shyheim’s Parents; His Father’s Past Relationship

    As we already mentioned that Jenkin’s father is an American rapper and he has been in many relationships with different women, in the past years. He also shares many kids with some of his former partners. Besides, Shyheim is one of them and the information about his mother is not exactly mentioned by Jeezy.

    According to the sources, the rapper always had a bad relationship with each of them. In fact, one of his ex-partners even filed a complaint against him alleging that he missed several child support payments. But Jeezy did not agree with all of the complaints.

    Shyheim's father with his current wife
    Shyheim’s father with his current wife Jeannie Mai Jenkins

    At present, Jeezy is married to the co-host of a reality talk show, The Real named Jeannie Mai-Jenkins. They got engaged in 2020 and both exchanged their vows on March 27, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. After one year of their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child a daughter named, Monaco Mai Jenkins.

    Jeezy Was Among The Headlines For Assaulting One Of His Sons

    The news came out in September 2012 when Jeezy was in the headlines for assaulting one of his sons. The news source TMZ revealed the complaint of the rapper saying he got into a physical argument with his son in the month of September 2012. TMZ also said that Jeezy’s son hit his head after the rapper threw him into the glass shower door in a bathroom.

    Shyheim Jenkins with his father and rapper, Jeezy.
    Songwriter, Jeezy with his youngest son, Shyheim Jenkins.

    Jeezy then apparently punched his son’s face, hit him continuously, and even threatened to kill him.

    Later, the rapper’s son complained of his father’s violent behavior. In the follow-up interview, he quoted his father and said,

    “I will kill you. I will put a bullet in your head right now … If I could get away with it, I would kill you.”

    The R&B artist’s son also revealed that he tried to escape from his father’s physical abuse but with the help of his bodyguard, Jeezy blocked him in the stairwell. His son again added that his father choked and punched him repeatedly.

    After all these complaints the South Carolina-born singer surrendered himself after the court issued an arrest warrant for him. After the arrest, the rapper was said to pay an amount worth around $45000 as compensation.

    Who Exactly Was The Victim Of The R&B Artist’s Assault; Was It Shyheim?

    After all these allegations, it is still unknown which son of Jeezy really was the victim; whether Shyheim or his older brother, Jadarius Jenkins. Meanwhile, at that time, Shyheim was just 13 and his older brother Jadarius was 17.

    Nonetheless, things seemed to have cooled down between the father and the son shortly as Jeezy in the years that followed was often seen mentioning his sons on his socials.

    Jeezy Does Not Want Shyheim And His Brother To Be Involve In The Music Career

    Jeezy apparently didn’t want his sons to follow exactly what their father is doing now, music. The reason why he did not want his kids to be involved in the same career is explained by him in Sep 2014 while talking to All HipHop.

    Jeannie Mai Jenkins' husband, Jeezy.
    Shyheim’s father, Jezzy.

    During the interview, he said he cautioned them by telling them that there is not an exact career in music as same as what they were thinking. According to the five foot nine inches tall Jeezy, the words he said to his sons were,

    “This is no different than being in a Martin Luther King situation or Malcolm X. When you say these words, you got to stand on them.”

    Later in November 2015 when Maxim asked him if he was letting his children follow music as a career, he replied,

    “Nah, I would never let that happen. No! It’s a different game.”

    Jeezy also added that he would let his sons have honest reviews of the songs they would publish.

    How much is Shyheim Jenkins’ net worth?

    As a star kid, he lives a life of luxury. His father is worth a whopping $10 million which clearly depicts that Shyheim enjoys an affluent life.


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