March 29, 2023
Tyler Pippen's twin sister, Taylor and her mother, Sonya Roby.

Tyler Roby Pippen was one of the twin daughters of Scottie Pippen, an ex-NBA player who played as a small forward for the Chicago Bulls. Scottie had Tyler and her twin sister, Taylor with his ex-girlfriend, Sonya Roby in the mid-90s. Unfortunately, Tyler died just 9 days after her birth.

While it was tragic that Tyler only lived for a few days, far more tragedy was that her father, Scottie denied accepting her and her sister as his own daughters. What followed was a messy court battle where Tyler’s mother, Sonya fought with Pippen for paternity tests, child support, and other expenses. Although its been ages since the death of Tyler, her mother, and father, Sonya and Scottie are still the subjects of media interest, one way or the other.

But what about Tyler’s sister, Taylor who is still alive? Down in the article, we will discuss that in addition to how exactly Tyler died, and the reason Scottie refused to accept her as his own daughter. We will also take a look at how her mother, Sonya, and her twin sister are doing in the present.

Tyler Roby Pippen Died Shortly After Her Birth; What Was The Reason?

The late daughter of Scottie Pippen, Tyler Pippen was born on July 20, 1994, at Mercy Hospital. But as mentioned she died nine days after her birth.

Something mysterious about Tyler is that Scottie and Sonya never revealed the reason behind their daughter, Tyler’s death. Even in the present, the ex-couple has hardly mentioned their deceased little girl despite both of them being active on social media.

Interestingly, Tyler’s paternal grandfather, Preston used to work in the paper mill until his right sight got paralyzed. He died on 10 May 1990 when Scottie was playing in the NBA against Philadelphia.

Who is Tyler Roby Pippen’s Mother, Sonya Roby? Her Relationship With Scottie Pippen

Tyler’s mother and Scottie’s ex-girlfriend, Sonya Roby’s real name is Scotty Martin Roby. While talking about her mother, Sonya was born in 1967.

The late Tyler Roby Pippen's twin sister, Taylor as kid with their mother and Scottie's ex, Sonya Roby.
Tyler’s sister, Taylor with their mother, Sonya Roby. From Taylor Instagram

She is a Lifestyle photographer in Chicago, Illinois. Basically, she shows her work on social sites, especially on Instagram.

Speaking of her relationship with the famous Scottie, Sonya and Scottie dated each other for about two to three years. When they were together, they had two daughters. One was Tyler and the other was her twin sister, Taylor.

It has never come to light why the former couple ended their relationship but their split wasn’t amicable.

Scottie Pippen Refused To Accept Tyler And Her Sister As His Daughters

Despite Scottie and Sonya being together for some years when the latter gave birth to her two daughters, Tyler and Taylor, the ex-NBA star refused to call them his daughters. Later Sonya, Tyler and Tylor’s mother filed a paternity suit at the court asking Scottie to submit his DNA samples.

The results on OCT 24, 1994 showed that Tyler and her sister, Taylor were indeed his biological daughters. Then in mid-June 1995, Scottie, himself admitted that he in fact was the father of the twins, Tyler and Taylor.

Ex-NBA star for the Chicago Bulls and Tyler Roby Pippen's father, Scottie Pippen.
Tyler’s father, Scottie Pippen during his playing career with the Chicago Bulls. NBA

The first thing after that he agreed to pay $15000 that came from the hospital expenses of Tyler and her sister’s birth. The settlement also included a private trust agreement, an education, and welfare fund, and an order to establish a parent-child relationship. The now 56-year-old also had to put Tyler’s sister, Taylor on his NBA health insurance policy.

However, after Scottie had signed the admissions paper, he left the court without answering any questions. Tyler, on the other hand, had already died by that time.

Amidst the paternity trials, Scottie had just gotten himself out of domestic battery charges after he allegedly beat his then-fiance, Yvette Deleone. The ex-Chicago Bulls no 33 however turned out to be innocent on this one.

Where Is Tyler’s Mother, Sonya Now; Is She Married?

After Tyler’s death, her mother, Sonya ended her relationship with Scottie, and she stepped away from the spotlight. For years, Sonya wasn’t seen in any headlines.

However, she has been active on Instagram for quite a while. On Ig, Sonya is present as @sonyamartinphotography. Her Instagram says she now is a local in Chicago.

Late Tyler Roby Mother Sonya Roby Ex-Girlfriend of Scottie Pippen with her Three children's
Late infant Tyler Roby Pippen’s mother Sonya Roby is well known as an Ex-Partner of Scottie-Pippen. Also a Life Style Photographer. Instagram

In fact, true to her Instagram account, Scottie’s ex is a professional photographer and it seems she might have been so for quite a while.

Talking about her marital aspect, a while ago, some reports claimed Sonya did marry after she ended her relationship with Scottie. However, it is unclear who her current husband is or if they are still together.

She also has one son and one daughter in addition to her daughter, Taylor from her ex-partner, Pippen.

Where Is Tyler’s Twin Sister Now?

Tyler’s sister, Taylor, who is now 26-year-old, is currently a model as well as a Volleyball player. She got qualities of forthrightness in sport from her father Scottie.

Taylor is a volleyball player from Illinois. She is not only famous as a Volleyball player but also as a Senior Middle Hitter, influencer, star kid, and Internet Personality. Besides that, she has won many Volleyball matches at different levels.

Her Other Siblings

In addition to Taylor, Tyler’s other siblings include Antron Pippen, Scotty Jr. Pippen, Preston Pippen, Justin Pippen, and Sophia Pippen. Most of Tyler’s half-siblings are born through her father’s different relationships while some of them are through her mother’s.

Her eldest half-brother, Antron, who was born on Dec 29, 1987, is the first son of Scottie and his ex-wife, Karen McCollum. However, Antron died on April 18, 2021, due to Chronic Asthma.

The late Tyler Roby Pippen's father, Scottie, in the right middle with and his ex-wife's Larsa's children.
Tyler’s father, Scottie Pippen with his and his ex-spouse, Larsa’s kids.

Tyler’s father, Scottie also has four children from his second wife, Larsa Younan whom he married in 1997. They are Scotty Jr, Preston, Justin, and Sophia.

Tyler’s other half-sister is Sierra Pippen who was born through Scottie’s relationship with Yvette DeLeon. Also from her mother, Sonya’s other marriage, the late Tyler is a half-sister to her two children, a son, and a daughter, whose names, as mentioned, are still unclear.

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