Where Is Beth Ann Santos Now? Everything About Paul Teutul Sr.’s Ex- Wife

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    Beth Ann Santos is a California native, who used to work as a flight attendant in the early 2000s. Apart from that, she is also an American personality who appeared in a couple of episodes of Discovery Channel’s highest rating show American Choppers. Nevertheless, she is also famous as the ex-wife of Paul Teutul Sr, TV producer and founder of the Orange County Choppers.

    Her ex-hubby was the main face of the reality show American Choppers and Orange County Choppers, the spin-off of the original series. Besides, he has also done a cameo in the movie Wild Hogs starring legendary actor John Travolta. The movie was about bikes and 4 men embarking on a road trip journey and there’s no way the creators could’ve missed the trailblazer of the motorcycle industry.

    So, today we have come up with the unknown facts about Paul Teutul Sr.’s ex-wife Beth Ann Santos. Know about her age, children, and if she has married another man or been dating one in the article below.

    Beth Ann Santos’ Age

    Paul Teutul Sr.’s ex-wife, Beth is in her mid-60s. She was born in the year 1957 in California, USA.

    Now, coming to the details regarding her family background, it is blurry as she never revealed her parents and other related details. However, upon our research, the surname Santos traces back to the Christian origin of Portuguese and Spanish lands. So, apparently, she belongs to the Hispanic ethnicity.

    Beth Ann Santos aka Beth Dillon Is Married Twice

    In case you didn’t know, Beth is married twice. On 30th August 1975, Beth walked down the aisle with Burton Dillon for the first time. The Dillon couple were happily married and shared 2 kids between them.

    However, their marriage took a turn and their blissful journey soon came to an end nearly 15 yrs later. Eventually, the duo parted their ways after spending over a decade together. The former husband and wife never revealed the reason for their split.

    Beth Met Her 2nd Husband Paul Teutul Sr. on a Flight

    Following her divorce, Beth found a new love, her second husband Paul Teutul Sr. on a flight from California in December 2005. She used to work as a flight attendant back then and coincidently Paul happened to be on the same plane.

    Among the 2 lovebirds, it was Paul who made the first move and asked her about her husband, just to make sure he wasn’t shooting behind the bushes for anything. As she was a single mom at the time, he was relieved and after exchanging a few talks, Teutul got her number.

    What connected them the most is that both of them were divorcees, had suffered from heartache, and could empathize with each other. Their experience clicked in for them at the time they met and the duo got perfectly well along.

    Beth Ann Santos Marriage and Divorce With Paul Sr.

    Beautiful Beth tied the knot with the American TV star, Paul Teutul Sr. on 29th July 2007 in the Town of Montgomery after dating for roughly 1/2 yrs. On her wedding day, Beth wore a snow-white gown with embroidery and the groom donned a black tuxedo with one sans sleeves in his rowdy style as usual. Their wedding venue was flooded with 130 guests and a few camera crews.

    Paul Teutul Sr.'s ex-wife Beth Ann Santos
    Beth Ann Santos’s Wedding Pic With Ex-Husband Paul Sr.

    Everything was going superb like a fine wine. But there’s a big but! Their lovey-dovey ended pretty soon. 8 yrs down the lane from their marriage, the couple called it quits in 2015. With it, the pair left the fans of the show a bit baffled. Nevertheless, many tabloids suggest that the duo didn’t have any children which could be a core reason behind their split.

    How Many Children Does Beth Dillon Have?

    Beth Ann Santos has 2 sons namely Burton Dillon 3 and Brent Dillon from her marriage with her first ex Burton Dillon. On the contrary, she was also the stepmom to 4 of Paul’s children; Paul Teutul Jr, Michael Teutul, Christin Teutul, and Daniel Teutul.

    Beth Ann Children
    Paul Teutul Sr.’s 4 kids from his 1st ex-wife Paula Teutul

    All 4 of them are her stepchildren from her ex-partner Paul Teutul Sr.’s marriage with his former wife Paula Teutul.

    Her Ex-Husband Paul Teutul Sr. was on Hiatus

    Beth’s former husband, Paul was on a hiatus for 5 long yrs until he finally returned on screen with Discovery Channel’s popular reality show American Choppers in the spring of 2018. Initially, the show ran for a decade from 2002 to 2012. However, as the Teutuls’ fame and fortune increased the inner conflicts within the family intensified. So, it went off air 3yrs prior to Beth’s divorce from her husband Paul.

    Also, it might be one of the reason’s why the media was unaware of the show’s cast going separate ways out of their reel life when Beth and Paul divorced.

    Did Beth Ann Santos Appear in American Choppers?

    Yes, of course! During her marriage to Paul Sr., Beth Ann Santos appeared in a few episodes of the reality TV series American Choppers where her then-husband and stepson Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr. respectively, were the main part of the show.

    When talking about the show, it revolves around a family collaborating together in building bikes and bringing their tremendous craft on board. It showcases the father and son duo, Sr. and Jr.’s teamwork behind the scenes in their Orange County Choppers company to meet the deadlines. The show gained 3 million viewers and was a hit on Discovery Channel.

    However, all that ended, and the show got canceled when it shifted from its moto and just remained a mere joke to its name. With the constant feud between the father and son which grew nastier in later episodes, the show bid adieu to the viewers in 2012. Nevertheless, there was good news for the fans, as the show revived and returned back in 2018 with all the enthusiasm.

    Beth’s Ex-husband Paul Teutul Sr. in Debt and Bankrupt

    Well, Beth’s former partner, Paul Sr. owes a shocking amount of $2 to 3 million to others. Paul Sr. has even admitted himself that he owed approximately 50 creditors a total sum of $1,071,000. Up off that, he has $1.8 million worth of interest fees on his home. Likewise, an additional $151K and change due amount to pay in taxes to Crawford, N.Y.

    Moreover, he also filed for bankruptcy in 2018 as per celebrity net worth. Well, you might get tired of reading but my friends Paul Sr. has a never-ending list and many unfinished businesses.

    Where Is Beth Ann Santos Now? Her Life After Divorce

    Beth has managed to avoid the limelight and has successfully kept the secrets of her personal life post-divorce grounded. The once TV personality has been cautious and hasn’t let the buff regarding her private life spill over the internet. However, as per some sources, she is said to be single and hasn’t seen anyone after her marriage failed twice.

    On the other hand, her former partner has already found a new companion for him. Paul Sr. has been dating his longtime girlfriend Joan Bulger Kay lately. The new pair spend their time riding bikes and rescuing animals when he is not busy with his projects.


    Beth Ann Santos’ Net Worth

    Being a celebrity ex-wife, she certainly has a decent amount of fortune. Nonetheless, neither she nor any media sources have revealed the exact amount of her wealth.

    On the contrary, her ex-husband Paul Teutul Sr. has an estimated net worth of $500k.

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