Where Is Gianni Gregorini Now? Untold Facts About Barbara Bach’s Son

By Ashi Thapa | Updated on June 16, 2022
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    Gianni Andrea Gregorini is a businessman who came to fame as the son of an American actress Barbara Goldbach. Besides, he is also famous as the step-son of Ringo Starr, the drummer of The Beatles.

    Despite being a star kid, Gianni never preferred the limelight. While his appearances are scarce in the media, his siblings are quite a name. Nonetheless, he is an established businessman following his dad’s footsteps and doing really well in his field. On the contrary, Gianni Andrea had a tough childhood as he was diagnosed with a disability when he was born. Well, what did he suffer from? How is he doing now?

    Here, we will find out everything about Barbara Bach’s son Gianne in this article. Stay with us till the end to know about his age, family, wife, disability, and net worth in detail.

    Gianni Gregorini’s Wiki; Age and Education

    Born in April 1972, Gianni is 50 years old as of 2022. He was born Count Gian Andrea Gregorini de Savingniani di Romagnia in Rome, Italy. As his mother is of Jewish-Irish descent and his father was Italian, Gianni belongs to mixed ethnicity. As per his nationality, he holds Italian citizenship.

    Gianni Gregorini and his biological sister Francesco
    Childhood picture of Gianni and his biological sister Francesco Gregorini

    Coming to his education, he allegedly studied in a local private school for his primary education. Later enrolled at the American College in California and graduated from there.

    Andrea Gregorini’s Parents Separated When He was Four

    Gianni Gregorini’s biological father late Augusto Gregorini was a businessman whereas his mother Barbara Bach is a popular American actress. Andrea spent his early childhood with his biological parents. Sadly, his mom and dad then parted ways when he was just 4 years old.

    Childhood Photo of Gianni Gregorini With His Mom
    Gianni Gregorini with his mom Barbara and biological sister Francesco when he was a child; Instagram

    Later, Barbara remarried the Ringo Starr, and Gianni along with her biological sister Francesca started living with them. He has a good relationship with his step-father as well.

    Gianni Gregorini’s Mother Had Difficulty During His Delivery

    Before the divorce, the former couple shared two children in their marriage. It all went well during the birth of the first child, however, it wasn’t the same with her second baby, Gianni.

    Barbara didn’t have any difficulties during her pregnancy and went for a natural delivery. Regardless, doctors discovered complications after the examination.

    Doctors learned of an irregular heartbeat and Gianni’s mom had to deliver him by Caesarean section. It was found that his neck was tightly wrapped with an umbilical cord. It resulted in a lack of oxygen resulting in complications.

    Gianni Was Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy; He had a Tough Time

    After the baby was born, doctors stated he has suffered brain damage and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Eventually, he underwent physiotherapy for a couple of years until he could walk.

    Because of his condition, Gianni had a terrible time at school. He then could hardly move around and in fact, wasn’t even allowed to play with other kids. Well, the good news is he is doing well at present and making his life earnings by himself.

    All the Gianni’s Siblings Are Successful

    Gianni has altogether four siblings; one biological and three half-siblings. All his siblings are successful in their careers and living luxurious lives.

    His only biological sister Francesca Gregorini is an Italian-American screenwriter and a film director. She has also worked as a musician playing guitar and bass. Her directorial debut film was Tanner Hall.

    Gianni And His Biological Sibling Francesca
    Gianni and his biological sibling Francesca

    Talking about the half-siblings, both his step-brother Zak Richard Starkey and Jason Starkey are drummers. Zak has recorded with an English rock band “Who” since 1996 and has also appeared with the Oasis band as a third drummer. He also worked as a guitarist with U-Roy. Similarly, Jason also played drums in the succession of various bands.

    Gianni’s half-sister on the other hand is a fashion designer and a make-up artist. Furthermore, she also sang backup vocals on “La De Da” on Ringo’s “Vertical Man.”

    What Is Gianni Doing Now?

    Gianni after graduation followed the path of his dad and is a businessman at present. He used to work for his father but has a leading shoe business of his own by the name Gregori shoes.

    Furthermore, Gianni Andrea currently resides in Beverly Hills, L.A.

    Is Gianni Gregorini In a Relationship?

    As Gianni doesn’t prefer talking much about his personal life out in media, he hasn’t revealed being engaged in any kind of relationship. While there is a lot of curiosity concerning his marriage and wife. However, unfortunately, there is not much information in this regard.

    In addition, many tabloids have also speculated that he is still single and isn’t dating a girlfriend.

    Gianni Andrea’s Social Media Handle

    Since Gianni likes to maintain his privacy, he keeps his private life to himself. Having said that, he owns a private Instagram account by the name “Gianni Gregorini.” Except for this, he doesn’t have accounts on any social sites.

    Net Worth

    As we mentioned earlier, Gianni Andrea Gregorini is a businessman, he must be a millionaire. However, multiple reports have suggested his net worth is around a million.

    Meanwhile his mother Barbara’s total fortune is $20 million.


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