Where Is Melissa Ann Piavis, The Ex-Wife Of The Big Show Now?

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    Melissa Ann Piavis is famous for being the ex-wife of Paul Donald Wight, The Big Show, the famous wrestler and actor. Wight and Melissa were together from the late 90s to the early 2000s during which the latter gained quite public attention. However, after their divorce, her wrestler ex-husband didn’t wait long to remarry.

    After Melissa, Wight would tie the knot with model and fitness trainer, Bess Katramados. But what about Melissa? What has she been doing in the years she divorced The Big Show? Did she remarry? Also, what does she do now?

    Know the answers to all these in the article below.

    Melissa Ann Piavis Parents, Education, And Others

    Melissa Ann Piavis was born sometime in May 1966. Her father’s name is James Piavis and her grandparents are the late Dr.William Piavis and Winnie Piavis.

    However, in other respects, there isn’t much to say about Piavis, either her parental details or her early life. Some records however show Melissa is a native of Kennesaw, Georgia.

    Also although not confirmed, it has been presumed that Piavis went to Sprayberry High School in Georgia. Following that, she studied at UGA.

    Melissa Ann Piavis Relationship with The Big Show

    Melissa Ann Piavis and Paul Donald Wight first met each other in 1995 when the latter had just kicked off his career as a wrestler. After dating for over 2 years they decided to marry each other. The couple tied the knot on 14 February 1997, on the day of Valentine’s day.

    Piavis' ex-partner, Paul Wight
    Big Show during a workout.

    When together, the couple had one daughter named Cierra Wight born on November 28, 1998, in Florida, just after one year of their marriage. The ex-couple daughter, Cierra is 23 years old as of 2022.

    Why Did Melissa And Paul Divorce?

    According to Melissa, one of the reasons behind their divorce was that Paul allegedly never gave time to her and his daughter, which forced Melissa to separate from the Big Show. Rumor has it that Paul at one point even ditched their second anniversary to go and compete at a match.

    Some theories also blame the Big Show’s unfaithfulness toward Melissa; the ex-WWE champion allegedly cheated on Piavis with his current wife, Bess. It however is unclear what really went wrong.

    Further, in all these decades not once has Paul ever talked about his off-the-ring life to any publications much less his first failed marriage.

    Nevertheless, Melissa and Paul separated in 2000 and the ex-couple finalized their divorce on 6th February 2002.

    Paul Didn’t Wait Long To Remarry After Divorcing His Ex-Wife Melissa Ann Piavis

    After getting divorce from his ex-wife, Piavis, Paul didn’t wait that long to remarry.

    In fact, when his divorce from Melissa was still going on, Paul was then already dating model and fitness trainer Bess Katramados who would also become Wight’s second wife. Katramados was born on July 13, 1973, in Illinois, USA.

    Melissa Ann Piavis' ex-husband, The Big Show with his current wife, Bess Katramados in Dec 2013.
    Paul Wight with his current spouse, Bess Katramados in Dec 2013.

    Paul and Katramados married each other in 2002, the same year Wight and Melissa’s marriage officially ended.

    Katramados and Paul are now parents to two children of their own. Though the pair haven’t revealed their kids to the public yet.

    On the other hand, Cierra, Paul’s eldest child with Melissa reportedly lives in Florida. She went to Palm Habor High School where she studied Graphic Designing. Later on, she went to study at the University of West Florida.

    Paul Wight’s Career: WCW, WWF, WWE, And AEW

    Piavis’ partner, Paul began his wrestling career by first signing with WCW in 1995. Four years later, Wight would leave WCW to join the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

    Starting from 1995, Paul was the headliner for multiple events for WCW and WWF/WWE. As a wrestler, Wight was a seven-time world champion including two World Heavyweight Championships, two WWE Championships, two World Heavyweight Championships, and 11-time world tag team championships, among others.

    ex-WWE wrestler, Paul Wight.
    Piavis’ former spouse, Paul Wight, or the Big Show. WWE

    Piavis’ former partner, Wight left WWE in Feb 2021. Apparently, the reason behind the discontinuation between Wight and the WWE was their disagreements over the new contract’s financial terms.

    Wight later said creative frustrations and lack of ideas were also the reasons for his departure.

    After WWE, Paul would join All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on Feb 2021. Wight signed AEW under his real name.

    Where Is Piavis Now? What Does She Do?

    Melissa came to the spotlight only after being in a relationship with the Big Show. However, in the years she was the wrestler’s wife in addition to the time since she and Wight divorced each other, it has never come to light what her profession is.

    Some public tellings, however, show Piavis splits her time between Hiram, Georgia, and Palm Harbor, Florida. She is also reported to have stayed in Cartersville, Georgia sometime in the past.

    What Is The Net Worth Of Melissa Ann Piavis?

    Given that her line of work is a bit of a murky concept, it is imprecise what or how much Melissa has churned out for herself in terms of riches and all.

    Nonetheless, some outlets do project she is quite well off on her own; it is believed she must have received quite enough when she divorced her ex-partner, Paul Wight.

    On the other hand, her former husband, Big Show has a net worth of $20 million from his wrestling career. As per the report, his annual salary was $1 million from WWE.

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