Where Is The Big Show’s First Daughter Cierra Wight Now? Her Details

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    Cierra Wight is a famous celebrity kid. She is the daughter of former WWE star The Big Show or Paul Wight. Her father has been married twice and Cierra is the daughter of his first wife.

    Since her father is a celebrity, Cierra herself also often generates a few or two curiosities. She, however, has always remained a somewhat private personality so much so that not even a definitive picture of hers has ever surfaced in the media.

    Know why there’s so much ambiguousness around the wrestler’s daughter. Also, read what her early life was like in addition to questions about her family and siblings.

    When Cierra Wight Was Born? Details On Her Early Life and Family

    Cierra Wight who is American by nationality was born on November 28, 1998. Most of her life has been a mystery since her birth including where she was actually born to what she’s been up to. Accordingly, it is a mystery what Cierra’s childhood looked like.

    However, some sources say The Big Show’s daughter is alleged to be a Georgian by birth where she also mostly grew up. Also, she is the first child of her parents, Paul and Melissa Ann Piavis.

    Wight Educational Detail

    This chapter of Cierra’s life is also somewhat murky. Ironically Paul despite having appeared in so many interviews has hardly ever talked about his first daughter. Wherefore many a thing about Cierra is limited to theories and suppositions only.

    But then again, some columns have gone on to claim that Paul’s daughter is a former student of Palm Harbor High School.

    It likewise has been said that Cierra Wight studied at the University of West Florida where she received her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing in 2021.

    Cierra’s Parent’s Relationship; They Were Married For A Couple Of Years

    We have already discussed that Cierra is the daughter of Melissa Ann Piavis and Paul Donald Wight. Melissa and Paul were in a relationship sometime before 1997. After dating for several days, they finally married on February 14, 1997.

    Cierra Wight's father and ex-WWE star, Paul Wight or The Big Show.
    Ex-WWE heavyweight champion, The Big Show. AP

    They gave birth to their first child on 1998 November 28 and she was none other than Cierra. However, two years after their first child’s birth, Cierra’s parents parted thèir ways in 2000. They finished their divorce on February 6, 2002. At the time, their daughter Cierra was just 4 years old.

    Cierra Wight Has Two Siblings From Her Father’s Current Marriage

    Cierra Wight has two half-siblings from her father’s current marriage. After the divorce from Melissa Ann Piavis, Big Show became the husband of Bess Katramados.

    The couple tied on February 11, 2002. Later, they gave birth to a baby boy and a baby girl.

    A Quick Peek At Cierra Wight’s Father’s Wrestling Career

    Big Show is a famous actor and wrestler. The performer, who was born on February 8th, 1972 in Aiken South Carolina, is a 12-time wrestling world champion.

    Paul started his wrestling career by signing with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He made his in-ring debut on 3rd December 1994 against Frank Finnegan.

    Over the next several decades, Cierra’s father was one of the main wrestlers for numerous events for WCW, WWF, and WWE. During those times, he would win titles including World Heavyweight Championships, WWE Championships, World Heavyweight Championships, and World Tag Team Championships, among others.

    The father of three left the WWE franchise in Feb 2021. And the reason was Paul’s disagreement with the financial terms that the network had presented to him. Later, the 7-foot-tall wrestler also commented on WWE’s poor handling of his storyline.

    Following his departure from WWE, Paul joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in Feb 2021.

    Cierra's father and now an AEW wrestler, Paul Donald WIght
    Big Show during a workout. Social Media

    Speaking a little about his giant body, it all started for the wrestler at the age of 12 years, by which he was already 6 feet 2 inches tall and was quite overweight. He, at the time, was suffering from a hormone disorder called acromegaly. Basically, acromegaly is a disease caused by a high level of growth of hormones in the body which led the growth of chest hair at a lower age.

    This was not healthy growth for Paul Donald Wight. To stop the condition, he had to go through surgery. After that, he was fit for different wrestling events.

    Is She Close With Her Father?

    Although Cierra is practically a nobody when it comes to media attention, she is believed to have a good relationship with her wrestler-father.

    Reylynn Caster, the actor who played Lola in the Netflix's The Big Show Show.
    Paul says the storyline of Lola from his show, The Big Show Show is similar to his real-life situation involving his real daughter, Cierra custody. Image Source: Netflix

    In fact, Paul himself confirmed it in April 2020. During an interview with the Direct TV Insider, while discussing how close his character on the then ongoing series, The Big Show Show was to his real personality, the ex-WWE star said:

    Sure this is the Big Show character, the size, and the presence speaks for itself.

    Wight added his girls (presumably Cierra and his other daughter with his current wife) however also brings out his vulnerability. Yet the Giant said he has a love for all of them and that he was willing to make fun of himself thereby making his girls’ day better.

    Cierra Wight Dating Life: Does She Have A Boyfriend?

    Bearing in mind the utmost closeted life Cierra lives, her so far life to the outsiders is nothing but aggravating whatsoever. This is especially true as far as her love life goes, more precisely if the young adult is dating or all single.

    Considering her age, it’s likely the star kid at least has had some form of romantic affiliation in the past. However, whether or not, she has that special someone now is a matter of extreme obscurity.

    Cierra’s Professional Career; What Does The Big Show’s Daughter Do?

    Although Cierra Wight is the daughter of famous wrestler Big Show, she hasn’t made her professional information public. In fact, as mentioned the celebrity daughter, herself is a solid nonentity and has been so for years.

    Nonetheless, it is said that she may be working as some sort of graphic designer. She is also reported to have been residing somewhere in Florida.

    Cierra Wight On Social Media

    Other than the title, the daughter of Paul Wight, Cierra is largely a no-show be it off the camera or even on the modern trend like Facebook, Instagram, and others. The lady in her early 20s is quite an absentee on social media and is yet to be seen officially.

    On the other hand, her father’s Big Show is officially available on almost all of them including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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