Who Is Amanda Bearse’s Wife, Carrie Schenken: Are They Still Together?

By Aishwarya Acharya | Updated on October 3, 2022
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    Carrie Schenken is the wife of a veteran American actress, comedian, and director, Amanda Bearse. This lesbian couple met around the late 2000s but as of now, their marital status is a bit vague with social media suggesting their relationship is long over while tabloids saying otherwise.

    Whatever the case, when Carrie and Amanda were together, they were adored by many LGBTQ+ communities. They furthermore do have a story of their own from how they met to where they stand now.

    Here in this article, we will discuss their love life in detail as well as their professional life, with a bit more focus on Carrie Schenken’s wiki including her early life, parents, career, and even her net worth.

    Carrie Schenken Has A Bit Of A Lowkey History

    Talking about Carrie’s early life, there is not much information. It nonetheless is reported that Schenken was born on April 24, 1958, in Florida in a middle-class family. The family information about Carrie is found nowhere since she had no connections with the glamour industry until she married Amanda.

    A Navy daughter, Carrie Schenken in Aug 2020.
    Amanda Bearse’s wife, Carrie Schenken in Aug 2020. Facebook

    Yet again, some records show Carrie is the daughter of the late Roger Lee Schenken, a former navy man. She likewise is said to be the daughter of Jerri Schenken of Truckee. Carrie apparently also has a brother named, Wes Schenken.

    Amanda’s wife, Carrie completed her schooling and then continued working on her own. According to some sources, she used to work as a camera technician in her early days. Other than that, the prior life of Schenken is a complete mystery.

    Well, ‘If you marry someone famous, you will be famous too, whether you like it or not.’ This is very true for every low-profiled person that gets married to a famous one, case in point, Carrie.

    Carrie Apparently Owns A Dog Wash Station In Seattle

    Schenken reportedly is the owner of a dog wash station called Rub-A-Dub Dog. The business website claims they are the first self-service dog wash to open in Seattle. It has been in the run since 1997. Carrie’s pet service business also offers expert nail clipping in addition to gland expression, among others. The hours of operation are 10 to 7 from Monday to Friday and 9 to 7 from Sat to Sun.

    How Did Carrie Schenken And Her Partner, Amanda End Up Together?

    Carrie and Amanda met in the year 2008. The couple shared an instant click after the first meet itself. After being in a relationship for a few years, the couple married in the year 2010.

    Amanda in an interview said she and Carrie went to Vermont for the wedding and the duo tied the knot with everyone present. They then had some family time in Connecticut after which they all went to Seattle. Both of them were already about 52 years old during their marriage.

    Bearse adopted a daughter, Zoe Bearse in the year 1993 which was before marrying Carrie. The couple also adopted another child shortly after their marriage but have chosen to keep the name private.

    About Carrie’s Well-known Wife, Amanda

    Amanda Bearse is an American actress, and comedian now working as a director. She has been active in this field since the year 1982, which is more than 40 years.

    Bearse grew up in Winter Park, Florida. She completed her schooling at Winter Park High School in 1976, her family then moved to Atlanta. She attended Rollins College, Birmingham Southern College, and Young Harris College, where she got an arts degree.

    Carrie Schenken’ wife Amanda’s Professional Life

    Bearse was very sure about what she wanted to peruse next. Maybe her keen interest in the field of acting never let her be distracted. She studied acting in Neighborhood Playhouse located in New York under the guidance of instructor Stanford Meisner.

    Amanda initially gained success in the role of Amanda Cousins on the soap opera, All My Children from 1982 to 1983.  Her big break was in the year 1987 when she was cast as Marcy Rhoades on the Fox TV sitcom, Married…with Children. Her performance in a horror film, Fright Night opposite William Ragsdale was unexceptional and the best of her career.

    Amanda Bearse, Fright Night, shoot
    Amanda Bearse in the set of Fright Night. Source: fright night

    Besides acting, Bearse began directing television while working on Married…with Children till it came to an end in the year 1997. She directed a total of 31 episodes of the show, and it was very popular at the time. She also directed several episodes of some other shows. Reba Mad TV, Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher and Maand Malcolm & Eddie are some of those.

    In the year 2006, Bearnese along with Rosie O’Donnell directed The Big Gay Sketch Show. This show debuted on Logo on April 24, 2007.

    How did Carrie’s Spouse Bearse come out?

    Amanda Bearse publicly came out as a lesbian in the year 1993. It was Monday, on the occasion of “National Coming Out Day“. To come out as a lesbian, in that era of time was harder than it would be today.

    Amanda answered about the consequences she might have to face after her coming out in a Q&A session.

    The question:

    “You came out as gay publicly while the show was still on the air. Did you get push-back or negativity for that?”

    Amanda’s Answer:

    “I was the first one, it was kind of unusual to be on national television and do that. And then Ellen, of course, made her mark a few years later. For me, I had been out, of course, in my personal life. The reason I chose that period was that it was when my daughter was born.

    Schenken’s partner also said she felt anxious for the reason that the media were going to create a narrative around her sexual orientation and her adopted child. This all apparently led Bearse to finally tell her story in her own words.

    Amanda Bearse, actor, director
    A recent picture of Amanda Bearse

    Since then, Amanda has been constantly working as an activist for the LGBTQ+ community. A lot of respect and appreciation for Amanda for taking an initial step toward creating comfort for the people of this community.

    Carrie Schenken Has A Daughter From Her Past Relationship

    Before Amanda, Carrie was in a relationship with another person. In fact, she even had a daughter with him and prior to meeting Amanda, Carrie was living in Seattle with her daughter. It, however, has never come to light who Carrie’s ex-partner is.

    On the other hand, Amanda, too, was previously in a relationship with her co-actress, Sandra Bernhard.

    Are Carrie And Amanda Still Married; Social Media Says They Might Not Be?

    Vaguely searching around the media, you will not find any information regarding the current status of this couple. It can be easily presumed that this old couple might be living a good life somewhere but it’s not the case. The most recent picture where this couple has been seen together is of the year 2015.

    On the other hand, looking into Carrie Schenken’s Facebook account, you can see her living a completely different life than we ever imagined. In the long run, you can see Carrie uploading pictures constantly with a lady named Sydney Jackson.

    Washington native Carrie with her partner, Sydney at their wedding in 2021.
    Amanda Bearse’s ex-wife, Carrie with her new partner, Sydney at their wedding in 2021. Carrie’s Facebook

    A few normal pictures might not have drawn much attention, but there is a wedding picture of Carrie Schenken and Sydney Jackson. The comment section of the picture is too filled with good wishes and blessings for those two.

    This has created confusion and raised questions among the people with many wondering if Carrie has already divorced Amanda and moved on with another partner. Though the real thing is yet to get out in the open.

    Carrie’s Financial Well-being; What Is Her Net Worth?

    Carrie used to work as a camera technician previously. But now that she is a businesswoman, her financial stature might be something worth decoding. However, since she has always lived a non-celeb life, the estimation of her wealth is hard to get by. Having said that, the what-about of her net worth, for the time being, seems a bit of a tough proposition.

    On the other hand, her wife alleged-ex-Amanda is still involved in film producing and advocating for the LGBTQI community. According to recent sources, she has a net worth of $16 million.

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