Who is Ayesha Hauer? Everything About Thomas Jane’s Ex-Wife!

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    Ayesha Hauer is a Swiss Actress who is the daughter of a late well-known actor, writer, and socialist Rutger Hauer. Like her father, Ayesha is also interested in acting and has already worked in a couple of movies like Welcome Says the Angel(1966), Kick of Death(1977), and At Ground Zero(1944).

    On the other hand, Hauer is also popular as the ex-wife of Thomas Jane, an actor better known for his role in Evening Raga of the West, Boogie Nights, and more. The two married for years before their divorce. Let’s know if the ex-duo does shares any children together or not.

    In the article below, we will also explore several other intriguing facts about Thomas Jane’s ex-wife Ayesha including her birth details, personal life, acting career, and many more!

    How Old Is Ayesha Hauer? Her Childhood Details 

    As of 2022, Hauer is 56-year-old. She was born on April 1, 1966, in Basel, Switzerland. Her ethnicity is Swiss and belongs to American nationality.

    Since her father was a well-renowned Hollywood actor, Ayesha was exposed to media and cameras from her early childhood. Undoubtedly, Ayesha spent her childhood in quite a luxurious way.

    Who Are Ayesha’ Hauer’s Parents? 

    Ayesha is the daughter of late actor Rutger Hauer and Heidi Merz. The two, however, divorced after some time of their marriage. After getting split, Hauer’s mother Heidi lived her life in shadow but her father Rutger went on to marry Ineke Ten Cate in 1985 in a private ceremony.

    Who Was Hauer’s Father Rutger Hauer?

    Rutger Olsen Hauer was a Dutch actor who was born on 23 January 1944. He began his acting career with a Dutch television show and gained recognition after his leading role in the movie Turkish Delight (1973). The film was later listed as the best Dutch Film of the Century.

    Furthermore, Hauer was also known for his charismatic performance in the films like Soldier of Orange (1977), Blade Runner (1982), The Hitcher (1986), Batman Begins (2005), and many others. In 2012, Rutger won the 2012 Rembrandt Award for his performance in The Heineken Kidnapping (2011).

    Apart from his splendid acting career, Rutger was a social worker too and a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Additionally, the late actor was the founder of Rutger Hauer Starfish Association, an AIDS Awareness Organization.

    His Dad Rutger Died at 75

    Sadly, Ayesha’s father Rutger died on 19 July 2019 at his home in Beetsterzwaag at the age of 75. His family didn’t reveal the cause of his demise.

    About five days after his death, the family organized a private funeral service. And on the occasion of his 76th birthday on 23 January 2020, another program in his honor was organized in Beetsterzwaag. Sharon Stone, Prince Christiaan, and Miranda Richardson were the main guests at the event. 

    Ayesha Hauer Is The Ex-Wife of Thomas Jane: Their Marriage Details  

    Ayesha was married to Hollywood actor Thomas Jane on 15th December 1989. The two wed in a family-oriented ceremony in front of their families and close colleagues.

    Like their ultra-private wedding, the two also kept the details about their initial romance like how did they meet and start dating to themselves. Regardless of their tendency of keeping things secret, sources say they dated for some time before their 1989 nuptial.

    Ayesha with a kid
    The actress Ayesha Hauer.

    After they got hitched, Ayesha and her ex-husband Thomas also worked together on a couple of acting projects.

    How Did Their Marriage Dissolve?

    Hauer and her former spouse were in a beautiful marital relationship for years. Although everything seemed to be perfect between the two initially, it didn’t go for a long. And they went their separate ways about five years after their marriage in 1995. As per tabloids, the former flames parted aways mutually.

    Ayesha is The Mother of a Child

    Rutger Hauer’s daughter Hauer also shared a child a son named Leandro Maeder with her former spouse. He was born on 14th December 1987. Like his mom and dad, Leandro is also an actor who is famous for Barbiere, IL, Eating Out 2, and American High School.

    Hauer’s Relationship Status Post Divorce

    Since her divorce from her former husband Thomas, the actress has remained ultra-secretive about her love life. She has since never talked about her relationship status publically.

    In the meantime, her ex-husband Thomas was then married to an actress Olivia d’Abo. However, their marital relationship also couldn’t long last and they divorced in 2011.

    Ex-Husband Thomas Jane

    Thomas is one of the popular figures in Hollywood, who is known for portraying Frank Castle in the Marvel Comic film, The Punisher. Born on February 22, 1969, Jane is the founder of RAW studios, a company that produces comic books.

    He has worked in several movies including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Magnolia, Stander, 61, Killshot, Dig, and many more. Also, Jane won Golden Globe Award for best actor in a television series Hung.

    Ayesha Hauer’s Professional Career

    Being the daughter of a popular actor, Hauer developed a strong passion for acting from her childhood days. She once said that her father who initially trained her in acting arts was the main source of inspiration for her.

    After passing high school, Ayesha started her career in acting and modeling. She landed her first acting role in Witchcraft V, as the character of Anastasia in 1993.

    She later also had a lead role in the movies like At Ground Zero and Says the Angel. And the biggest project Ayesha appeared in was Kick Of Death (1997). The action thriller drama was based on the story of Shane McQuade-vice president at Nomura. She portrayed the character of Alia in the movie.

    Physical Appearance

    The 56 years old beautiful actress, Ayesha Hauer has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs about 135lbs. She has green eyes with blonde hair which matches her facial structure too.

    Ayesha Hauer’s Net worth

    The actress has an estimated net worth of around $1 million in 2022. She mostly made her fortune from her acting career. On the other hand, her former spouse Thomas’s net worth is $16 million.

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