Who Is Charlene Fleming? Untold Facts About Micky Ward’s Wife

By Anisha Maharjan | Updated on February 28, 2022
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    Charlene Fleming is mostly known for being the wife of retired boxer Micky Ward. Her husband Micky is an American former professional boxer. Micky is most famous for his trilogy of fights with Arturo Gatti. Out of the three matches, he received the Fight of the Year award for two of them.

    Even though the couple has been together for a couple of decades now, not many know who Charlene is. In this article, we are going to cover Micky’s wife Charlene Fleming Ward’s age, net worth, Instagram presence, career, and many more.

    Let’s dig into this article & find out about Micky’s life-partner Charlene Fleming.

    How Old Is Charlene Fleming? Her Early Life

    Charlene Fleming was born in 1976, making her of age 46 as of 2022. She spent her childhood in Lowell, Massachusetts.

    Fleming holds American citizenship and as for her ethnicity, she is Caucasian.

    Coming to her personal life, Charlene is yet to share any information about her parents, siblings, and her educational journey.

    Charlene Fleming Professional Life

    When it comes to Fleming, neither her personal life nor her professional life is revealed to the media.

    In parallel to her husband being a pro wrestler, most tabloids have claimed that Charlene too used to be an athlete.

    Furthermore, there are other tabloids who mention that Fleming used to work as a bartender prior to her marriage with Micky Ward.

    Charlene Is The Wife of a Pro Wrestler, Micky Ward

    Micky and Charlene tied the knot in 1999 amongst their close ones. Because the marriage was held privately, the couple hasn’t shared anything regarding the wedding venue or guest list.

    Charlene's husband Micky Ward
    Former Pro Wrestler Micky Ward

    Ever since her marriage to Micky Ward, Charlene became the talk of the town. Henceforth, she was more recognized as Charlene Ward or Charlene Fleming Ward.

    Who Is Charlene Fleming’s Husband Micky Ward?

    Fleming’s spouse Micky Ward was born George Michael Ward Jr. on October 4, 1965. He is a former American professional boxer. He started his boxing career in 1985. After being in the career for more than 18-years, Micky took retirement in 2003.

    During his active years, his trilogy of fights with Arturo Gatti made Micky famous. Out of 3 matches with Gatti, Micky won two of them. He even received Fight of the Year awards by The Ring magazine for the two fights.

    According to the sources, Ward collectively made $3 million from his fight with Gatti.

    Does Charlene Share a Child?

    Yes, the couple has a beautiful baby girl. They welcomed their daughter named Kasie Ward.

    Charlene's husband Micky and daughter Kasie Ward
    Micky with his daughter Kasie Ward and pet dogs

    Kasie is the only child of former wrestler Micky ward and his wife Charlene Fleming. She is active in various social media handles.

    What Did Ward Do Before He Was Famous?

    Before he became a professional wrestler, Ward used to fight in his hometown. Some tabloids report that he won some of his first matches by default. However, losing 3 matches in a row made Ward quit boxing in 1990/91.

    In the daytime, Ward worked with the road-paving crew. While Ward was taking his time off, he used his funds from his day job to have surgery on his right hand.

    In the surgery, doctors used bones from his pelvis to strengthen and fuse the bones of his hands.

    Is Charlene Fleming’s Husband Micky Ward back Into Boxing?

    Micky Ward has gained a huge fan following from his 15+ years of professional career. However, after his retirement in 2003, fans have left guessing if Micky is back as a pro wrestler.

    Charlene's husband Micky and mother-in-law
    Micky with his mom in his former years

    For all those curious folks, the answer is no. Currently, Ward owns a boxing gym as well as an outdoor hockey ring alongside his half-brother Dicky Eklund.

    In addition to that, Micky is now a motivational speaker as per his Instagram bio.

    Charlene’s partner Micky was sexually abused as a boy

    In an interview with DailyMail, Micky revealed that as a child, he was molested by a family friend between the age of 9 and 12 in his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts. The man was his brothers’ friend whose nickname was “Hammer”.

    In his autobiography, he wrote:

    He never asked me to do anything to him, but rather I was always on the receiving end of his advances. It wasn’t every month or every week, but it happened and it happened many times.

    He further added that he was too ashamed to say anything to anyone. However, he decided to reveal it in the book as it was based on his life and he should mention it as well.

    Amy Adams Portrayed Charlene’s Role in the Movie “The Fighter”

    Based on the real-life of professional boxer Micky Ward, the movie “The Fighter” premiered on December 17, 2010.

    Charlene’s role in the movie was played by actress Amy Adams. To better prepare for the role, Amy even met Charlene.

    Amy Adams as Charlene Fleming
    Amy Adams in the movie “Fighter” as Charlene Fleming

    When asked about the impression of meeting Charlene in real life, the actress answered:

    She is a sweetheart. What struck me about Charlene is that you had all these huge personalities, and she never once was like, “Let me tell you my side of the story.” She never did. She was content to sit in the background. And she was not about drawing attention to herself. Yet Charlene was really happy that Micky’s story was being told, and she was really supportive of that.

    For the role, Amy was nominated for an Oscar Award.

    What is Her Net Worth?

    To this date, Charlene has not revealed her source of income. So, as of now, it is safe to say Charlene earns enough to support herself. Also, she has her husband, so thanks to him she’s living a lavish lifestyle.

    On the other hand, her partner Micky has earned a hefty sum of $500,000.

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