Who is Dinah Mattingly? The Hidden Facts About Larry Bird’s Wife

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    Dinah Mattingly is a celebrity spouse who got the media’s limelight because of her husband, Larry Bird. Her husband Bird is famous for his basketball career. He is currently the executive of the NBA (National Basketball Association).

    Dinah and Larry are married for three decades and are still going so well. The couple also has two adopted children along with a step-daughter.

    More information about Mattingly’s long-lasting relationship with her spouse Larry and a few other facts about her life are mentioned below. Let’s check it all out!

    Larry Bird’s Wife Dinah Mattingly Early life: Daughter of A Former FBI Agent

    Dinah Mattingly aka Dinah Bird was born on November 16, 1954, in Indiana, USA. As of now, her age is 67. Talking about her parents, Mattingly is the daughter of a former FBI agent. She also has a brother named Doug Mattingly.

    Besides, her nationality is American, and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. She is Christian as per her religion. Talking about her educational background, Dinah attended her high school in Terre Haute, Indiana. Later on, she went to Indiana State University to gain her higher education.

    Dinah Mattingly Met Her Husband Larry Bird at College: Their Wedding Ceremony

    Dinah and her husband Larry first met at college. And a couple of months after their acquaintance, they started dating. As per reports, the couple tied the knot after 12 years of relationship. According to Glen Ankney, Larry and his wife Dinah exchanged their vows on Saturday at the noon at a friend’s home outside Terre Haute, Ind in 1989.

    Dinah Mattingly with her husband
    Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird watching an NBA match.

    Dinah and Larry held their wedding ceremony in a secretive way to keep the media away from it. Only seven people attended their marriage including the bride and groom. Mattingly and her husband Bird both wore stonewashed jeans at their wedding.

    Besides, Dinah is a mother of three children with her husband where two of them are adopted and one is from Larry’s first marriage. Connor and Mariah were the adopted children of Larry and Dinah. And Corrie Bird is the daughter Larry had with his then-wife Janet Condra.

    Dinah Met Her Future-Spouse Larry Bird in His Struggling Period of Time

    At the time when Larry and Dinah met each other, it was one of the most challenging and struggling phases of Bird’s career. It had just been a couple of years since his father committed suicide. After his father’s demise, Larry’s family became financially very weak.

    Larry Bird's ex-wife, Janet Condra
    Larry Bird and Janet Condra at the time of their wedding.

    In the meantime, Larry had also just separated from his first wife Janet Condra. He married Janet before Dinah joined Indiana State University. Condra was Larry’s childhood friend.

    They were in a beautiful relationship for some time, but the time and situation later didn’t go right for them. Larry and his former wife, Janet Condra parted ways a year after their marriage in 1976. But, soon after their split, they tried to reconcile and it also worked.

    Did Larry Bird Share a Child With His Ex-Wife, Janet Condra?

    Yes, Larry does share a child with his ex-spouse, Janet. He had a daughter named Corrie Bird with his former partner. Nevertheless, Larry initially refused to consider Corrie as his daughter because the girl was born on August 14, 1977, almost 10 months after their divorce.

    Following his rejection, Larry’s then-wife went for a DNA test, where it was flashed out that Larry was the biological father of Corrie. After that, the former basketball star agreed to create an account for her daughter’s child support.

    Dinah Mattingly Convinced Her Hubby, Larry To Talk With His Daughter, Corrie Bird

    Corrie Bird always want his father’s support in her growth but Larry refused to be part of it. Corrie even used to send emails and her report card but Larry never responded to her emails. But Dinah was the one who welcomed Corrie into their family and convinced her husband, Larry Bird to make a better connection with her.

    As per reports, Dinah would always leave a pair of tickets for his step-daughter Corrie and one of her friends to watch a Pacers game. After many invitations to Larry’s games, Larry finally had a conversation with Corrie.

    Larry Bird’s Adopted Children With Her Husband Dinah Mattingly

    As we mentioned earlier, Dinah has two adopted children, a son Connor and a daughter Mariah. Connor was born in 1992. Information about Mariah hasn’t been public.

    Larry Bird's son, Connor Bird
    Larry Bird’s son, Connor Bird

    Back in 2013, Dinah’s son, Connor was in the news headlines news after the star kid reportedly tried to hit his ex-girlfriend with his car.  Connor was then jailed but got bail after a few days.

    A part of it, Dinah’s daughter is an event manager of PS&E’s Event Coordinator and Special Projects Manager. She has good earnings as an event manager.

    Short Bio Of Dinah Mattingly’s Husband Larry Bird

    Larry Joe Bird aka Larry bird is an American former basketball player, coach, and executive in NBA. During his illustrious NBA career history, the renowned NBA star has received many awards including 3 NBA titles. He is one of the greatest basketball players of his time.

    Larry was also voted Coach of the Year in his first season (1997-98) at the Indiana Pacers.

    Dinah Mattingly’s Net Worth

    As per sources, Dinah hasn’t revealed her professional life or her net worth, whereas her husband, Larry who is an ex-NBA athlete has a net worth of $75 million. His main source of income comes from his basketball career.

    From NBA, Larry has earned around $24 million. He has also earned huge amounts from his multiple lucrative endorsement deals.mon interests.

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