Who is former actress Silvana Prince?

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    Silvana Prince is a former Mexican Actress. She gained fame as the mother of her famous actor son Vadhir Derbez.

    Apart from being famous as a celebrity mom, she is also a former actress, model, and singer. Currently, she works as an artist and has her own small business.

    So, who is Silvana? Why is she famous? What was her past relationship controversy? and How is her relationship with her celebrity son?

    Let’s find all the answers here today including some unknown facts about Vadhir Derbez’s mother Silvana Prince.

    Silvana Prince’s Wiki-Bio: What is her nationality?

    She was born on October 5 but her exact birth year has still not been revealed yet. Her birthplace is Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico.  Information about her biological parents and educational background has not been disclosed to date.

    Given that she was born in Mexico, she has Mexican nationality and belongs to the Mexican ethnicity.

    She has done a good job trying to separate her public life from her personal affairs. As she has made very few appearances outside her family and professional life. Silvana has never revealed much about her earlier years.

    The media is always keen on answering public curiosity about celebrities’ early life such as how they were brought up in their earlier years or what kind of background they come from. This gives the public a general idea about their favorite public figure. But sadly, Prince has refrained from revealing anything about her life.

    Who is Silvana Prince’s husband? Her Past Relationship controversy

    Relationship wise Silvana has not been vocal about seeing anyone. We have not seen any sign of a new relationship on her social media platform or out in the public. So, we can only assume that she is single as of now and not married to any husband.

    Silvana Prince' boyfriend
    Silvana with her partner Eugenio.

    Everyone has a past history of relationships and so does Silvana. She was in love with a Mexican actor, comedian, and filmmaker Eugenio Derbez. The former flames met in 1990 amidst a beauty contest and fell in love soon after.

    They continued their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend for over a year until they were blessed with their son in 1991. Unfortunately, the couple parted ways due to infidelity allegations on her ex-lover’s part.

    As for how their relationship, well Silvana herself gave all the answers through her son’s YouTube video. In the video, she discussed details of her past relationships and gives us insight into where things went wrong.

    Shockingly, she admits on cheating on her ex-boyfriend before he did. Her decision to leave him was made during her pregnancy. Although the couple separated they have no hard feelings about the past and have been good parents to their son.

    How is Silvana Prince relationship with her son Vadhir Derbez?

    The public’s curiosity is valid in Silvana’s relationship with her son as he is her only known child. Her bond with her son has always been strong as she has always been a supportive mother. Her son often posts about her on social media every mother’s day and seems to be grateful for her existence.

    Silvana Prince Vadhir Derbez
    Silvana Prince with her son in his YouTube video.

    Silvana once appeared on her son’s YouTube video and also shared her life details. This was something she has never done before so we can see how close and comfortable their relationship is. Her son has nothing but lovely words and great respect for her according to their interactions in the media.

    On her side, Silvana seems to absolutely adore her son and supports his projects, and promotes them on her social media. Their interaction looks like an ideal parent-child relationship in the public eyes.

    When did Silvana Prince start her career and what does she do now?

    According to the sources, Silvana started her career in acting as a teenager. She is mostly know for her roles in movies like El taxista querendón (1997) and Ayudame compadre (1992). Besides, her acting career she is also a former dancer and singer. Currently, she is an artist and small business owner.

    Silvana Prince Profession
    Silvana in her early years as an actress.

    Although she is not that well-known for her acting career it is not the case for her famous actor son. Her son is famous Mexican actor Vadhir Derbez. Her son was born on the 18th of February 1991 in Mexico City. He started acting when he was just 6 years old.

    He first started acting alongside his father and her then ex-lover on the series called Derbez en Cuando. He has since worked on various Spanish movies and series. Eventually, he made his debut in Hollywood playing the role of the younger version of his father in the 2017 movie, How To Be A Latin Lover. Since then he has done many other projects and continues to flourish in his acting career.

    Is Silvana Prince active on Social Media platforms?

    Silvana is quite active on social media platforms as she has about 58,000 following fan bases on her Instagram.

    She enjoys showcasing her artwork on her Instagram. Her other posts are often promoting her son’s new project. She also shares photos of her happy customers who seem to love her handiwork.

    Sometimes we can see glimpses of her personal life on social media. One such recent post shows us a picture of her with a birthday cake. 

    Her Net worth

    Silvana has accumulated wealth through her various career roles over the years. We know that her current primary source of income comes from her small business.

    There is no information regarding her annual salary. It is estimated that her net worth as of 2022 is around $100,000.

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