Who Is Gloria Darlene Fox: The Hidden Facts About Actress Megan Fox’s Mother

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    Gloria Darlene Fox is a former real estate agent and is popularly admitted as the mother of the admired actress and model, Megan Fox, the actress from hits including Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, among others.

    Fox’s mother, Gloria apparently was the first person who directly or indirectly inspired her daughter to pursue acting. The actress’ mother also has a bit of a story of her own including her relationship with Megan’s father and the guy she married afterward.

    So read in detail what exactly life was like for Gloria before her daughter dived into the film world. Was she a good mother to Megan and her sister? Why did she divorce the actress’ father and is she in a relationship with some other man?

    Gloria Darlene Fox Parents And Birth Details

    Gloria Darlene Fox, real name, Gloria Darlene Cisson, was born to Clay Harrison Cisson and Thelma Macel Nelson on July 14, 1952, in New York City, New York. She is now 70 years old as of 2022. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

    Gloria Darlene Fox with Her nephew.
    Elder-Son of Kristi, Kyler with his grandmother Gloria Darlene Fox. Source: Instagram

    While not confirmed, it is presumed Gloria, an American national has predominantly English-Irish ancestry.

    What does Gloria Darlene Fox Do For Her Living? 

    Except for being a celebrity mother, Gloria is also a property manager in the real estate industry.

    As per her LinkedIn profile, Megan’s mother has been engaged in sales association in Real Estate Sales Assoc. with Exp Realty since 2019. Besides that, she has 24 years of experience on the palm coast.

    She also worked as a manager and general manager for other three different companies. At Marco shores Estate and Imperial Bonita Estate she worked as a manager and moreover In Riverside Club Condominium Association she worked as a general manager.

    Additionally, Gloria has won many awards and nominations including two Scream Awards and four teen selection awards. Megan’s mom, now, however, has retired from her realtor career and is a full homemaker.

    Gloria Has Been Married Twice

    Gloria Darlene Fox has been married twice. Her first husband was Franklin Thomas who is also the biological father of Megan Fox and Kristi Branim Fox. They married in 1971. Their relationship lasted for 18 years and during those periods they gave birth to two children. Their daughter Megan is an actress, while Kristi is a Counselor in American School guidance.

    When Fox’s parents, Franklin and Gloria were together, the former was a Parole Officer. Besides, Darlene and Thomas ended their marriage in 1989 when Megan was only 3 years old. The ex-couple never revealed the reason behind their divorce.

    After her divorce from Franklin, Gloria married Tony Tonachio, who later would also look after Megan and Kristi. Gloria’s second husband, Tonachio, however, used to be very strict and a bit oppressive toward Megan and her sister.

    He apparently was also very religious so much so that he even raised Megan and her sister under strict Pentecostal rules. He furthermore also forbade the sisters from having boyfriends to even friends from coming to their house.

    Despite that, Gloria remained Tony’s wife until his death on 13 May 2011. As for the present, it is unclear whether Fox’s mother is married or not. She nevertheless is presumed to be residing in Marco Island, Florida.

    Gloria And Her Ex-Husband Franklin’s Daughters; A Brief About Their Personal Lives

    As mentioned, Gloria and her former spouse, Franklin, when together had two daughters, Megan, and her older sister, Kristi Branim Fox who is 12 years the Transformers actress’ senior.

    Unlike her youngest daughter, Gloria’s eldest daughter, Kristi isn’t a celebrity. She is a mother of two sons, Kyler and Caleb whom she welcomed with her ex-husband, Douglas Ray Branim.

    Magen Fox With her Biologicals Mother Gloria Darlene Fox
    Gloria Darlene Fox was an Estate manager except for Celebrity Mother. Source: Dailymail

    On the other hand, Darlene’s actress daughter, Megan is also a mother to three sons Bodhi Ransom Green, Journey River Green & Noah Shannon Green.

    Fox had her kids with her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green whom she had married in 2010. They separated in Oct 2021. As of present, Gloria’s second daughter, Megan is dating rapper and singer, Colson Baker also known as Machine Gun Kelly.

    Gloria Darlene Indirectly Inspired Her Younger Daughter Megan Fox To Choose The Acting Career

    Once, Gloria and Megan were watching “The Wizard of Oz” and it was one of their conversations about the film that gave her the idea to become an actress. Gloria was explaining to her daughter Megan that the character Dorothy wasn’t real and was playing the role of an actress as her real life is different.

    From then on, Fox decided she wanted to become an actress and later joined acting classes. Ultimately, at the age of 15, she did her first movie, In The Sun in 2001. By the time she was in her 20s, Megan was already a successful actress.

    Net Worth Of Gloria Darlene Fox

    Since Fox’s mother, Gloria has spent the majority of her life selling estates and properties across some of the fanciest areas, it’s more than likely that she has also raked in big money or commissions.

    Her net worth, for the time being, might lack a quotation, but it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if it is in the domain of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Though, on the other hand, it may be a bit farfetched to presume her wealth is as big as her actress daughter, Megan who has an estimated net worth of over $8 million.

    Gloria Darlene Fox Doesn’t Have Much Social Media Presence¬†¬†

    Gloria is rather a private person. She reportedly loves to keep her personal life to herself and isn’t personally active on any social media either.

    Megan Fox with her Son and Mother
    Gloria Darlene Fox With her younger daughter and Grandson Source: Magen Fox Instagram

    However, we can often see Darlene on her daughter’s social media spaces be it Instagram, Facebook, and others. The girls themselves are pretty active on their respective hangouts.

    Gloria Darlene Fox Other Facts

    • Gloria Darlene Fox finished her graduation from Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville Tennessee.

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