Who Is Heidi Berry-Henderson; All You Need To Know About Halle Berry’s Sister

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    Heidi Berry-Henderson is the sister of the actress Halle Berry. People also know her as the sister of The Monster Ball actress Halle Berry. Heidi’s famous sister, Halle Berry needs no introduction as the actress has made herself famous with hit films like movies Catwoman, Bruised, Moonfall, and many more.

    However, the media hasn’t been able to talk a lot about her sister, Halle, or find something interesting relating to her. Heidi, nonetheless, does have a story to tell which her famous actress sister, Halle has mentioned in some of her interviews.

    Turns out, that Halle and her sister Heidi went through a rough childhood; the sister duo endured quite a lot of trouble when they were growing up including racism, bullying, and abuse, among others. Down here we will discuss what the problems exactly were. In addition, we will also talk about who Heidi really is, what is her career, whether she is married, does she have children, and even her net worth.

    Heidi Berry-Henderson was born in Ohio; What Is Her Ethnicity?  

    Heidi Berry-Henderson was born on 1964, October 6, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. Heidi’s Mother’s name is Judith Ann Hawkins; she was born on April 23, 1935. Her father’s name is Jerome Jesse; he was born on August 1934.

    Heidi has mixed ethnicities. Her father Jerome Jesse Berry is black and her mother Judith Ann Hawkins is white.

    Heidi, left, with her sister and actress, Halle Berry
    A childhood picture of Heidi and Halle. From Halle Berry’s Instagram

    To say more, Heidi’s mother Judith Ann Hawkins is mixed as well. Her ancestry includes English, German, Irish, and Distant Dutch.

    Meanwhile, Heidi’s paternal grandmother’s name was Cora Lee Powell. Cora was born in Greenwood, Mississippi. Heidi’s maternal grandfather’s name was Earl Ellsworth Hawkins. He was from Dover, Ohio.

    What School Did Heidi Berry-Henderson Attend?

    Despite being the sister of a famous personality, Heidi has kept certain things about her private. She has never revealed anything relating to her educational background.

    However, her sister Halle Berry attended Cleveland’s Cuyahoga Community College. She, additionally, studied broadcast journalism and also had the idea of a career in news reporting. But Halle soon dropped out of college and moved toward something interesting.

    Heidi was bullied at her school

    Halle and her older sister, Heidi used to be among the only five black kids at school. Since their parents were interracial, their schoolmates used to call them names like ‘Zebras’, ‘Half-breeds’, and ‘Oreo Cookies.’ The two sisters were bullied often as they did not match the American beauty standards which meant having blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.

    Heidi Berry-Henderson’s parents Judith and Jerome first met at a psychiatric hospital 

    Heidi’s mother Judith Ann Hawkins used to work as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital and her father Jerome Berry was an air force veteran who later switched different jobs. Jerome had also worked for travel lines, as a bus driver, and also served as a porter at a Cleveland psychiatric hospital where he first met Heidi’s mother, Judith Ann Hawkins.

    Heidi Berry's mother and ex-nurse Judith and her sister, Halle.
    Halle Berry with her mother and ex-nurse, Judith.

    Heidi’s parents Judith and Jerome were together for almost eight years. When together, they had two daughters Heidi and Halle. The couple, however, had a troubled relationship which later forced them to get separated in the year 1970.

    Heidi’s Father Physically Abused Her Mother 

    Apparently, Heidi’s father Jerome was abusive towards her mom Judith. The relationship took a serious turn when Heidi’s mother was abused on a regular basis. When Heidi used to try to split the fight, she used to get hit too. In an interview, Halle recalled witnessing her mother being abused time and again; she was kicked down the stairs and hit in the head with a wine bottle.

    Heidi’s parents, Jerome and Judith eventually ended their relationship in 1970 with their two daughters’ custody going mostly to the mother.

    Heidi Berry-Henderson Didn’t Talk With Her Father For Years

    After their parents had separated, Heidi and Halle were brought up by their mother. As they started living with their mother, the sisters lost contact with their father and didn’t meet him for years.

    In fact, Heidi reportedly only met her father during his final moments as Joreme died on January 24, 2003. It, however, is unclear whether Heidi’s sister, Halle also met him or not.

    Though on Father’s day on June 16, 2019, the actress did mention her dad in an Instagram post where she talked about forgiving him despite what he had done to her sister and mother in the past.

    As mentioned above, Heidi’s father Jerome died on January 24, 2003, in Euclid, Ohio, United States. He died of a brain tumor at the age of 68.

    Heidi has a half-sibling named Renee Berry

    Before Heidi and Halle’s mother, the sisters’ father Jerome Jesse Berry had a relationship with another woman, Edwina Taylor though it is unknown whether they were husband and wife. They, though, had a daughter, Renee Berry when they were together. As a result, Heidi also has a half-sibling. Heidi’s half-sibling Renee is currently 63 years old as of the year 2022.

    Halle Berry with her and Heidi Berry's half sister, Renee Berry.
    Heid’s half-sibling, Renee, left, and her sister, Halle Berry. Coleman Rayner

    According to The Dailymail, Heidi’s sister, Renee works at a Foodservice in Alabama. However, there isn’t much information regarding Renee.

    Heidi Berry-Henderson’s profession

    There aren’t any specific details about what Heidi Berry does for a living. Everything about her life is still undiscovered.

    On the other hand, Heidi’s sister Halle is very famous as a model and actress. For her acting career, Halle first moved to New York City. However, she faced homelessness when she ran out of money during her struggling phase. Her situation fortunately improved by the end of that year.

    Later, as an actress, Halle would become famous for her roles in the movie Catwoman, John Wick Chapter 3, X-Men, and other acclaimed movies. Since Halle became an actress, she has won several awards including the Oscar.

    Heidi Berry-Henderson Is Allegedly Living In England With Her Three Children; Who Is Her Husband? 

    As we mentioned earlier, there are no official reports or any news about Heidi’s personal life. However, the book,  Halle Berry: A Biography by Melissa Ewey Johnson, writes that Heidi is living in England with her husband and three children. Though it is a mystery who her spouse is or where she exactly lives in England. Everything else about Heidi has been private.

    At the same time, her sister Halle Berry keeps making appearances at several different events. Halle isn’t very private about her life, she dated a few famous people and has two kids from two different baby daddies.

    Talking more about the personal life of Heidi’s sister, Halle, the actress has been married three times. Halle’s first husband was David Justice who was a baseball player. She then tied the knot with singer-songwriter Eric Benét and thirdly to actor Oliver Martinez. Halle has two kids one from Oliver Martinez and one from an ex-boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry.

    As for now, Halle is dating Van Hunt. The couple has been together since August 2020.

    Halle Berry is a Millionaire; What about her sister, Heidi?

    Heidi’s sister Halle Berry has a well-established career. She has made millions through her successful acting career. Halle has an estimated net worth of $90 Million. However, her sister’s profession and net worth are still a mystery and have never been disclosed.

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