March 21, 2023
Hope Violet Garrett, Daughter of Brad Garrett

Hope Violet Garrett is a celebrity kid and the daughter of famous comedian and actor, Brad Garrett. Her father got huge popularity for his stand-up comedies and after his work in the popular sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond.

While Brad with his impressive stature and deep voice is almost impossible for Hollywood to not notice, his family including his daughter, Hope has been seldom talked about in that magnitude. However, the actor’s little girl who is now well into her 20s is a personality definitely worth reading out.

And although she looks like she is going to make her break in modeling on any given day, her real aspirations are yet to be known. Here, we will get to know some shoved-up information about Violet. Read till the end to get to know about her, her family, and her personal life.

Hope Violet Garrett Family

Hope who was born in January 2000 is the daughter of father Brad Garrett and mother Jill DivenShe has an elder brother, Maxwell Bradley Garrett.

Brad Garrett with his children, Hope Violet Garret, Maxwell, ex-wife, Jill
An old photograph of Hope with her parents and elder brother Source: Zimbo.

Born into a well-known household, she and her sibling must have had a good childhood. Hope often accompanies her father to several events and shows.

Hope studied at Oaks Christian School. During school, she volunteered in several programs and was always keen to assist in several fields.

A Quick Look Into Hope Violet Garrett Professional Life

After her schooling, in 2016 she joined a part-time job as of Retail Salesperson at Daisy Dukes. She continued the job for more than 2 years. She also joined another internship at The Real where she assisted stylists, which continued for nearly more than 3 and half years.

ex-Oaks Christian School student Hope Violet Garret with her actor father, Brad Garret.
Brad with his daughter Hope in 2017. Instagram

Violet then graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in September of the year 2021. She is currently working as a Part-time Assistant at Justine Logue according to her updates on LinkedIn.

As per her keen interest in the clothing industry, maybe she will be working in the same line in the future.

Know About Hope Parents; Their Marriage And Separation

Brad Garrett and Jill Diven were titled the ‘Most-noted Couple’ in the 1990s. Brad romantically proposed to Jill in 1998 on the set of Everybody Loves Raymond. The sitcom as well as Jill was life-changing for him.

Hope Violet Garret parents, Brad Garrett and Jill Diven
Brad Garrett and Jill Diven in an Award Show

They married on 18 May 1999. This couple, however, couldn’t make it to the end together. To the surprise of many, the romantic Garrett Couple separated after eight years of relationship.

The reason behind their divorce was never stated but it was stated to be the Irreconcilable differences between the pair. One can learn from the split of this couple that, ‘Late marriage is better than the bad one.’

Garrett Parents’ Divorce: What Did Brad Lose?

According to some sources, the pair was said to have separated on their own in 2005 itself, that was when Hope was just 4 years old. The divorce process was extended for 2 years, the couple separated officially in the year 2007.

According to the court, the actor had to share a hefty amount of his income with his ex-wife. Garrett’s residual income was also to be split in half according to the documents. The comedian paid a total of $44,900 in spousal support until the year 2018.

To those who knew about the mini-empire of cars the ex-couple had made, that was also to be shared. Jill received two of those, a 2007 Mercedes Benz 550 and a 2005 Cadillac Escalade.

The Custody Of Hope And Her Brother, Maxwell

Garrett and Diven shared physical custody of their two children after the divorce.

Brad Garrett with his children, Hope Garrett, Maxwell Garrett
Brad Garrett with his son, Maxwell, and daughter, Hope Source: Instagram/brad garrett/

Garrett had to pay $7,400 a month in child support for Maxwell, and $12,600 for Hope until they turned 19 or graduated from high school. It is still unclear from the paperwork, about the difference in the payment split over the children.

After the divorce, Garrett married IsaBeall Quellaon in 2021, November 11.

Hope Violet Garret’s Father Brad Garrett Rise To Popularity

Brad was born on April 14, 1960, and grew up in Woodland Hills located outside of Los Angeles.

Standing at the height of 6 feet and 9 inches, Garrett was mostly noticed for his great height as well as his deep voice. During one of his performances on Dick Clarke’s Nitetime Show, Brad stated,

When you’re 6’9″ it’s like your head goes where no man has been before.”

Hope’s father started performing at various Los Angeles comedy clubs as a full-time Stand-up comedian. In 1984, he became the first $100,000 grand champion winner in the comedy category of “Star Search”. This led to his first appearance, at age 23, on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. This made him one of the youngest comedians ever to perform on the show.

Brad Garrett, Everybody Loves Raymond, Sitcom, Comedian
Brad Garrett as ‘Robert Barone’ in Everybody Loves Raymond Source:

Swiping his path to something different, Garrett made his way to television. As mentioned earlier, Everybody Loves Raymond brought life-changing progress to his life.

Apart from television, he also appeared in a few movies and did several voice-overs.

Hope Violet Garret Relationship With Her Father

Despite the ups and downs in life, Hope shares a very special bond with her family, especially her father. The two father and daughter duo are active on Instagram as well as other social sites. They often share pictures of their family members showing appreciation towards them.

Hope is happy about her father’s second marriage and has a good relationship with her stepmom. When her father exchanged vows with his second wife, IsaBeall, she wished them through her Instagram post on February 15, 2022.

Brad Garrett and IsaBeall Quella marriage picture, Brad Garrett marriage
A picture from the marriage of Brad Garrett and IsaBeall Quella Source: Instagram/Hope Garrett/

Hope whilst congratulating her father and his then-new wife, on her Ig, wrote,

” 11/11/21 <3 Dad & Izzy, I love you two so much. What a day. What a beautiful example of what love is. Thank you for letting me be a part of something so special.”

Brad too posts pictures with his children and admires them. Whereas Jill and Maxwell are not much seen anywhere on social media.

Does Hope Have A Boyfriend?

As of today, there is no evidence of Hope being in a relationship. She seems to be enjoying her life on her own and with her family and friends. If nothing, her Instagram definitely says the now 22-year-old is clearly single and choosing to stand on her own for the time being.

Brad’s daughter, on her socials, is all but yet to be seen with someone in the romantic ambiance. The young adult so far hasn’t given even the slightest of what her personal front looks like and where exactly she stands on the dating game.

Hope Violet Garret Loves Animal And Music

Violet’s Instagram posts show that animals interest her a lot. Not only hers, but you can find her picture with animals in her father’s account too.

Despite these, she shows her love for music too. She is seen attending several concerts and music shows with her friends and family.

Hope Garrett, Justin Bieber, Purpose Tour, Concert
A picture Hope shared on her Instagram from the Purpose Tour of Justin Bieber Source: Instagram/Hope Garrett

She has shared pictures attending the concerts of Justin Bieber, Drake, Miley Cyrus, and many more on her Instagram account.

Hope Violet Garret Lavish Lifestyle: What Is Her Net Worth?

Although Bradd’s daughter, Hope still has some years and honestly quite some more years before she starts pulling money on the celebrity level, from the looks of her Insta life, the young woman seems to be doing fine in terms of financial comfort.

There, nonetheless, is not any information about how much Hope earns in the present. Still considering she has seemingly a-good potential in modeling or even in show business for that matter, it shouldn’t be that long for Hope to start creating her own fortune.

On the other hand, her father Brad has an estimated net worth of over $60 million.

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