Who is Judith Kudlow? Interesting facts about Larry Kudlow’s wife

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    Judith Pond Kudlow is a contemporary artist and celebrity spouse. She is the wife of economic analyst and television host Larry Kudlow who became well known after being picked as Economic Adviser for the Trump administration.

    Besides, being a celebrity spouse she is a famous contemporary artist herself. She does a vast array of artwork, such as figures, portraits, landscapes, and still life.

    So, who exactly is Judith Pond Kudlow? When did Judith marry her public figure husband? What kind of work does she do? Today we will learn all the facts about Larry Kudlow’s wife and get to know about her personal life.

    Where was Judith Kudlow born? Details on her early life and education

    Judith Pond Kudlow was born in 1946 in Montana, the United States. Her maiden name is Judith Pond and she also goes by the name Judy. She grew up as a Christian in an air-force family. Her parents brought her up in Whitefish, from where she also finished her formal education.

    Judith Pond Kudlow
    Judith was born in Montana.

    She attended the College of William and Mary, a public research university located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Judith also went to attend the Art Students League of New York, the National Academy of Art, and the School of Visual Arts.

    She was a Montana native in the early years of her life and since then has shifted for work and residence to New York City where she got her art training.

    She currently resides in New York. As of 2022, she is 64 years old.

    When did Judith Kudlow marry her famous husband Larry Kudlow: How is their marriage life?

    Judith started dating her husband around 1985. After dating for a year, the then girlfriend-boyfriend tied the knot in 1987 and have been together until date. He has even called her the love of his life and we all believe that they are soulmates. Although sources do tell that they went through a rough patch due to her husband’s addiction.

    Judith has been a supportive wife to her husband over the years even amidst his struggles with addiction. She was very supportive even when her husband went on a “twelve-step program” to deal with his addiction issues with drugs and alcohol in 1990.

    Judith Kudlow Husband Larry Kudlow
    Judy with Larry attending an event.

    Judith actually filed a court case to stop her husband from getting access to his account so he could stop his addiction. She even won the case and that helped her husband go to rehab again. Throughout the years their marriage went through many rough patches yet she remained a loving and caring wife against all the odds.

    Although the couple has been married for several years, there has not been mention of any children, so, we can assume that they don’t have any children.

    Judith’s famous husband and his past marriages

    It is a well-known fact that Judith is the wife of economic analyst and television host Larry Kudlow, however, she is actually his third wife. Her partner has married twice before.

    In 1974, he tied the knot with Nancy Ellen Gerstein, a former editor of The New Yorker magazine. Unfortunately, their marriage was bound to be broken and it came to an end a year later.

    Similarly in 1981, he married Susan (Cullman) Sicher in Washington. This marriage also was not built to last as by 1985 his second marriage had fallen apart. After two failed relationships, Larry found his final bride in Judy. Well, it is like they say, the third time’s the charm.

    What does Judith Kudlow do for a living?

    Around the time she met Larry, she was working as a lobbyist and as a spokesperson at the Reagan White House. However, she quit her career after exchanging vows with Larry.

    Sometime later, she started working again but in a different field. She became a contemporary artist/painter and teacher of classical art. Speaking of which, her artwork mostly consists of still life and she uses an art style based on the 19th-century academic tradition.

    Judith Kudlow Artist
    Judith looking at her artwork.

    Her artwork is usually based on precise drawings and careful modeling to create a three-dimensional illusion that has accurate colors and values with time honour rules. She also is a teacher at her NYK Academy where she teaches the Bargue course and sight-size paintings.

    Judy also founded an art studio in East Harlem, New York, named Harlem Studio of Arts. She built her studio in 2002 alongside her colleague Andrea Smith. At the present day, it is known as NYK Academy.

    What kind of artwork does Judith make?

    Mostly her artwork consists of still life, portraits, figures, and landscape. Judith’s interest in classical drapery studies inspired her to create draped subjects called “color-form” paintings.

    One of her artwork  “Senegalese” was displayed in the Oakham Contemporary Gallery exhibition in London. This particular exhibition was opened to benefit the Friends of Africa Foundation. She has expressed that her inspiration for this particular portrait came from the sight of many African American women wearing traditional African clothing in Harlem where her studio is located.

    Judith Kudlow's art potrait Senegalese
    Judy’s art portrait Senegalese.

    Judith’s artwork is usually on display at various exhibitions in New York and has also appeared in several art magazines. Most of her artwork is on auction or bought in high value depending on the nature of the art pieces.

    Does Judith Kudlow have any presence on social media?

    Public figures are always present in media including their social media presence. Likewise, Judith has a Facebook page @judith.kudlow where she shares her artwork and showcases studio space.

    She has her contact information in case you want to join her art studio as a student or if someone wants to buy her art piece. She also has an Instagram page @judithpondkudlow where she only shares her artwork and sometimes a glimpse at her personal life.
    Judging by her social media presence she seems to be quite a low-key person solely focusing on her social sites to promote her artwork and profession.

    Judith Kudlow’s Net Worth

    The public is always curious about celebrity spouses’ lifestyles. Likewise, for Judith, we are not sure how much her annual salary is as she is an artist with a small business.

    Unlike his wife, Larry is a pretty well-known public figure and his career has flourished over the years. As of 2022, his net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

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