Who is Kyle Hauck? Exploring The Life of the former drummer of Greta Van Fleet

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    Kyle Hauck is a former drummer of the band Greta Van Fleet a classic young blues band from Frankenmuth, Michigan. The band’s genre is hard and progressive rock music. Their journey begin in 2012 and Kyle was one of the founders.

    Unfortunately, he left the band in 2013, but what we all want to know is what was his reason behind leaving the band? In addition, what is he up to now?

    Well, we have all the answers to your burning questions, so buckle up and find out some interesting facts about this young and talented musician and drummer.

    Kyle Hauck Wiki-Bio: His Early Life

    He was born Kyle Steven Hauck on February 13, 1993. He was born in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Kyle is the son between Hailey Hauck and Darryl Hauck. He belongs to German ancestry and has American nationality.

    His father, who was a navy officer, and his mother, a homemaker, raised him in a close-knit family. His zodiac sign is Pieces.

    Talking about his educational background, he studied at Frankenmuth High School where he also met his future bandmates.

    How old is Kyle Hauck?

    As of 2022, he is 22-year-old.

    Kyle Hauck co-founded Greta Van Fleet in high school

    Kyle along with the Kiszka brothers, Josh, Jake, and Sam used to study in the same high school. They shared the same passion for music and they used to practice music at Kiszka’s garage.

    The group used to perform at various house parties and school parties by singing cover songs like Crazy Train, and House of The Rising Sun along with their original song Highway Tune. Kyle emerged as a hardworking drummer who was trusted to produce heavy beats.

    It was after they performed in The Auto Fest, which was a great deal for them, that the band got motivated to take their career and band much more seriously. Subsequently, in the year 2012, they officially formed the band.

    Unfortunately, Kyle left the band before it became a hit.

    Why did Kyle Hauck leave Greta Van Fleet?

    Kyle and his friends, the Kiszka brothers founded the band together, but his journey came to an abrupt end. Eventually, he left the band in 2013.

    According to various reports, Kyle left because he wanted to focus on his studies, rather than engaging in a music band.

    Kyle Hauck's ex band Greta Van Fleet
    Kyle Hauck’s ex-band Greta Van Fleet members

    In the book, Hard Work: The Greta Van Feet, his ex-partners said,

    “He was the oldest member and was leaving for college so he might have been worried about his future rather than the band.” 

    Likewise, all of the members have remained quiet about the real reason for his departure.

    Kyle’s Ex-Manager claims he was fired from the band

    Although many reports claim Kyle left the band due to personal reasons, his ex-manager has something else to say.

    In an interview with Alternative Nation, his ex-manager Michael Barbee revealed that sometimes after the band was formed, Kyle started missing several practice sessions. Moreover, the manager also said Kyle was demanding a lot of money for every practice session which further made his exit more pronounced.

    Eventually, he was fired from the band due to his unprofessional behavior. Later when everyone knew that Kyle was leaving the band they asked Danny to be their official drummer.

    Aside from his behavior issues, Michael Barbee also mentioned that his health problems also led to his exit from the band.

    Kyle Hauck was the man behind naming the band? 

    Kyle was a part of the twin brother Josh and Jake’s friend circle which motivated him to be a part of the band. All of them shared a great passion for writing and performing songs. These teenage kids were out there performing at various parties and events without any name. 

    Kyle hauck with members of band
    Kyle Hauck and members of Greta Van Fleet

    They were getting popular in their hometown. All of them were getting serious about pursuing their career in music and were thinking about a suitable name for their band. 

    Once Kyle came to the practice stating that his grandfather has requested to cut woods for an 87-year-old Gretna Van Fleet. He found the name quite interesting and suggested it to his bandmates. Later all of them agreed on the name by dropping N from the word.

    The name made them feel closer to their hometown. One of the band members, Josh stated in an interview “When the name was suggested we felt like this is the one. This will never let us miss our hometown.”

    Who is Gretna Van Fleet?

    Gretna Van Fleet was an 87 years old woman who lived in their neighborhood. She was also a relative of Kyle Hauck.

    Ever since her name became a band’s name, the old lady Greta became famous around the neighborhood. So much so, that people used to stop and ask about her. Though she is not a fan of hard rock, she thinks that the boys have made a piece of genuine music.

    Who is Kyle Hauck Dating?  

    From the beginning of his professional career, Kyle has been quiet about his private life. Likewise, after leaving the band he has remained away from the media. So it is really hard to track down his dating life.

    One can assume he is single as of 2022, however, just like any other celebrities, who knows Kyle might be dating or even married to someone.

    In the meantime, his fellow band member Jake Kizika has been dating Hannah Schooley since 2021. On the other hand, Danny Wagner has been in a romantic relationship with the actress Mackenzie Anthony with whom he shares cute pictures on his social media handle.

    What is Kyle Hauck’s Networth? 

    Having earned so much fame you might all wonder how much Kyle’s net worth. His former band mates are playing with millions whereas he remained to have a simple and private life. So as of 2022, his net worth is estimated to be around $50,000-60,000.


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